Unit 11 Research Project Assignment - Easy Jet

Unit 11 Research Project Assignment - Easy Jet

Unit 11 Research Project Assignment - Easy Jet


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 11 Research Project

QFC Level

Level 5


In today’s competitive environment, nearly for every Organization “Customer Satisfaction”is an important criterion to measure its value and worth in the market. With the increasing competition in the business world, it has surely become one of the best methods used by the marketers and the Business owners to improve their business strategy working in order to stand over the customer expectation and satisfaction.
Easy Jet is an air lines established in British. It is one of the low cost airlines established with the motive to make airline accessible to all types of classes of income. Its main target was low class of income, students, teenagers etc. This airline operates on both the domestic as well as international routes with low cost service in order to make it possible for low income groups to travel through airlines and travel abroad as and when required. Though it is established with the motive to enhance customer travelling pattern but it provides number of customer services which are subject to customer expectation and satisfaction.

Unit 11 Research Project Assignment - Easy Jet

Task 1

1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications. You should include possible aims and objectives, literature review and resource implications.

Aims and objectives
  • Customer Satisfaction is nearly important in almost all the industries to know if the products/ services provided by the industry are with the pace of customer satisfaction and expectation or not. With the increasing number of airlines, our study will research on the quality of travelling i.e. time management of flights, proper announcements in case of delays, timely sending of information regarding the journey details in low cost airlines.
  • To analyse food and refreshment quality of the airlines.
  • To analyse the charges of the food and refreshment facilities in the domestic route.
  • To analyse the charges of the tickets and reimbursement in case of cancellation of tickets.
  • Entertainment quality during the flight duration especially in the international flights.
Literature Review

According to Sandada & Matibiri, Airline industry is one of the most sensitive industry as its success mainly depends on the “Customer”. It is customer oriented procedure, if airlines managed to satisfy their customers, than it can survive in this competitive industry. As per his saying, complaint handling and usage of those complaints in improving the working of the airlines are two most important criterions for the long- term survival and growth of the organization. With greater emphasis on these two concepts an airlines can become popular among the masses (Sandada & Matibiri, 2016).

Resource implications

Resources are required in every aspect of working. For making this research study the main resources which were mainly utilized by us were human resources,financial resources and time resources. Through the use of Human resources, we made up various strategies and planned up set of activities for conducting the research study which was obviously time consuming. Financial resources were also required by us during the conduct of the research project for instance for making questionnaires, for travelling for reaching students and low income group people. These resources overall has made possible for completion of our Research project (Habib, et. al., 2014).

1.2 Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection.

There were many factors which lead to the selection of the Research project selection such as-

  • Increase use of airlines – With the increase in the number of airlines and increase in the usage of these airlines by the people made it ought for selection of this Research project.
  • Easy availability of human resources-The numbers of persons who nowadays travel through airlines are quite large and therefore it was quite easy to make research study over these people and to make an analysis of the travelling pattern of the masses.
  • Cost- The cost of the working of this research project was moderate and thereby it was within the budget. Low cost of the Research project was also one of the criterions for selection of this Research project selection (Habib, et. al., 2014).
  • Scope- the Scope of our Research project selection was quite high. With the increase pattern of travelling abroad whether for business purposes or for the holiday purpose. The usage of airlines has grown multiple and has become a common phenomenon among the masses whether it is for a low income group or high income group. Also for travelling abroad, airlines is the most common and popular method among the masses.

1.3 Undertake a critical review of key references about ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘influential factors on customer satisfaction’.

Customer Satisfaction is an important phenomenon in the today’s age of Modern Marketing. With the thorough analysis of the term customer satisfaction, an organization can work out ways for improving its working and customize its products/ services according to the expectations and specifications of the “Customers” as ultimately they are the ones who will provide and channelize the money into any industry (Steven, et. al., 2012).

Especially with the Airlines industry, which is one of the most competitive industries we have, Customer satisfaction and Customer retention are the two most important factors responsible for the growth or downfall of an airline industry (Steven, et. al., 2012).

According to Ahmad, et. al., Customers are the key person in the development of any organization. Therefore customer satisfaction plays an important in customer retention and customer relationship management. His main stress was on the handling of customer issues and complaints. The more an organization focuses on handling the issues of its customers, the more customers are attracted towards that industry and re- use the same in future (Ahmad, et. al., 2012).

