Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment Radio and Television

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment Radio and Television

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment Radio and Television


Diploma in Business (Marketing)

Unit Number and Title

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Radio and Television

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Level 5


Marketing principles radio and television are the tool for marketing products in the market. A marketer advertises about their products through many mediums. One of the mediums is radio advertising. Radio advertising is one of the most effective tools of advertising that helps the advertisers to reach up to the masses in a cost effective manner. Another tool of advertising is broadcasting ads on television. This medium is said to have a great impact on customer’s mind but is not that much cost effective. The essay below argues about the importance of both the tools of advertising with a descriptive approach.

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Task 1

Please provide arguments setting out the advantages of using radio advertising. Use examples to support your arguments.


Advertising is the subset of marketing. A product can be advertised through many mediums but the advertisers always choose the most feasible medium for positioning of their products in the market. Feasibility of the advertising medium depends upon the advertisers as well as the market to be served. The choice of the advertising medium is affected by the need of advertiser. If he wants to reach through the masses, he has to opt for a different medium and if he wants to target a particular audience then he will choose different medium of advertising. This essay argues about a medium of advertising that have multiple advantages associated with it and that medium is radio advertising. Radio advertising deals with creating awareness about a particular product by broadcasting audio ads on radio in between the programs just like television ads. This essay further discusses about some of the important aspects of radio advertising in UK.

Radio advertising as a boon:

Every organisation wants to sell their products for running a profitable business. For selling a product, it is necessary for the organisations to create awareness among the public regarding the product. Researchers have proved that it is important for the organisations to attain competitive advantage in the field of marketing for earning more profit. (O'SULLIVAN, 2013). Competition in the market has reached at its heights and the organisations have to invest their capital in marketing products through different mediums. If an organisation wants to create awareness in masses, it has to choose advertising as the marketing method. Advertising can be done via television, radio, print media etc. This essay focuses on radio advertising and its advantages in marketing products. (Cartwright, 2011)

With the advancement in the radio technology, the radio station companies started earning revenues by selling airtime to the advertisers. This creates a win-win situation for both as the radio station get high revenues and the advertisers can advertise in cost lesser than television ads. There are around 300 radio commercials in UK. This technique is used by many  business strategy  for advertising their products because radio advertising attracts the attention of people rapidly as compared to other advertising techniques. (Singh, 2010)

The trend of advertising through radio is increasing day by day because it has some advantages associated with it. Advertising through radio is affordable as compared to other visual advertising mediums. It is a cost effective medium as when the organisations go for TV commercials, they need to spend a lot of money in getting copywriters, actors, video equipments etc. This made the TV commercials very expensive. Radio advertising is a very cost effective method, as the organisations do not require much investment in making radio ads. (Sissors and Baron, 2010)

Radio advertising also allows the organisations to target their audience effectively. This is because the radio channels as well as the programs on radio have already been segmented according to the listeners. Therefore, it is easy for the advertisers to select the time on which their advertisement needs to be broadcasted. This saves their time and aids them to create awareness about their product among the range of customers or prospects targeted by them.

When a product is advertised through any advertising medium, it takes time to position itself in the minds of the customers. Radio advertising is one of the techniques that provide early results to the advertisers. Here is an example for better understanding. A radio commercial has been broadcasted at Kentucky’s highways regarding the awareness among the people to drive away from the truckers or heavy vehicles. After the campaign, survey has been conducted. Survey suggests that 5% of people have changed their driving style after hearing the commercial. This proves that radio commercials help the advertisers to get results rapidly. (Calder, 2008)


Radio advertising has come up with tremendous opportunities for the advertisers to broadcast their ads in cost effective manner to the masses simultaneously. This medium of advertising not only provides benefits to the advertisers but also aids radio stations to enhance their business. People have that link with the radio programs as they hear it during their daily schedules. This sense of belongingness in the people regarding the radio programs help advertisers to reach through that particular audience to whom they are targeting their product. Radio advertising is the boon for the advertising industry with so much of advantages associated.

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Task 2 (summative)

You have recently been appointed as a marketing consultant and your first project is to advise a soft drinks manufacturer. Please set out the advantages and disadvantages of using television advertising. Use examples to support your arguments.


Television is the medium to entertain people. This medium has also been used for commercialisation by broadcasting ads of the commercial products to make people aware about the market. It is a very impactful medium of advertising from its inception. Visualisation of the products fascinates customers and influences them to buy that. This essay argues about some advantages of the television-advertising like; it reaches to larger audience and with greater impact than any other sources of advertising. The effects of television advertising upon the viewers is a subject of discussion these days because at one hand it is creating awareness among the public and on the other hand misleading them to buy those products that may not be so much useful for them.

This essay further argues about the disadvantages of television advertising. TV ads are successful in creating great impact but are also confusing customers about the choices of the product. It is not the product to which the customers are relating themselves, it the television ads that has been associated at the time of making buying decisions. This dilemma has been discussed in the essay with better understanding of the pros and cons of the television advertising.

