UK College Unit 4 Marketing Principles

Unit 4 Marketing Principles assignment

UK College Unit 4 Marketing Principles


There are various definitions of marketing given by various analysts. According to P. Kotler marketing is defined as the way to create, communicate and deliver value to the customer. And some defined marketing as the way to increase the number of customers in the organization and the way to maintain strong and long term relationship with the customers (Silk, 2006). All the actions or activities which are done to promote and advertise the products and services of the organization also come under marketing. There are various other marketing principles which we will discuss in our entire report considering Starbucks as the organization to be studied. We will study various marketing principles and strategies used by Starbucks to make its brand so popular in the entire world. Marketing also helps in making customers satisfied. It helps in communicating the worth of the product or service to the customers. One of the most important marketing strategies is international expansion. We will study international expansion of Starbucks in various countries. SWOT analysis is the first step before planning the strategy. It helps in knowing the internal environment of the organization. Then porter’s five force and PESTLE analysis helps in knowing the external factors which can impact the organization’s future strategies. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning etc. are very important while implementing any strategy. We will do this complete analysis by taking Starbucks as an example. Starbucks is one of the fasting growing organizations in retail sector. It is known for selling premium coffee and snacks. It is a huge brand name and it has its own store in all the major countries. It started its business in USA in 1971 and then it expanded to major countries of UK. Now we will study how various marketing principles will be helpful to Starbucks in expanding to other left major countries of the world.

Task 1

Task 1.1 Elements of marketing process based on Starbucks

The two very important elements of marketing process which we will discuss in this part are Porter’s five force model and Stakeholder’s analysis.
Porter’s Five Force Model
With the help of this model organizations can analyse the competitors, suppliers and the customers of the organization. This will be very helpful for Starbucks in planning international expansion strategy (Grundy, 2006). Below are the five constituents of Porter’s five force model:


All those people or organizations that get impacted by any decision taken by the organization are called as its stakeholders (Wilson, 2013). So, all the stakeholders should be involved while implementing and planning any strategy. It will keep the organization away from any kind of future confusions and conflicts. Below are some of the major stakeholders which will get impacted by the international expansion strategy of Starbucks.

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