Marketing Management Assignment - Hotel Marriot

Marketing Management Assignment - Hotel Marriot

Marketing Management Assignment - Hotel Marriot

Marketing Management Assignment Hotel Marriot - Assignment Help in UK


Hotel Marriot is the leading organization in the Hospitality Sector of UK. The company provides services in different countries and handles the customers of different culture. The Marketing Management Assignment Hotel Marriot will identify the role of knowledge management in relationship marketing. It will depict that how ICT can support the customer relationship management in the organization. The study will carry out the benefits of customer relationship management in the organization and offer the recommendations to improve the process of customer relationship. The report implicates the analysis of stakeholders in voluntary and public sector organization and relationship with customers in non-profit organizations. Moreover, the study will compare the methods used for marketing by public and private organizations and issues involved in marketing process of Hotel Marriot. It will describe the marketing mix in service sector business and process of marketing mix and service mix increase the value of the customers and company. The research analyzes difficulties in marketing of services and solutions to overcome them. The research concludes the issues of ethical and social concern for the marketers in the Hospitality Industry. It throws the light on the CSR activities of the organization and role of social marketing policies in the Hotel Marriot. The study simplifies the role of broadcast media in encouraging social and ethical marketing policies for the Hotel Marriot.

Marketing Management Assignment Hotel Marriot - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1 Role of Knowledge Management in relationship marketing

Knowledge management is effective tool for the Hotel Marriot that assists the relationship marketing to retain the customers for long time. Knowledge management is the key to gain the knowledge about the customer’s taste and preference and try to satisfy their demands. An effective knowledge management system supports the company to identify the current trends in the market. Customer retention provides good benefits to the organization which are possible through knowledge management. Knowledge management figured out the loyalty of the customers towards the Hotel Marriot (Lusch and Vargo, 2014). Customer relationship manager of the Hotel Marriot get many benefits from the knowledge management like identification of current and future trends of the market, taste and preference of the customers, retention of the customers.

Knowledge Management facilitates organization to gain the competitive advantage by having the information about the current and future trends of the market. Management can identify the needs of the customers and try to produce according to the need and wants of the customers. An effective management of knowledge helps company to raise the productivity and create the good customers base for the organization. In addition to this, knowledge management assists Relationship Manager to generate data of the customers and try to evaluate them according the need of department. Knowledge Management helps organization to develop the strong customer base and try to get in-depth detail about them for the future benefits. Relationship manager creates the customer base and knowledge management keeps the record of customer for future benefits (Dalkir, 2013). Knowledge Management assists the Marriot to get the detail of latest technology management for the development of the organization.

1.2 ICT supports the customer relationship manager in the Hotel Marriot

Technology has updated the role of customer relationship manager in the organization. ICT helps relationship manager to communicate with customer with help of electronic tools. It asses the manager to keep the records of past and present customers for future use. It facilitates organization to gain the competitive advantage and improve the quality of work. Information Technology assists management to develop the brand image of the organization through various technological ways like website designing, develop the application for the organization etc. ICT facilitates management to increase the productivity and support company to move with the technology ( Information technology helps the relation manager to communicate with the customers and store the data base of the customers.

Information technology provides various platforms to Relationship manager through which manager can get in touch with the customers like E-mail, Text messaging, website etc. Through E-mail manager can contact with the customers and provide information about the new products, events, discounts and many other advantages. ICT model helps the manager to get in touch with the customer in fixed tenure and update the new information about the company. Through text messaging organization can provide brief information about the current offers and this method is cost efficient ( Through one message manager can inform large number of customers. Information technology provides cost effective tool to the manager like mobile application, E-mail, text messaging etc by which management can get in touch with ample of customers.

1.3 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management in Hotel Marriot

Customer relationship management helps company to create the effective data base. The data base assists Marriot to record, plan and contact with the customers. CRM assists management to store and use the information through phone, E-mail or through internet. Following points depicts the benefits of customer relationship management in the organization.

  • Improve the customer experience: CRM has the responsibility to improve the experience of the customers by providing them quality services. Customers can easily segment their needs with the help of effective Customer Management process. Customer Relationship Management assists customers to track their demanded services on time and interact the customers with sales department of Hotel Marriot for better experience (Kumar and Reinartz, 2012). CRM majorly focus on the satisfaction level of the customers by providing quality services in return of their spending.
  • Collaboration: CRM gives ability to move away from the traditional methods of data collection and adopt with new technological methods of data collection. The use of cloud based Customer management platforms assists employees in different departments to manage the customers more effectively (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014).
  • More Customers and Revenue: Customer Relationship Management facilitates Marriot to identify the customers effectively because it tracks the profile of the customers and design new strategies to target more customers for the betterment of the organization. CRM also adopts faithfulness programs to increase the retention of the customers. Company achieves more revenue with the increment in the number of the customers.
  • Feedback: Relation management collects feedback from the customers and asks the question to the customers on behalf of the organization. It collects both positive and negative points of the customers and inform to the management and the respective departments (Nguyen and Mutum, 2012). It suggests the management for the improvement in the services.

