Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment


Public Health relates with an art of save people from the various diseases. Many associations, organizations come forward to help the people and save from the life threat diseases. A proper health analysis done by these organizations to evaluate the risk occur on the particular disease and the reasons of occurring them in the society.  Public Health in HSC Assignment take various measures and trying to remove them from the society to give the major protection to the society. Good health always becomes the reason for the complete mental and physical well-being.Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment based on the recovering against the health diseases and about the organization, those are involved.

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment,HSC Assignment

Task 1

1.1. What are roles played by WHO, Department of Health (DH) and Local Authorities in identifying levels of health and diseases in the population?

All local authorities and the huge organizations those works for the welfare of the community, society etc. by protecting people from the diseases comes under the system of the Public Health. This system made the commitments to the society for their good health by providing the measures and helps in bringing the prosperity of health in the society.

This system of health involves various organizations like-

1. WHO (World health Organization)

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment,Assignment help

An important role is play by the WHO regarding the removal of disease and maintaining the prosperity of the good health to people. It works globally for providing the welfare. It establishes, monitor and enforce norms and standards at international level by giving the full support towards the goal of the company. They help through providing the help of the finance and performing various functions towards the patients suffering from threat diseases (World Health Organization, 2003).  It made the commission on the social determinants of health known as CSDH. It helps in three ways and kills the disease of the patients.

  • Develop the good condition of the day-to-day life of people globally where they live, survive and become old.
  • It has a full control of cash & assets those CSDH provides to the people for curing from their disease after dividing them into the groups, regions, country wise all over worldwide.
  • They evaluate the problem and create their team to provide the help to the people for providing them the good health measures.

2. Department of Health

It is the department of the ministerial of the government of United Kingdom. It follows the policy of the government providing good health with care to the society. This department involves various health services associations like NHS (National Health services) with the executive agencies like Public Health, England (PHE).  

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment,Assignment help uk

Department of health performs the important task and act as the front line of the whole act that will work for an administrative concern example: on the base unit of the liquor. It is not enough to leave everything on the arrangement decisions control by the system instead of the providing the solution by the medication to the various diseases. It prepares the new framework of the health measures to avoid coalition (Department of Health, 2000).
Both PHE and NHS agencies of the department of health has the authority to take decisions regarding improving health skills by involving the stakeholders. They make the plan for executing various measures after analysing the Health & Safety issues and distribute the data need by the administration to calculate the ratio of the patients suffering from diseases on the base of regions, state and the country. It runs like this globally.

Other local government authorities run successfully in the local regions with the full support of the government. They take the charge of the administrational activities that considers the statistics of the environment in which people are living. Various issues like diseases, transportation, medical facilities are inadequate comes into the notice by their reading and government helps people in overcoming from these issues and considers about their good health.            

1.2 Explain, using statistical data, the epidemiology of HIV and breast cancer in the UK.

Breast Cancer:  The breast cancer is the disease that mainly founds in the women. It is known as the manifestation of the cancer obstructing non- malignancy disease of the skin. This disease involves 22.8% intrusive disease in women and 15% in the complete malignancies of females. It is identified like the tumour in the United Kingdom where females around 50K along with the Men suffer from the tumour due to the sickness. This study is of the year 2011. Breast cancer is the third reason of demise of life due to the cancer. In the statistics 0f 2012, this illness occurred in 11, 700 females and 78 males. The number of patients suffering from the illness malignancy increases. It is approx. 332 thousand of individuals / patients sufferings from this in United Kingdom as stated by the figures observed and 164 thousand patients suffering from the cancer. (“All cancers combined key facts”, 2014).


Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment,Public Health Assignment

In the end of the year 2012, people around 98,600 were suffering from the HIV disease in the United Kingdom. Out of this, 25% people are not aware about this disease. In 2012, the number of patients come into the contact of the HIV is approx. 6350 & the cumulative figure by the year-end is observe around 128,806. In 80’s HIV was the most threat disease. It came into the contact of mainly three groups of people- Users using injection of drugs, people receive blood from another and through sexual. In 90’s, it increase steeply but the downfall observed in the figures of the patients in the next subsequent years. Patients were facing death due to the HIV but an introduction of the treatment of HIV in the mid 90’s reduces the chances of death and plays an important role in reducing the number of the patients. It comes down to the 750 as compared to 1490 of the previous year (Aberg, Kaplan, Libman, 2009).

1.3 How effective are different approaches and strategies adopted by NHS to control obesity in the UK.

Evaluation of the different approaches and the strategies those are adopted by the NHS to control the disease of obesity are through below standards. These standards show its effectiveness..

  • Involvement: Various associations, organizations with the team of experts having knowledge about the good health & its issues contribute in the assessment of the disease obesity. They first spent their money and time as the investment in doing the assessment of the disease and in measures of getting patient cure out of it.
  • Manifold Strategies: It is the mixture of the data shows the figures about the patients suffering from the problem of obesity. The reading of data shows the proper statistical figures as per the agencies or the government authorities in the particular region, state etc. Later, strategies are design by the various authorities to tackle the problem by giving proper aid to them.
  • Potential: Evaluation / assessment of the approaches make the groups of people, authorities etc. are capable enough to work upon this study and helps in removing the ailment.
  • Appropriateness: Evaluation does on the quality standards of the techniques followed by the NHS in providing the mediation to the obesity. It reveals the report on the quality whether it is the appropriate treatment or not.

