Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment

Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment

Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment


At modern times practical learning is regarded to be the most effective way of learning. So now days in higher education this method is followed and researches show that it has better impact on the learning process (Duignan, 2002). Book knowledge helps an individual in learning the theory of his subject but experience helps him to witness and apply his knowledge. Thus experience is important for students who are about to start working or who have little experience.

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Aim:Before venturing out into the actual world one must be aware of his weaknesses and strengths so that he can deliver his hundred percent in the work. The student must choose his career properly because this would determine a major part of his life and before venturing into his chosen career he must be completely confident about it (Yen et. el., 2001).

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Thus from this Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment I will be able to learn the importance of job experience and how to analyse a job before choosing it as my career. I will be able to understand the scope of a particular job. After evaluating myself and choosing my career I would be able to recognize my area of interest. Thus this would help me to increase my strengths and remove my weaknesses.

Task 1. Negotiating Industry Experience in Marketing

Marketing is one the essential parts of any organization. With the help of marketing only the organizations are able to generate revenue. Marketing interests me a lot as it both demanding and essential.

1.1. Suitable organizations that could provide experience in marketing

Almost every organization has a marketing department. However there is particular organization caught my interest. Fallon is the organization I chose. It is a marketing firm that helps the marketing of various large organizations like Cadbury, Maynard, and Skoda etc. I was lucky to witness a seminar held by this prestigious organization where they were inviting young aspirants who were willing to do internships from their organization. The firm held a preliminary test where I was chosen. Fallon is considered to be one of the best marketing agencies in UK. It is situated in London and is considered to be a very prestigious company.

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The firm took all the eligible candidates for a tour of their company. The infrastructure of the organization is very advanced. They use all the latest technologies and devices for the maximum output of the employees. The work environment is extremely comfortable. The different departments are in separate rooms. The marketing department has a manager and leader who lead a team of about 55 members. The firm follows autocratic style of management. The leader listens to every single team member before finalizing any decision. The opinions of the employees are appreciated and hence the organization develops various innovative ideas for marketing.

The technical department of Fallon is the most advanced area of the entire organization. I was able to talk to one of the workers in that department. The feedback pleased me extremely. The company allows its workers and employees many benefits.

Thus from the above study it is seen that Fallon could help me gain experience in marketing sector. I could learn all the marketing tricks and apply my knowledge in the practical field. This experience would surely help me in my career.

1.2. Negotiating with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience.

After the visit to Fallon I was extremely eager to start my internship in that organization. From the internship I expect to learn the following things:

  • Skills for problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Multitasking
  • Build a network
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Dealing with different customers

To make this possible I need to be extremely focused and put all my effort in learning from that organization. For the internship the organization is looking forward to find some certain characteristics from the students. The employees want the following characteristics:

  • Skills: Literacy, Communication, confident and basic computer knowledge. Knowing marketing is an added advantage.
  • Attitude: Respect for both staff and organization, reliability, diligent, pleasant and honesty. Excitement is contagious and thus having enthusiasm and energy is a plus point.
  • Experience: Experience is the application of the knowledge in projects, sports and other hobbies etc. However if an individual has experience in marketing he has an added advantage.
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All the above mentioned details have to neatly explain to the academic supervisors so that they would recommend me to take internship in Fallon. The curriculums vitiate must according to the organization’s requirements.  It must adapt to meet the firm’s criteria. This is one of the most important parts. Thus with the help of the mentors and coaches I could acquire the knowledge from the internship in Fallon. After receiving the approval letter I must focus on the internship and learn the most from the experience.

1.3. Recognizing the business constraints on the work experience

Every organization has certain criteria’s which are needed to be followed before recruiting. The organization Fallon offers a non-paid internship facility for the students. The organization selects the student for internships on the basis of merit. The firm held a preliminary examination where the basic mathematical and English skills were tested. Since this not a paid organization the firm has to endure many problems due to the internships. Following are the business constraints and problems faced by the organization:

  • During the time of internship many of the experienced employees will be busy teaching us the method of work. Thus the firm Fallon cannot undertake any major project. The internship is a one month program.
  • The organization has to make sure that after the internship the applied students are almost fully trained.
  • The interns must be able to access the quality systems of the company. Thus Fallon has to spend money so that the interns can make the best usage of their time.
  • The workload during this one month of internship will be more on the employees.
  • The safety and health of the students must be maintained. For this reason the organization ordered extra people who are trained in these health and safety measures.
  • The employees and managers have to supervise the interns during that period.
  •  In marketing. Fallon allows the interns to deal with their customers so that we have a practical experience in marketing. The organization teaches us customer satisfaction. However during this training period many customers also turn away.Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,Online HND Assignment help

Thus from the above detailed study it is evident that any organization has to face various business constraints and problems in order to deliver the best training method to the applicants.