1.4 Recommendations to improve Customer Relationship

Company should go for the mobile CRM means management should create the application like Mobile CRM which provide all the facility to the customers like details of the organization, offers etc. In the upcoming years company should provide Mobile CRM which facilitates Map facility, Note Talking etc. It will be easy for the management to communicate with the customers and note down their complaints. Through, application System Company can update the necessary information very frequently and easily edit the update information. Company may incorporate with social media applications that allow management to communicate with large number of people across the country. Social media is the cost effective way to improve the customer relations with consuming less time (Soltani and Navimipour, 2016). This assists the manager to increase the accessibility of social media and its functionality.

Management should provide the loyalty card to the customers by which they can easily recognize the loyal customers and assure them discounted services. Organization should adopt the creative polices for the improvement of customer relation like good morning message to the customers and call them on every Sunday which retain them in the organization. Loyalty card assist manager to create the data base for the organization try to analyze that data and identify the most profitable customer for the organization (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014).

Task 2

2.1 Analysis of Stakeholder for Voluntary and Public sector organization

Stakeholders are those which affect the activities, policies and objectives of the organization. Stake holder assists the companies to raise the fund from this kind of sources and invest the money for the welfare of the organization.

  • Public Sector: The public sector depicts economy of the nation that is affected with the policies of the government. In public sector the major stake holders are government, sponsor, governmental agencies etc. Company mainly receive fund from this sources and try to invest for the growth of the organization (Van
  • Voluntary organizations: Voluntary organizations are those whose main aim is public welfare. Voluntary organizations has main stake holders are donors, clients, volunteer groups etc. The organization mainly raises funds through charity functions and voluntary individuals who donate the money for the organization (

2.2 Relationship with customers in non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are those who work for the benefit of the society without expecting for the profit. There are many organizations in the society which are working for the welfare of poor people. The two companies in the society are United Nations Children Fund and VCH Foundation that works for the benefits of the society.

United Nations Children Fund does the welfare activities for the society the main customers of the organizations are people which are in trouble and they do not have money or house to live (Butler and Wilson, 2015). The main aim of the organization is to provide orphanage to orphan children. UNICEF communicates with the customers through advertisement campaign on the public places and prints the hoardings. The main stake holders of the organization are donors who provide financial facilities to the company. Organization communicates the customers through various medium like written application to the customer; add in the newspaper, representative of the company may communicate with the customers. VCH Foundation is social welfare organization of the UK which provides healthcare facilities to the customers. The company provides free medicines to the patients and assures them for quality treatment. Organization manage the stakeholder through charity, events etc. Company communicates with the customers through social media, face to face contact etc. The main objective of the organization is to improve the health and social care standards in UK (Shen, 2014).

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2.3 Methods used in public, private and voluntary sectors for marketing

All the sectors use different techniques to do the marketing some commit for public welfare and some achieve for the profit maximization. Public sector is non-profit-making sector the main aim of the sector is to satisfy the demand of the customers. Generally information that is normally communicated is idea, benefits and values. This kind of organization generally adopts Four Ps product, price place and promotion (Bromley and Meyer, 2014). Public sector implements different kind of marketing means like television, radio, newspaper etc.

The main aim of the voluntary organization is to provide essential human needs without accepting the monetary rewards. The companies have fewer budgets for the marketing techniques so they use economical type of marketing techniques like upload the details on social media face book, twitter and many more. The competition has made them very essential to do the marketing activities in current scenario. Company adopts the traditional techniques of marketing. Private sector is those organizations who work for the profits only. This sector includes inclusive advertising activities of selling the products. The company adopts various techniques of marketing like social media, smart phone applications, text messaging etc. Some other marketing techniques are also used to boast the consumers to buy the products (Knox and Pinch, 2014).

2.4 Issues involved in marketing of virtual organization

A virtual organization is an organisation whose members are located in different parts of the world. The members generally work through online platforms like electronic media, E-mail etc. Sometimes virtual firms like eBay face the problem of strategic planning because they don’t have any physical setup to decide this kind of strategies. EBay has one corporate office and has the limited control over the many companies. Typically, cooperating with different firms is very difficult for the organization. Different firms have different mission vision so it will be difficult for the management to set the common mission and vision for the organization. Different countries have different marketing segments so company has to set the marketing standards according to the geographical region ( Another difficulty for the eBay is every country has different business law which affect the marketing policies of the company. Language barrier is another hurdle for the company for example china has different language and India has different language of communication so company has to decide the marketing strategy according to the suitable language for each nation. Virtual organization did not have any physical office or set up so company face the problem planning and managing the staff (Barnes and Hunt, 2013).  

Task 3

3.1 Marketing Mix for the service industry

Marketing mix acts as a blue print for the Marriot in this company will explain the product, price, promotion strategy, placement, people, process and physical evidence of the organization.