Recommendations for the controlling Obesity:

  • Communities can come forward and contribute in the investment part for providing the advanced techniques in the treatment of the huge problem obesity.
  • Government should take some necessary actions for giving their personal support to the persons suffer from obesity. The government can take the help of the NHS in providing the same services to the adults and children (Institute of Medicine, 2004).
  • NHS focuses on taking actions to prevent from obesity and overweight by involving into the physical activity regularly.
  • It also gives the advisory chart of containing the balanced and health diet to the population of the UK.

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Task 2

2.1 What are the current priorities for prevention and control of diseases and risk factors in the UK? What are the approaches to the provision of mental health services for people in London?

There are number of threat bearing diseases those are the burden on the society and it is very essential to get cure from such diseases. Various government organizations, Health association, communities and Public Health services with the agencies like NHScomes forward to give the support to the patients in curing them from it also, helps in removing the disease form the society after following various approaches. There are various priorities setup by these organizations and agencies for preventing and controlling diseases. Current priority of such organizations is to give the help to the patients by providing them the necessary treatment to get them back to their good health.

  • Prevention from the disease is the first priority fighting against diseases through immunization, hygiene atmosphere and through various protocols protect from diseases.
  • Identify the ailment
  • Provide necessary treatment
  • Treatment depends on the risk of the ailment. Some of them are only curable on the bed rest.
  • Some of the patient’s conditions are serious so they should provide medication through drugs or surgery.

All of the above consists in the main priority that is to make the patient cure with full comforts (Begg, Vos, Barker, Stevenson, Stanley and Lopez, 2003).   

Health & social care  organizations should make a health & balanced dietary chart for the people in the society to follow and prevent themselves from the diseases. A chart consist few healthy instructions like exercise, culture, relaxation etc. for maintaining the good health in the future. These organizations make new strategies those comes under their list of priority to follow and prevent people from the diseases.

Various approaches followed as the provision of Mental Health services are-

In United Kingdom, there are experts like psychiatrists and the psychologists taking specialization in treating the mind related problems like the mental retarders. A continuous improvement noticed in training the staff for providing the medical services to the patients. These are the service developments, training to the staff of the hospital, treatment and health care with organizing an international medical conferences etc. There are various associations built up those work for these mental illness patients.

Non-government and the local government organizations come forward for providing the help to the mental retarded patients through particular framework. They can operate with the help of the NHS, UK to get involve and interferes in handling the work of the administrative  for handing the crisis of the mental illness because it involves many experts those have done the mastery on the public health (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2007).

  • These organizations also follow the methodology based on the research and the strategy they made after analysis the statistical data of the patients suffering from mental illness. It helps them in clearing the requirement of the aids/ resources those helps in curing the patients. These organizations give help of finance.
  • Organizations setup their improvement methods those improve their standard of giving services to the public health as per the needs demand by the patients of the UK. 

2.2 What is relationship between the prevalence of mental illness in the UK and requirements of health services to support individuals with mental illnesses?

A relationship in between the mental illness and the needs of the health services those provide helps to the patients concerns only about the patient’s good health. Mental illness is the chronic disease occurs in the mind shows the symptoms of obsession, depression etc., where the patients start losing its memory and in the vast case the patient can do worst even trying to commit suicide if the necessary action will not take by the people in surroundings. The health services organizations either government or non- government needs various resources in the terms of medical equipment, cash / finance, aids etc., through which they can helps the patients in giving them the treatment. Hospital needs efficient staff will fill of advanced skill for treating and caring these mental ill patients (Janicki, Dalton, 1999). They recruit psychiatrist and psychologist those have an expert knowledge of this disease and they can handle patients effectively. All the above needs are interdependent on each other. Without experts, available medical equipment and resources cannot utilize for giving the treatment and if, specialists are available but no resources then still the problem faces in treating the patients. All comprehensive approaches use together for the welfare of the mental retarded patients.  

2.3. What impact lifestyle choices have on future needs for health and social care services?

It is very essential for the people to select the right choice in their lifestyle because it affects their health and social life on which their future life is dependent. People should take care and have full concern about their diet, exercise, culture, work, relaxation etc. At present time, junk foods has spoiled the lifestyle of the people as they are easy to eat but difficult to digest and leaves the adverse impact on the health in the form of obesity or nay other disease. This food contains various chemicals and low quality of oil or preservatives those are the curse for the health. Today’s selection of good and health food with health lifestyle shows the result in the future. All necessary steps should take by the various public health organizations to give guidance to the public.

Unit 11 Role of Public Health in HSC Assignment,Assignment help


It is conclude from the project of the public health that health is the most preferable in once life and preventive measures always taken by individuals first at their personal level and then takes the support of the medication and medical technologies. It is always better to change the lifestyle and intake healthy food with staying in healthy environment. Preventive measures are taken by the government of the UK with the support of the public health care organization with the purpose to guide people about the importance of health in the life. It results in the positive outcome as smoking campaign helps the population of London in quit smoking.


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