According to Hussain, 2016, Customer satisfaction varies in terms of industries and in terms of product/ services. And also that a Customer satisfaction is highly dynamic phase, it constantly changes and an industry needs to keep an eye with the changing environment in order to stand over the expectation of the “Customers”. His also concluded that proper handling of customer complaints are very useful in improvising the Organization’s working. As Customers complaints help in analyzing the actual situation of the Organization and area of improvement (Hussain, 2016).

1.4 Produce a research project specification. 

While making a research project or a research design, the following are the main key references to be used in the research project.

  • Selection & elaboration of a title- In the starting, it is important to discuss the main highlights of the topic and to discuss other important aspects related with the research project.
  • Issues involved in the topic – With the complete analysis of the topic selected, the researcher need to go through with all the issues/ problems identified with the research project. Through these problems we make an analysis regarding the findings and suggestions of the project report (Habib, et. al., 2014).
  • Literature review with relevant to the topic- In the Research Project, relevant views and findings of the literature must be added to support the Research Project. References which will be used must be in sync with the Research Project selection.
  • Methodology- In this research project we have used the primary data of sources to make analysis of the customer satisfaction in the Easy Jet (Airlines industry).
  • Research planning- The entire research project has been divided and planned within the set time limits in order to make it worth as compare to its costing.
  • Graphs and charts- Graphs and charts, no doubt, enhance the working of the Research Project and make it more interesting. Therefore in this report researchers has used various Graphs and charts to show the conclusions and findings of the Research Project (Habib, et. al., 2014).
  • Recommendation- In every Research Project, there has to be certain drawings or conclusions or recommendation drawn through the research procedure. These must be mentioned in the Research Project in order to conclude it and to give it a direction.
  • Bibliography- Any sort of references utilized in the making of the Research project must be mentioned in the Research project. These are added to support and for enhancing the trust ability and reliability of the  Research project
  • Presentation- Last but not least a researcher has to present his own personal opinions and experiences from the Research project (Habib, et. al., 2014).

1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification.

Action Plan- With the action plan, we have categorised all the activities and set the time limits of the same-




Initial Date

Due Date



Identification of topic for Research Project Selection

To find the appropriate topic



1 day


Analysis of Research project

Findings of the facts and figures for the research



2 Days


Preparation of Primary Data source

Preparation of the Questionnaire



2 Days


Data collection

Distribution and collection of Questionnaire



1 day


Data Analysis

To make the analysis of the findings



2 Days


Conclusions & Recommendations

to provide the recommendations



2 Days

Gantt Graph

Gantt Graph


With the help of the table and the grant Chart, we have divided our work into the set of activities with the set duration. And it will be useful in completion of our Research Project.

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Task 2

2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.


Hypothesis refers to the assumption or a making of a statement regarding any given situation. Hypothesis might be correct or wrong. They are simply assumption of human which are then put a test for checking its reliability.

Following is the Hypothesis for our Project report study -

Null Hypothesis

H0- the Low cost Airlines has increased the number of passengers and has also fulfilled the customers’ expectations as in accordance with the prices they charge.

H1- the Low cost Airlines has not increased the number of passengers and has not fulfilled the customers’ expectations as in accordance with the prices they charge.

Research questions
Is customer satisfaction improves the functionality of Easy Jet airlines?

The overall functionality of Easy Jet airlines get improved with the effect of the customer satisfaction. It is because in order to increase the customer satisfaction they need to provide quality services to their customers and with this effect there is adequate enhancement is noted down in their functionality.

Is customer satisfaction is beneficial for Easy Jet airlines?

Yes the customer satisfaction become beneficial for Easy Jet airlines because it helps in increasing their market share as well as increase the profit share. With the help of the customer satisfaction there is adequate increase in their sales that helps in getting adequate revenues.

2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures. 

For conducting the research investigation, we have prepared a Questionnaire which includes questions relating to the customer satisfaction aspect in the EASY JET (airline industry) and to analysis whether low cost airlines are helpful and more useful in comparison to the high-fared airlines. We will also analysis over the quality of services provided by the EASY JET.