Task 2. Understanding the specific requirements of the placement.

It is extremely necessary to understand and realize the basic requirements for any placement. Unless and until one knows what are the criteria for the placement he cannot develop the skills required for the job. Every organization has its own particular requirements for a job. The applicants must try to understand what the organization wants and prepare according to that.

2.1. Agreeing and prioritizing the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience

The internship in Fallon was from 3rd February to 6th March 2015. Each day work timing is 8 hours from 9am to 5pm. Lunch and snacks would be provided by the organization. The organization recruited only 37 students for their internship program. The internship was divided into six categories. They are as follows:

  • Work system of the organization
  • Using the advanced technologies
  • Marketing tricks and tools
  • Dealing with customers
  • Innovative marketing
  • Managing the subordinates

1st task: Here the interns will learn about the system and the methods the organization follows in completing a project or a certain target. This will be taught from 3rd – 5th February.

2nd task: The technician department leader Mr. Arthur showed us all the new equipment like cameras, speakers and the latest software which assists to determine the results of the marketing process much easily. This program was held from 6th – 7th February.

3rd task: The managers and few senior employees taught us the marketing tricks and tools. This was held from 8th – 12th February.

4th task: After this we were allowed to talk with the customers. From this we learnt our strengths and weaknesses. It took place from 15th – 27th February.

5th task: The leaders were allowed to make our own innovative marketing ideas. Then they were tested on customers. This was the fun part of the internship where we could apply our knowledge. It was held from 28th February to 3rd March.

6th task: Finally we were taught some methods of managing a team. It took place from 4th – 6th March.

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The above tasks are listed according to priority basis. We started learning from the first task and slowly started using it in practical activities. After we had practical experience we started innovating new marketing strategies. Thus the above list is rationally listed according to priority basis.

2.2. Producing a plan for the work experience

Below is the detailed plan of the work experience


Date of Review

Input from Supervisor

Work system of the organization

6th February


Using the advanced technologies

8th February

After knowing the advanced software and technologies used in the organization the supervisor might discuss about the progress of this type of technology and it future uses.

Marketing tricks and tools

13th February

This is one of the most important parts of the internship where the supervisor could shed more light on the tricks and tools of marketing and the places where it can be applied.

Dealing with customers

28th February


Innovative marketing

4th March

Here we can make innovative marketing strategies and the supervisor can give us additional points to make it more successful.

Managing the subordinates

7th March


Thus from the above schedule we can say that I would be able to gain good marketing experience from working the organization. This plan will assist me to evaluate my work experience and make proper utilization of the time. Fallon marketing agency thus helps the interns to gain experience and knowledge. However the best interns are given the opportunity to work for the organization after completing their graduation. The working schedule will help me to keep track of my work experience. The firm allows the students to use their own innovative marketing strategies on their customers so that they could learn more and have a real time customer dealing experience. By this process the interns will be able to learn more about the customer’s behaviour and mentality.

2.3. Analysing the benefits of the proposed activities to the business and the learner

With the help of the organization I was able gain work experience in marketing sector. From the beginning this field interested me a lot. Thus Fallon has given me the opportunity to train with them for a month where I gained experience in dealing with customers and lots of knowledge about modern day marketing. The benefits to the organization and learner are as follows:

Advantages to the business

  • The organization was able to make more routine tasks during the one month time. They had to make sure that the internship program did not affect the daily work schedule of the firm. This is why the firm strictly followed a routine which helped them to carry out their tasks on time without affect the quality of work.
  • The organization had updated their techniques so that the students could learn much better. They used new devices and software which helped the firm greatly.
  • Due to the internship program the employees became more responsible because they had to control both their work and the interns.
  • The organization saved money when they allowed the interns to deal with the customers. The interns were not paid so it was a benefit for the organization.

