Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy - Assignment Help in UK


Tourism can be termed as “travel for pleasure”. It is a business of attracting, accommodating and entertaining tourists. Tourism can be international or it can be within native country. With the help of Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy it is concluded that for most of the countries tourism is the only source of income and for all countries it become major contributor in their economic growth. Now-a-days tourism becomes the major contributor in the county’s economy. For many countries they are considered as the major source of income and put adequate impact over their economy. In the half second half of 2008 to the end 2009 the tourism industry suffered a lot due t the effect of the H1N1 influenza virus. Once it get recovered from this situation there is adeq7uate level of growth is noted down as it grew to US $1.03 trillion or €740 billion in the year 2011. There was adequate increase of 3.8% from the year 2010. Tourism and travel industry lies within the service industry and with the adequate level of growth in Tourism there is adequate level of growth is noted down in other organisations in same industry such as transportation services, accommodation services, entertainment venues, etc. It effectively increases the job opportunities or employment ratio. There are three types of tourism such as:

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy - Assignment Help in UK

  • Domestic tourism: - Under this section native of country travelling within their country.
  • Inbound tourism: - Under these section natives of different country travelling in the given country.
  • Outbound tourism: - Under this section native of given country travelling to different country.

Task 1

1.1 Analyse main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation

UK is attaining adequate tourist destinations which effectively attract the numerous tourists. With the help of few data adequate comparison is made among different countries such as:


Tourists visit in 2014

Generated revenue

Portion of tourism in GDP

Number of jobs


83.7 million

55.4 billion


27.7 million


27.4 million

71.99 million


1.2 million


15.0 million

73.4 million


4.3 million


9.44 million

68.3 million


1.3 million


13.4 million

1.4 million


4.22 million


32.6 million

45.3 billion


3.1 million

On the basis of the figures shown in the above table it is analysed that France attract numerous tourist towards their tourism as compare to different countries. Due to this ratio it is considered that France is developed enough in the sector of the tourism as they able to attract number of tourists towards their tourism. They also retain the tourists because the share of repeated tourists is also effective. They effectively promote their tourist destinations at global level. France is one of the leading tourist destinations. With the help of tourism they earn $55.4 billion and contribute around 10% in their economy. They provide 27.7 million jobs through their tourism sector

U.K. is also rendering effective services in their tourism sector as they get adequate response after France. They are having rich culture due to which they get effective support from their society in order to promote tourism within their country and at global level also. They are also having attractive and diversified tourist destination which effectively attracts the tourism in adequate manner. They also earn around 45.3 billion with the help of tourism and contribute around 10% in their economy. They create job opportunities in their country as they provide 3.1 million jobs to their natives. They are also considered in the leading tourist destinations.

Indonesia is the country which is considered as the developing tourist destinations as the ratio of tourists is very low as compare to others. There are various reasons behind this as they didn’t get proper support from their society and culture in order to attract the numerous tourists. Their revenues are effective as they earn 68.3 million and contribute 14% in their economy. They are major contributor in their economy development and they need to promote themselves at global level in order to increase tourism in their country. They also render adequate job opportunities with the help of tourism as they render 1.3 million jobs in their tourism sector. They effectively get benefited with the tourism sector as they earn adequate level of revenues through it. There are various aspects also get included in order to make comparison such as night spending, expenses made and others. As per the night spending and expenses made UK and France is having equal ratio as both provide romantic and pleasant destinations which is effectively preferred by the tourists.

1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends

As per the trend going on it is clearly observed that tourism industry is growing at rapid pace and they are provide effective benefits to the country in order to increase contribution in economy development, increase in job opportunities and many more (Cavia, 2015). There is adequate data is gathered in context to the trend and predictions or future trends such as:


Current trend

Future trend

Online Bookings



Information collection online



Usage of internet



Feedback review



Now-a-days there is adequate increase is noted down in the tourists but now also there are lot many problems available in the face of development and others. In France the tourism get increased at the rate of 0.1% as compared to last year and it is predicted to get increase by 2% in the near future with the help of the adequate level of development. It is due to because they attain developed stage. On the other hand UK attains tourist at the rate of 5% but the rate of growth get decreased from 6.1% to 5%. There is fall note down in their revenue earning rate as in the year 2013 France attain growth at the rate of 7% which get decrease to 2.5% which is much lower as compare to last year. On the other hand UK ahs face same situation as their revenue earning capacity get increased but at lower rate as compare to their last year’s performance (Cavia, 2015).

