Unit 41 Programming in Java Assignment

Programming in Java Assignment

Unit 41 Programming in Java Assignment


Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

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Unit 41 Programming in Java

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Level 5

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This report is based on the application which we programmed. This is mainly prepared to provide the complete understanding of the code which we used to develop this code. The application which we developed is programmed to track all the membership detail of the university library such as: student membership and staff membership. The staff membership detail is collected in the application by recording the first name, last name, library number which is an 8 character string beginning STAFF, gender of the staff, staff number and room number of the staff. The maximum string length for the staff room number is 6 characters long. The information of student membership is collected by recoding the first name, last name, library number, gender, student ID and course code of the student.

The program is developed as java standard programming language so it is fully object oriented and coded in BLUEj editor.

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Code Listing


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BlueJ Editor was used to create the application

BlueJ Screenshot

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Javadocs can be used to take help to for the functionality of the class.

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Application Screens

It is the main form

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User can user All Members Buttonto display all members data

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User can use Student Members Buttonto display all student details.

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Members count can be displayed using Total members Button

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New user can be added using add User Button

unit 41 java image 28

We can delete user using the delete button

unit 41 java image 29

The following file format is used to read and store members data

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Note: - the program used the file named data.txt to read members details and it will create a new file data1.txt when the user will save the details.


The developed program for the student/staff membership application for the university library is a very good program. It is fully an object oriented program so it is easy to use and code for the programmers. The developed program has various features and functionality such as: easy and clear graphical user interface which makes it very simple and easy to use for the application user, anyone can easily use and manage it. The application is also implemented with many other features and functionality like application user can easily add new staff and student members, list all members, list all staff  and student members, return the total number of members, easily find the members by just searching the membership number of the member, delete the specific member from list, clear text in any visible windows in the main GUI, save the data in the text file and also exit to the application easily by providing the interface there like buttons, links and search boxes.

This report contains all the codes of the program so the report reader can easily understand the code which is used to develop this application.


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