Advantages of the learner

  • The interns were able to learn how the entire business operated from task one. They received detailed information about how a marketing organization operates.
  • The interns were able to work in team where they could learn the benefit of teamwork and achieve targets together.
  • The learners could gain experience in marketing by dealing with customers and understanding their behaviour.
  • The interns could learn various marketing skills and techniques.
  • The students developed problem solving skills which are extremely necessary in practical life.
  • Time management is one of the most important skills learnt during the internship process.Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,online Assignment writing

Thus from the above we can see that the internship program was both beneficial for the organization and the learners.

Task 3. Undertaking work experience as identified

I have a keen interest in marketing sector since I read a book about Virgin Company. Marketing is used in every organization because it helps in generating revenue. Organizations tend to recruit experienced people in marketing. Marketing deals with the customers and thus it requires practice before dealing with them. Thus understanding the importance of experience I decided to undertake an internship in the Fallon marketing agency.

3.1. Fulfilling the specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice

To make a good career out of marketing one must have job experience which will help him to deal with customers and understand the behaviour of various customers. The requirements of placement are as follows:

  • Good communication skills
  • Dealing with different customers
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Prompt solutions
  • Adaptability
  • Clam and enthusiastic

Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,Assignment help Coventry

The above the basic criteria which are required to be placed in a marketing organization. Fallon marketing agency provides all the above qualities in its internship program. The internship was held for a month from 3rd February to 6th March 2015. During this time the leader and managers guided us in learning the following things:

  • Work system of the organization
  • Using the advanced technologies
  • Marketing tricks and tools
  • Dealing with customers
  • Innovative marketing
  • Managing the subordinates

During this time period we also learnt to work as a team and accomplish certain targets. We got the chance to experience how Fallon markets various products like Cadbury, Velvet, etc. We learnt how to take prompt decisions during critical times and satisfy customers. Dealing with customers and understanding their behaviour helped us to learn a lot of things. Thus from the above we can see that taking the internship program in Fallon will surely benefit me to get placed in a good organization. Thus this helped to fulfil the specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice.

3.2. Producing systematic records of challenges work experience undertaken

The systematic records of challenges which I have experienced in work are:



Internship Learning


Further Solution

If/ not solved

Team Work

28. 2. 2015

While dealing with the customers of the organization we worked as team.

2. 3. 2015

After consultation with the supervisor we learned the key solutions for working as a team.


Time Management

28. 2. 2015

During the internship we were divided into teams where we had to accomplish a certain task within a given time.

2. 3. 2015

3 .3. 2015


After consulting with the supervisor we understood why time management is mandatory and we got to learn a few tricks.


Customer dealing

3. 2.  2015

We had to deal with the customers of the organization during the course of our internship.

16. 2. 2015

Our supervisor did review this part.

The problem was not solved and hence we decided to go to the supervisor again at the end of this month since this is one of the most important parts of the course.

Understanding customer behaviour

15. 2. 2015

After we started dealing with customers we slowly understood the behaviour of them.

17 .2. 2015

Our supervisor discussed more thoroughly the mentality of the customers.



Problem Solving

3. 3. 2015

We had to make innovative marketing strategies which helped to solve problems even during the critical times.

4. 3. 2015

The supervisor discussed briefly about it.

For further understanding of the subject we decided to talk with the supervisor after 8th March.

Communication Skill

5. 2. 2015

While dealing with the customers during the program.

17. 2. 2015

The supervisor dealt with the problem.



Thus from the above we can see that all the challenges that were faced were solved during the internship program and later discussed with the supervisor. However some problems are yet to be solved. Thus the detailed list above helped me to guide through the challenges.

3.3. Revising the initial plan if required

The initial plan remains intact and it not required to be revised. After reviewing the criteria of a good placement in a marketing agency I evaluated myself and discovered the qualities I lacked. Thus I decided to join the Fallon internship program where I could learn and train the required qualities for being a marketing manager. Thus no alteration is required and everything will be followed according to the initial plan .

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3.4. Making suggestions for improvement and reviewing these with the supervisor




Time management

A certain task will be given to a team of five interns like convincing four customers in a single day.

After the review the supervisor divided the team into leaders and managers. Thus from this task we would able to learn team work, time management and problem solving skills.

Customer dealing

We were allowed to witness a few customer dealings in the organization after which we could deal with our own customers.

After reviewing the supervisor agreed to this part of the training as it would build up our confidence and help us understand the mentality of the customers.

Communication skills

We were to talk with unknown persons every day at least five strangers which would boost up our communication skills.

The supervisor appreciated this idea and thus allowed to take the training.

Thus from the above we can see that making some improvements in the training area helped us to gain more experience and knowledge.