Advantages and disadvantages of television advertising:

The marketers need to push their products among the population to let them know about the product. It is necessary for them to use one of such mediums that help them to advertise their product. Television advertising is the medium that has been used to create an image of the product in the customer’s mind. (Cartwright, 2011)Some people think that television advertising is the most effective way of advertising products but everything has pros and cons associated with it. Advertising through television aids the society and the marketers in one way and sometimes have some of the negative effects.  (Sweeney, Dorey and MacLellan, 2006)

Television advertising is a medium that reaches up to larger audience than any other medium. The choice of advertising medium depends upon the segment of the prospects of that product. When an advertiser advertises his product, he aims at targeting a particular segment with larger reach. Television is the medium that provides both the above stated advantages to the advertisers. Availability of television is the most common thing in the houses these days. It is the one of the best way to entertain people of every age group. This makes it easier for the advertisers to attract the customers. They do not need to do extra efforts to develop interest of the people towards this medium.

As people watch their favourite serials or entertainment shows on TV, they watch ads in between those shows. Therefore, it becomes easy for the advertisers to grab the attention of their customers. One of the advantages of TV advertising to the advertisers is that they can easily decide the timings of broadcasting the ads according to their target customers. Suppose, an advertiser needs to advertise soft drink ad. He will definitely look for the timing at which his customers; that is children and youngsters watch the TV. This automatically aids him to create awareness of his product among the customers he wants to target. (Sweeney, Dorey and MacLellan, 2006)

Researchers has proved that visual things has greater impact on the mind of the individuals than the things that are only been listened by them. When an individual see anything, it remains in his mind for longer time. Therefore, TV ads also create great impact on customers. As the product remains in the customer’s mind, this somehow influences them to buy that particular product. Advertisers use different and unique slogans in the ads that remind the  customer satisfaction  about that product. The customers relate themselves with the ads and this association let them influence to buy that particular product. If an advertiser wants to attract children then he uses cartoons and creativity in his ads so that children can relate themselves with it. (Stinson, 2008)

It is not only the advertisers who are benefitted by the TV advertisements however, TV advertising helps customers also in some or the other way. It is the form of transferring information regarding the new products in the market. Customers get to know about the products and can easily make the buying decisions by comparing different products available in the market. TV ads provide customers with the prior knowledge about the product that helps them to prioritise their choices. (O'SULLIVAN, 2013)

Every coin has its two sides. Television advertising is proved advantageous although have some disadvantages associated with it. The first and foremost disadvantage of television advertising is that it is not at all cost effective. It is very expensive for the advertiser to broadcast a single ad through television in comparison to other mediums. (Cauberghe and Pelsmacker, 2006)

Another disadvantage associated with this medium of advertising is that multiple exposures are required to attract the customers. If the product is not coming into the eyes of customers multiple times then it is a waste to spend a lot in television ad. (Moriarty et al., 2009) It is also important for the advertisers to represent the ad in an effective manner. Wrong representation may disrupt the communication between the product and the customer and affects the brand image of the product’s organisation. The misrepresentation of the information regarding the product misleads the people in making buying decisions. (Egendorf, 2006)

Advertisers also have to keep a watch on the statements that they are quoting in the advertisement. This is illegal to make any statement that is not relevant to the product and may mislead the customers. Excess of anything is harmful. (Espejo, 2010) The statement is very true as in Mexico government has banned the advertisements of soft drinks to reduce the problem of obesity in the country. This is because TV advertisement affects the influence the customers to such extent that they become addicted to the products that may affect their health in a bad way. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006)

People watch television not to see ads but to watch their favourite shows. They are not loyal to the channels. It is the habit of the people to switch to different channel in the breaks. This distracts their attention from the advertisements. (Malhotra, 2008)Even if the people watch the ads, they watch it with the unconscious mind unless it is very much creative. The concept and the characters in the ads are important part that needs to be assessed carefully before broadcasting the ad. This is because these factors are responsible for creating impact of the product in customers mind. (Milligan, 2012)

Conclusion:Television advertising is the very impactful way of advertising products and positioning of those products in the customers mind. TV ads mould the mindset of the customers by their attractiveness. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with television advertising. It has some of the advantages like; it covers larger audience in less time as compared to other advertising mediums. It also aids advertisers to make relations with the customers with the help of the live characters in the ads. It has one more advantage that it helps the customers to make buying decisions. When customers go to the market for shopping, they already know about the product they want to buy and this saves their time to make choices.

Disadvantages and advantages go hand in hand. Television advertising is an expensive medium to advertise the products. Advertisers have to pay a lot to broadcast ads on TV. Some of the legal issues are also there in television advertising. The statements that are quoted in the advertisements should not be misleading. If the customers find it misleading then they may file a case against the advertiser as well as the organisation in consumer court. The essay has described the advantages and disadvantages of the television advertising very well.


This unit provides a descriptive essay on radio and television advertising. Both these methods of advertising have their pros and cons associated with it. Radio advertising is a cost effective way of creating awareness among the public about a specific product. This medium also has its impact on customer’s mind but the essay suggests that television advertising is more impactful than radio advertising. This is because the visual effects of the products build an image in the mind of the customer that influences him to buy that particular product. Although television advertising is more impactful but is expensive for the advertisers. This suggests that everything has its advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

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