There is effective increase is noted down in the expenditure ratio France made adequate expenses in order to promote their tourism world-wide. The ratio of their expenditure gets increased by 7.4% which is much higher than then their last year’s expenditure such as 0.9%. On the other hand there is adequate increase in the expenses made by the UK government as their expenses get increased by 4.6% which is greater than last year’s expenses as in last year their ratio was 3.8%. As per the trend going on it can be forecasted that there is adequate increase in the expenses at high rate whereas they attain revenues at increasing rate but at low rate (Cavia, 2015).

Task 2

2.1 Analyse the cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations explaining their appeal to tourists

Tourism industry rendered various benefits to the service industry and with this effect government also supports them in adequate manner. Tourism provide huge share of foreign currency to the government and contribute effectively in the growth of their economy. Government get the adequate foreign funds to perform foreign trades. There are various features get discussed in context to the tourist destinations such as:




This feature makes inclusion of the language, religion, food, traditions art, literature, festivals, lifestyles, music and clothes. It is considered as important feature for the development of the tourism industry in the country. Rich and attractive culture attracts lots of tourists and helps in increase in tourism activities. For example UK is having rich culture and with this effect they attract lots of tourism on consistent basis. Tourists get adequate level of support as there are so many individuals who are able to understand their conversation and help them out in resolve their problems. Poor culture didn’t support the tourism industry. Poor culture make inclusion of language problem as there is no one available to make communication with the tourists in order to help them out. There are various countries are available having poor cultures which badly impact their tourism industry.


This makes inclusion of the developed infrastructure. It also make inclusion of geographical outline of country such as oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, hills, bays, gulf, volcanoes, valleys, forests and many more. For example France is having effective physical feature and with this effect they are considered within the leading tourist destinations. Natural beauty attract the tourists such as forests, hills, waters (seaside resorts, beaches, river rafting, etc.) campaigning at volcano (available in Philippines), and many more activities effectively attract the tourists. For example Paris (France) is having romantic physical environment which attract the newly wedded couples and others also.


It make inclusion of the nature of the society whether the residents are supportive or not, way of treating tourists, behaviour of the local residents and many more. These factors put impact over the tourist’s experience. For example: UK society is supportive in nature and behaves effectively with their tourists that make them feel satisfied and they suggest other to visit UK.

In the below table there is a comparison made between the features of developing and leading tourist destinations such as:


United Kingdom



They are rich in value culture and development feature. There are lot many languages are spoken, various festivals get celebrated; peoples of different religions are living there and many more facts which make them country of rich culture. The tourist visit UK gets so many peoples of their native religion or culture and they feel secure enough while visiting different destinations of UK. They also didn’t face any language problem as well as no difficulty in food & beverages also.

They are not having rich culture due to which their tourism industry face lot many problems. They are not culturally rich as compare to the UK. The population is having their native residents only and they didn’t have diversified religion in their country. They celebrate their festivals only and speak their native language mostly. With this effect tourist visit Thailand face lot many problems related to the language, foods & beverages and many more.


There are rich in the physical features also as they attain developed infrastructure, various monuments, theme parks, hills, river, lakes and many more in order to attract the tourists. Their physical feature is well promoted at global level which also renders adequate level of support. The destinations located in UK are of different categories such as it contains parks, hills, river, museums, opera house and many more for the tourists to visit.

They have their adequate physical appearance but not are rich in physical appearance. They have beaches, ancient cities and food market in order to attract the tourists. Tourists don’t found much in Thailand in order to re-visit. Along with this their physical feature is also didn’t get much promoted at global level.


UK society is having helpful individuals as their society is having different religious individuals. Tourists get adequate level of help from these persons and enhance their experience with their adequate level of help.

Thailand society is facing lots of problems in order to coordinate or help their tourists. The major problem is the language problems as they are not capable enough to learn distinct languages and also there are no so many peoples of other religion. Their tourism industry is not getting proper or adequate level of support from their society due to which they are not able to attract number of tourists towards their country.

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2.2 Compare features of developing and leading tourist destinations

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Task 3

3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations

Tourism is directly impacted with the available features and characteristics of the tourist destinations. Rich features of the tourist destination effectively attract the tourism and support to the tourism industry. The features of tourism make inclusion various factors such as viewpoint, culture, social support, accessibility and level of services. There are few more different features are also get included under it such as transportation facility, lifestyle of residents, local festivals and others (Fraga, 2014). Below adequate comparison is made among two destinations in which one is developed and another one is developing. France is considered for developed nation and Philippines are developing nation. Comparison is made in the below table such as:




Attraction/ Activities

France is the developed tourism nation. There are numerous attraction points such as seaside resorts, beautiful scenery, etc.