Task 4. Monitoring and evaluating own performance and learning

It is extremely necessary to evaluate and monitor own performance. This would help to find the weaknesses and strengths of a person. Evaluating own performance will surely enhance the performance of the individual the next time he or she does the work.

4.1. Monitoring progress against original proposal

After the internship at Fallon on marketing I gained knowledge and experience. The progress report is as follows:

Before internship

After internship

  • I was weak in communicating with people
  • I had lack of time management and problem solving skills
  • I had lack of knowledge about customer behaviour and mentality. Sometimes I also lost the confidence during talking to the customers which reduced my energy and enthusiasm.
  • After dealing with the customers and talking with at five strangers each day during the internship program helped me to boost my communication skills.
  • After the training and completing the given tasks under the given time I developed the time management skills. However solving critical problems during difficult times helped me to enhance my problem solving skill also.
  • Thus after the training when a dealt with various customers I slowly understood their mentality and behaviour. This helped to increase my confidence and maintain the enthusiasm. As enthusiasm is contagious.

Thus the internship helped me to gain both knowledge and experience.

4.2. Evaluating the quality of own performance

Evaluating the quality of performance is very essential so that one can improve their quality and deliver their best performance. Before the internship I was lacking in many skills and qualities which prevented me from getting a good job in a marketing agency. The criteria required for a good placement was absent in me and thus after detailed examination and research I discovered about the internship program held by Fallon. After I enrolled myself with the program I could see changes in me. They are follows:

  • After the training I was confident with strangers and could talk with them without any kind of hesitation.
  • My communication skills increased a lot.
  • I developed time management skills and could solve difficult problems regarding marketing even during crucial times.
  • The training helped me develop a professional personality.
  • I could now invent new ideas of marketing with confidence.
  • The dealings with customers assisted me to understand the mentality and behaviour of the customers.Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,HND Assignment help

Thus after the internship program I realized that I could reach the industrial demands only after a little practice. I was now aware about what to do and how to proceed. The supervisors were very impressed by my progress and gave me suggestions on improvement. Thus we can say that the internship program at Fallon was beneficial.

4.3. Analysing the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections

After the internship I learnt a lot of new things. They are as follows:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Good communication skills
  • Dealing with different customers
  • Prompt solutions
  • Adaptability
  • Calm and enthusiast

Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,Assignment help UK

All these things developed during the internship period in the organization. All of these were developed during the six tasks which we had to do during the program. They are:

1st Task: Here we learnt how a marketing organization works.

2nd Task: During this we learnt adaptability and got a detailed knowledge about the advanced technologies used in marketing industries.

3rd Task: Marketing skills and tools were taught us during this task. The leaders taught us these from their experience.

4th Task: Here we learnt on problem solving, time management, teamwork, good communication skills and dealing with different customers.

5th and 6th Task: Both these tasks helped us to learn managing skills and make innovative marketing strategies.

Thus the internship program at Fallon was beneficial.

4.4. Making recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced

The internship program was more or less perfect but it could have been made better at certain regions. They are as follows:

  • We could to talk with unknown persons every day at least five strangers which would boost up our communication skills.
  • A certain task will be given to a team of five interns like convincing four customers in a single day. This would help us increase our time management skills.
  • If we could have prepared for the internship a little longer then perhaps it would have been more effective.Industry Experience in Marketing Assignment,HND Assignment help

Thus with more time and preparation the internship program could have been more effective. However this helped to gain experience and prepare myself for any marketing organization.

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It was said by great researchers that “if you want to walk, you don’t require knowing how to walk you just have to walk” (Cooper, 2000). When a student starts experiencing the outside world he starts to face challenges. These challenges will make him stronger and aware of his strengths and weakness. While studying if the student starts to work on his related field he understand his subject better and will know when and where to apply his knowledge in the practical world. For this reason many enterprises and large organizations are giving opportunities to students to do internships and part time work so that they can know their subject better and understand it to full depth. An individual can learn new skills and gain experience by participating in practical activities of a workplace. One will analyse his problems much better after receiving job experience from a workplace (Cullinane & Dundon, 2006). His planning, analysing and decoding skills will enhance. At presents colleges are scheduling the time of the students more flexibly so that they can do part time jobs or internships from large organizations.  Thus the internship program at Fallon greatly helped to gain enough experience to venture out into the practical world where we will be able to test our knowledge and apply it where ever it is necessary.


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