Questionnaire- (Choose any one among the following options)
Q1.  Do you think low-cost pricing of Easy Jet Airlines tickets increases the number of passengers?
  1. Highly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Highly  Disagree
Q2. Do you think lowering prices by Easy Jet the quality of travelling (Domestic as well as International)?
  1. Highly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Highly  Disagree
Q3. Do you think the quality of Food and Refreshments of Easy Jet Airlines diminishes because of the lower prices charged by the Airlines?
  1. Highly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Highly  Disagree
Q4. Do you think travelling through Easy Jet Airlines symbolises high standard as compared to other means?
  1. Highly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Highly  Disagree
Q5. Do you feel that all the other airlines must also lower its prices for making accessible by maximum persons?
  1. Highly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Disagree
  5. Highly  Disagree

2.3 Record and collate required data.

Methods for conducting the Research Investigation-

Primarily there are main two types of research methods which are commonly used up by the practitioners and economist in order to find certain sort of findings and conclusions. The two common methods are Primary Source of Data and Secondary source of data.

Primary Source

Primary Source refers to the firsthand data. It is one of the most popular and common mode of collecting the data. Mostly practitioners practice this form of method because it contains high level of reliability and it contains high trust factor. These are very much reliable in comparison to other method of research methods. These are quite popular among masses because of its nature of unbiased and free from encumbrances. The most common examples of primary source are personal interviews, face to face interview, questionnaire, observation etc (Kumar, 2011).

Secondary source

Secondary source refers to the analysis of the already prepared reports and documents. Secondary source primarily depends on the primary source for its origin. As it is synthesis and interpretation of the original and firsthand information extracted through the primary source of investigation. When we give an interpretation and generalization of the original form into our own words and findings than it is termed as Secondary source of data.

Secondary source are generally less reliable as compared to the primary source of investigation as they are biased and pertains to the individual’s judgement. Therefore they can just be taken for an analysis and as a reference (Kuada, 2012).

Present case study

Around 20 students of UKCBC have been selected for the purpose of conducting the survey. These students have moderate saving and they constantly need to travel for education purposes and for the travelling their hometown. 

Research Method

For conducting the research method, we have adopted the primary source of data for making the Research Project. The Primary source refers to the firsthand information which are gained through various ways such as conducting interviews such as telephonic, face to face, through Questionnaires, through conferences etc. We have chosen the most common and popular method of Primary Source i.e. Questionnaires (Kuada, 2012).

There 20 respondents are focused for Questionnaire which contains 5 Questions (all pertaining to the EASY JET Airlines). With the thorough analysis of their opinions, the concluded responses is as following-


Task 3

3.1 Use appropriate ‘research evaluation techniques’.

There are numerous techniques for conducting research analysis, the various techniques are survey conducted, survey evaluation, case studies bibiometric techniques and systematic peer review. For the current research investigation we will be focusing on the following two important techniques-

Survey evaluation

The most common and the most popular method of conducting a research is the survey conduction with the aid of a Questionnaire, through interviews, online polls etc. It is an easy method as well as the most reliable and trustworthy data arises with the help of survey evaluation (Kuada, 2012).

Bibiometric techniques

This technique refers to the study of journals and documents of renowned practitioners and authors. Since they all have already conducted survey and investigated the topic on their part, their analyses are very helpful and supportive for conducting new surveys (Chilisa, 2012).

3.2 Interpret and analyse the results in terms of the original research specification by using ‘Frequency’ and/or ‘Percentage’ calculations.

Q1.  Do you think low-cost pricing of Easy Jet Airlines tickets increases the number of passengers?

The result has been analysis in terms of following calculations-

analyse & results 1


It is quite evident from the analysis of the Questionnaire result that maximum person agree to the fact that decreasing the airlines fare increases the number of the passengers in the airlines. It simply means that more passengers are attracted towards the airlines transport if they lower down their cost and at the same time maintain their quality of services also (Chow, 2014).

Q2. Do you think lowering prices by Easy Jet decreases the quality of travelling (Domestic as well as International)?

The result has been analysis in terms of following calculations-

analyse & results 2


In this question, mostly candidates disagrees to the fact that decreasing prices decreases the quality of services provided by the airlines. In fact they agree that the qualities of services provided by the airlines in the minimal charges are appropriate and quite commendable as comparison to the high-fared charges airlines. The travelling information, the staff services throughout the journey, the luggage services etc. all are quite commendable and praise worthy (Sandada & Matibiri, 2016).