The most attractive point is Eiffel Tower in Paris, Louvre Museum (former royal palace of French Kings), Palace of Versailles, Cote d’Azur, Mont Saint-Michel, and many more.

They are considered among developing tourism nations. They also attain various effective attraction points with them but due to low popularity these points are not known by the tourists. The list make inclusion of Banaue rice terraces (it is carved mountain ranges about 2,000 years ago without using modern tools), Boracay (famous for cliff diving, motor-biking, parasailing, horse riding, kite surfing, etc.), Chocolate Hills (It is an unusual geological formations of around 1,268 individual mounds), Puerto Princesa Underground river, Mayon volcano, and many more.


It is most visited country across the world due to their available tourist destinations. By looking at the rank (1st rank) it is easily analysed that most of the tourists visit them regularly.

They are not so much costly and render effective value to money. Due to lack of promotion of their tourist destinations they attain less number of tourists and falls under developing tourism nation.

3.2 Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal

Tourism industry is growing at rapid pace and provides various benefits to the respective country. The major benefit is making major contribution in the economy. Developing nations get benefited with this factor as they get adequate level of support from it. Tourism renders various effective benefits but it also renders some effective disadvantages (Rajaratnam, et. al., 2015). The appeal of tourist destination gets impacted with its characteristics in both ways positive as well as negative. With the increase in tourism sector there are various benefits rendered by it such as it adequately increases the employment opportunities, increase in revenues as there is increase in the sales of local products such as handicrafts, food safety and beverages and many more, increase in transportation services, etc. With these benefits there is adequate increase in the unwanted wastage, pollution level, and many more.

For example: - There are various destinations in the Philippines having natural beauty that attract the huge number of tourists towards them. Natural beauty attract the tourism and adequately increase the revenues but it also affect the tourist destination as it lead to increase in the pollution and normal wastage (Vilchez, 2012).

Initially tourist destinations require adequate level of promotion to make the tourists aware about them. Once it get promoted adequately and get effective response from tourists they get revenues and job opportunities. The business that is associated with the tourism also gets benefited with it as they also get adequate level of share from it. There are some demerits also associated with the increase in tourism such as level of pollution get increased, increase in normal wastage of products and sometimes tourists bring incurable diseases such as N1H1 influenza, etc. These demerits impact badly to the country.

Except these demerits if evaluation is made over the contribution made by the tourism is considered as beneficial for them. Various benefits make inclusion of increase in the foreign exchange funds, increase in the sales of the local products, increase in job opportunities, and improvement in infrastructure and also increase the capital investments. With the increase in tourism there is adequate increase in the job opportunities which help out the society in order to get job for their survival (Pang, et. al., 2011). There are some characteristics that affect the appeal of tourist destinations such as: -

  • Local attraction: It is very important for country to attain local attraction points such as France is having world level attraction points that helps in attracting number of tourist towards them.
  • Country infrastructure: Infrastructure also attracts the tourists to come and visit the country. With the help of infrastructure they evaluate the facilities rendered by them such as accommodation facility, foods and beverages, etc.
  • Transportation facility: Country must attain effective transport service as it helps in rendering safe and secure travelling facility (Della Corte & Aria, 2016).
  • Culture: It also attracts the customer such as UK is rich in culture and with this effect they are considered among leading tourist destinations.
  • Heritage: Ancient monuments attract the tourist mostly. For example India is well known for the heritage as they attain lots of heritage monuments (Lee & Bai, 2016).


They attain various benefits with the enhancement in the tourism industry. Tourism industry requires adequate support from their government as well as from their society in order to promote the tourism at global level. Tourism increase the ratio of foreign currency which adequately increases the international trade, it also increases the employment opportunities and reduce the unemployment form their country side. It also helps in maintaining effective relationship with other countries. There are different factors in the form of political, economical, social, technological, legal, environmental, accessibility, etc. which affect the tourism in both ways. With the help of the responsible tourism various countries minimise the negative factor and try to increase or promote the positive factors in order to enhance tourism activities within their country.


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With the help of Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy it is concluded that for most of the countries tourism is the only source of income and for all countries it become major contributor in their economic growth, Locus Assignment Help UK posting units solutions so scholars can explore Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.