Marketing Communication Assignment

Marketing Communication Assignment

Marketing Communication Assignment


Diploma in Business (Marketing)

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Marketing Communication Assignment

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Level 5

Task-1 Brief discretion of the company and its range of products and an analysis of the specified product and profiling of the target company?

Title – HND Marketing Communication Assignment, uk assignment writing service

Nike Incorporation is an American company which is running its business since very long time. This company was founded by Bill Bower man and Phil knight it has been engaged in providing, designing manufacturing products worldwide and sales footwear, apparel, sports products, services all over the world. The main headquarter of this Nike company is in Beaverton, Oregon, United states. There are following subsidiaries company which are accustomed to act named Converse, Hurley. Nike has been acquiring more than 20 % international market share in selling shoes and T-shirt in significant manner. In addition to this there are other market outlets which have been opened by Nike in order to capture more market share on international level.With the increasing ramification of this changing business environment Nike is not only manufacture and design athletics shoes but more than 40 % sales come from selling athletics apparels, sport equipment in determined approach.

Products of Nike Incorporation:Nike Incorporation has been selling its primary products such as athletics shoes and appeals. There are other categories of products which are offered to accomplish the objects of field game which are given as below.



Cross training

Outdoor activities





Cheerleaders shoes

Auto racing

Other atelic uses

Luka activities

Dancing activities

Open garden games

Climbing shoes




  • Target market:Nike with its several types of selling has been indulging in capturing following markets which are given as below.
  • The consumer market- these are the common market or the direct consumers who are ready to buy goods and services offered by the organization. This market is captured with the help of different outlets opened up by the Nike in several countries.
  • The industrial market-This are the market in which business to business selling is made in order to capture or integration of value chain activities throughout the time. In the present time Nike Incorporation does not have any business strategy alliance with any other organization. Therefore this type of market is not appreciated by Nike Incorporation.
  • The reseller market-Nike Incorporation is very big brand and engraved its name in the mind of clients at large. Therefore there are various sellers and other business organizations who like to take franchises and other strategic alliance to sell Nike products in market. With the present annual report of the Nike Incorporation it is observed that company has entered into reseller market by making effective working system in determined approach and making contract with more than 2000 resellers all over the world.
  • Product analyse: Nike Incorporation has been selling sports products throughout the time. Biomechanical assessment provides measuring different motions of the foot, ankle, leg and lower back. In addition to this Nike Incorporation in its sport shoes has taken care about all the positive and negative impact on human health. Gait analysis involves analysis of the foot motion during the normal running action. Therefore Nike men grey & blue inflow 3 running shoes has been providing several benefits either capturing foot motion and maintain equilibrium in running and maintains body balance throughout the wearing. Therefore Winfo3 is the best offering in the market which is available at very low price and providing the best comfort in determined manner. In addition to this Nike Incorporation is also providing standardised product all over the world in order to maintain the effectiveness of the products on demographic level. Various public applications and their experience with the shoes have also been shared on the Nike Incorporation online portal significantly. However, the price of the Winfo3 is very high but with the quality of intent that could easily be overcome by clients.  Company has also offering different ranges of products and customized quality so that best expectance could be given to users with the offered products.

Profiling of target market

  • Industry size:Nike Incorporation has been selling various goods and products but the main offering of Nike Incorporation is in selling sports shoes all over the world. According to sports goods manufacturing association it is identified that athlete’s footwear all over the world account for more than 35 % of total sales made by sports industry.
  • Industry season ability: There is overall sales of the footwear and sports demand of the product selling remains equal throughout the years. Although it could be taken to higher level by making effective branding and marketing principles.
  • Target market:Nike Incorporation has been selling its products all over the world with a view to acquire more that 30 % market share of sport shoes all over the world. Target market of the company is retails sellers and acquiring and opening outlets throughout the world. In addition to this many franchise has been prepared by Nike Incorporation with other business man so that best suitable course of selling could be prepared for customer at large. In addition to this company has developed a dashboard with a view to promote its online sell for capturing more international market share. There are various online portals on which Nike Incorporation has been selling its products such as Amazon, Flipchart, Alabama and further more.