Q3. Do you think the quality of Food and Refreshments of Easy Jet Airlines diminishes because of the lower prices charged by the Airlines?

The result has been analysis in terms of following calculations-

analyse & results 3


Mostly candidates are neutral on the part that lowering prices of the tickets also reduces the quality of the food and refreshments provided by the Easy jet airlines rather they agree that the quality of services provided are quite commendable as according to the prices charged. And all the food and refreshments offered by the Airlines are of good quality. It concludes that customers are quite satisfied with the food services provided to them by the EASY JET Airlines (Keiningham, et. al., 2014).

Q4. Do you think travelling through Easy Jet Airlines symbolises high standard as compared to other means?

The result has been analysis in terms of following calculations-

analyse & results 4


Mostly candidates agree to the fact that travelling through Airlines increases the living of standard of individuals as compare to other means of transport such as buses; trains etc. and are more convenient and suitable for masses. This means of transport are very suitable as well as less time consuming therefore it is quite popular among the masses. And are satisfied with the quality of services provided by the airlines (Jones, 2015).

Q5. Do you feel that all the other airlines must also lower its prices for making accessible by maximum persons?

The result has been analysis in terms of following calculations-

analyse & results 5


Mostly candidates agrees that  Airlines industry need to lower down its pricing policies in order to make it accessible for all classes of income group. And therefore it is quite evident that Customer is very much satisfied with the pricing policy of the Airlines Industry and its working pattern and objective (Ahadmotlaghi & Pawar, 2012).

3.3 Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration customer satisfaction in Easy Jet.

There is always room for improvement and for improvising the current situation in order to make it better for the future. After the completion of the research methods the recommendations and suggestions which can be provided to the Easy jet are as follows-

  • The organization has already lowered its prices to gain the maximum customer / population, but at the same time quality must not be compromised so that as to build Customer retention and to build Customer relation management. Thereby the services must be up to the expectation of the Customers.
  • The Food and refreshment quality must be good enough as per the expectation of the consumers. As it is a very sensitive issue, therefore quality must not be compromised at any cost.
  • Separate charges can also be taken of full- course dinner etc. in order to make it convenient for the individual who wants to take them. At the same time those charges must also be moderate enough for purchase by the low income group persons.
  • It should also make provisions for entertainment facilities, at least for the International routes. Entertainment facilities such as televisions, books and newspapers, magazines, better comfortable chairs etc. must be provided in the flights with nominal charges only.
  • Easy Jet should also work for expanding it international or globally and domestically, by starting flights at rare routes in order to gain maximum population/ humans. And in order to surpass its competitors. Since this is one of the most competitive industry, constant usage of various research methodologies and marketing plans must be adhere to in order to gain competitive advantage over others.
  • Constant analysis of the marketing sector must be taken in order to keep in pace with the changing trend and pattern in customer preferences and likings. In the rapidly changing environment, human needs and preferences are subject to rapid change, thereby one always need to keep an eye over these changes and to customize yours services in accordance with the changing market trend.
  • Customers generally prefer those airlines which nnot only provide services in case of travelling but also which provide good services in case of not using theri airlines in certain cases for example cancellation of tickets, denied boarding etc. Easy jet needs to improvise its working over the refunding of amount in case of cancellation of tickets, denied boarding. Customers without much hindrance/ hassles must be allowed to be refunded their amount. This sort of convenience is very much preferred by the Customers (Nikbin, et. al., 2012).

Task 4


Resercj Project on Airlines


After going through the entire research project of the Easy Jet Airlines, it is concluded that Airlines Industry is one of the most competitive industry we have in this time. These industries are the most sensitive and are customer- oriented industry. Therefore, customer satisfaction and customer retention are the two utmost important term in this industry. With the thorough investigation on the Easy Jet Airlines with the Primary source method we have concluded that Airlines industry is transport of today’s time. Nearly every individual whether be student, professor, businessman, politicians etc likes travelling through airlines means. Lowering down of cost of the airlines gives a very good opportunity to the individuals who otherwise cannot afford to travel from this means of transportation. Easy jet has somewhere very much understood the customer’s needs and has put in efforts in that direction but still now lags in some area such as timely refund of amount of tickets, refund in case of denied boarding, lack of proper food and refreshment facility. On and all we can say the Airlines has emerged as one of the most promising and popular among the masses.


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