  • Product: The product offered by the Hotel Marriot is in the form of service which is intangible in nature. Management designs the product very carefully and according to the demand of the customers. The service product defines tat how the product is going to be.
  • Place: Place describes that where the services will be located. Company chose the best place to open up the hotel by which more and more customers get in touch. For example Hotel Marriot opens the hotel at place where organization can target more customers the place like London (
  • Promotion: Company should adopt the strategy which attracts more and more customers. Organization can adopt social media to promote the services or through E-mail, text messaging etc. Company designs the webpage and then promotes the services offered by the company.
  • Pricing: Company decide the price according to the services offered by the management. Company has categorized the prices according to the service like if customer asks for luxury services then it will charge high or if customer asks for economic services then management will charge economic prices.
  • People: Hotel Marriot has the quality staff which represents the environment of the organization. Management provides efficient training to their employees by which they can give their best towards the organizational goal (
  • Process: It is the process in which product is finally consumed by the end user. According to this P Company has to identify that how the product will delivered to the customers. It is very difficult for the organization to manage the blue print of process.
  • Physical evidence: Physical evidence is the proof for the customer that customer should feel the services offered by the Marriot. Organization provides quality services to the customers like good food, ambience, Silent environment etc which please the customers.

3.2 Product and marketing mix are used to enhance the value for customer and organization

Services plays important role in the growth of customer retention. Hotel Marriot provides quality services to the customers which increase the value of the organization in the eyes of the customers. Company provides valuable services to the customer then it will increase the profit ratio of the organization and help company to grow globally. The nature of the services is intangible so customer cannot touch them only feel them so management is liable to deliver quality services to the customers. Service Mix includes variety of services offered by the organization to meet the demand of the customers. Company offers high range of services to the customers who provide them quality experience in return (Verhoef and Lemon, 2013). Company has to provide quality services to retain the customers.

The service marketing mix is the variety of services offered by the company to the customers. Marketing mix includes process, physical evidence, people, product, pricing, place, promotion. Through this mix company can identify the needs and trend of the market and deliver the product according to the demand of the customers. It assists the management to enhance the value of the firm and deliver quality services to the customers ( Marketing mix facilitates the management to evaluate the current technological changes and adopt the recent marketing trends to enhance the value of Hotel Marriot.

3.3 Difficulties for marketing of services and alternatives to overcome the problems

Marketing department has the liability to identify the difficulties faced by the organization while marketing the services and find the alternatives to overcome them.

  • Customer perception of quality: Hotel Marriot has the liability to provide quality services to the customers. The expectation of the customer is high and sometimes company may fail to fulfill the demand of the customers. Many times customers may face the difficulty in the offered services like delay in ordered food, unavailable dishes, bad welcome of the customers etc. To overcome this kind of services company should hire the man power and provide them effective training by which they give their best towards the organizational goal (Srinivasan, 2014).
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction level: Sometimes customer may experience good or bad experience in the organization so management should collect the feedback of the customers by which CRM can analyze the satisfactory level of the customers. Marriot should provide extra benefits to the customers by which company can satisfy the demands of the customers. Management should adopt the different strategies to measure the satisfactory level of the customers.
  • Customer retention: Now a day’s customers are frequently switching the companies so it will be major problem for the Marriot so management should design the strategies to retain the customers. Company should hire the staff and provide them training by which they give their best to the organization (Ló Management can customers by offering discounts, extra benefits, coupons, customer preference etc. 

3.4 Role of IT in service industry

IT plays vital role in the growth of the Hotel Marriot. Through Information Technology Company can contact with the customers and create the data base of the customers. Technology has upgraded the service sector with innovative techniques. Following points describe the role of IT in service sector.

  • Communication: Information technology helps the Marriot to communicate with the customers and assists to create good relation with the customers. Through IT a employee can easily convey the offers to the customers and provide them additional benefits like first come first serve, discounts etc. through Information technology company can contact the global customers within the seconds.
  • Research: Technology assists the organization to conduct the online research by which management can take detail about the current market trends. Through internet company can conduct the online research and get the detail of customer perception (Khan and Altaf, 2014). This is the cost effective method by which company can collect the feedback of the services.
  • Customer Database: Technology facilitates Marriot to create the data base of the customers and save the details of the customers. IT assists management to identify the most beneficial customer for the organization. Company can evaluate the customer retention through the data base and identify the frequent visitor for the company.
  • Reservation: Information technology benefits the management to provide online booking to the customers. Company may provide online reservation facility to the customers through application system, website or phone-calling (Tarí Technology saves the time and money of the customers by providing technological benefits to the customers.


The above Marketing Management Assignment Hotel Marriot implicates the knowledge management and its role in the relationship marketing and ICT supports the organization in various ways like data base, customer handling etc. ICT assists the employee relationship marketing to create brand image of the organization. Marriot has lots benefits of customer relationship management that facilitates organization to Create data base, contact with customers etc. The study provides the recommendations to improve the customer relationship for the Marriot. The report carries out the various stake holders for the public and voluntary organizations and relationship with customer of two non-profit organizations. The research compares the methods of marketing used by public, private and voluntary organizations and finds the issues involved in marketing of eBay. Further the study conclude that product and service mix enhance the value of customer and organization and difficulties in marketing and to alternatives to overcome them. The research implicates role of IT in the development of the service industry and corporate social responsibility plays vital role in development brand image of the company. It analyzes the role of broadcast media in encouraging the ethical and social policies of Marriot.


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