Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment

Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment

Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment

Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment 1


The study is about the role of internet marketing in the success of organization. In today’s business environment it is essential to change according to the need of market. Digitalization is become an essential part of the business culture and also improved the standard of doing business. Tools of internet marketing will be analyzed in this study and evaluation will be done in the reference to the requirement of particular business. The online public relation is a newly introduced term in the  digital marketing  and is beneficial for the further process of the company. The complexities in the adoption of the techniques and using World Wide Web are analyzed in the report. Ultimately the study is an overview of the use of digital media in the marketing activities in a company and the factors responsible for effective and efficient implication in a organization.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain the elements of internet marketing.

With the introduction of globalization, privatization and liberalization boundaries of countries are vanished and business activities are done worldwide. By the effect of this the reach of companies and customers are expanded and a requirement of digitalization is emerged for doing business overseas. Internet Marketing becomes a tool to enhance reach of business and its activities (Illiashenko, 2011). Being the E-marketing manager of the company we will ensure that the process of Internet marketing should include the following elements in it.

  • Effective strategy: - Every company has its goals and objectives and to achieve them there is adopted strategic management. For the effective and efficient internet marketing in company there should be effective strategies to implement digitalization in the company. Strategic planning helps to identify all the required resources like budget and technical resources, human resources etc.
  • Remarkable content: - Marketing includes effective communication in it. Marketing is to communicate with the customers about the products and services of the company. For Internet marketing this communication is done by effective content on the website of the company. The content should be capable of engaging the customers in the company. Information should be complete and relative (Illiashenko, 2011).
  • Search Engine Optimization: - Information provided on the website should be optimizing on the search engine. Search engines help the customer to collect information about the company. Being the e-marketing manager we will ensure that there is provided some key words for the websites to help the customers to find the company easily on the search engine.
  • Effective Promotions: -As e-marketing manager we will make sure that the promotional strategies are effective and making the company to increase its reach online. If the customers have not aware about the online business of the company then it will be difficult to increase the productivity of company. Social media, blogs and websites are well used sources for promoting the company online (Weiss, et. al., 2015).

1.2 Compare internet marketing tools – e-tools.

In the world of online business the growth of the company depends on the promotional strategies and use of effective marketing tools. E- Tools are the sources to aware the customers about the company’s product and services. These tools increase the customer engagement. There are several tools for online marketing but being the e-marketing manager of the company we will compare these tools and will choose the most appropriate (Davidaviciene & Sabaityte, 2014).

  • Word press blog: Word press blog is the easiest way to get your content update online. It is software which is integrated with the website of the company and help to easily link to other tools and sites. For effective communication with the customers it is necessary to provide relative content to them about the company (Davidaviciene & Sabaityte, 2014).
  • Twitter feed: Twitter feed provides help to post blogs and other content about the content on the several social media sources like twitter, Face-book, linked in etc. This is a free utility which provides your reach to the social media and also ensures feedbacks from the readers (Davidaviciene & Sabaityte, 2014).
  • Pixtell:This is a utility which helps to online communication by producing the short videos and screen casts on the computer screen. It is an easy way to share video on social sites and communicate about the content.
  • YouTubeYou Tube is the second most popular search engine in the world. This is a social media site where we can communicate by sharing videos and can create own channel. Companies and organization which is using you tube to communicate about their content has an impact on their ranking on other search engines.
  • Google Apps for Businessl:Google apps have its own website creation tool and use as a utility for sharing content, email and videos online. All the businesses no matter small, medium or large in size uses this utility to make it easy to share information.

1.3 Examine interactive order processing.

For a successful online business it is required to have an effective and interactive order processing system in the business. Nowadays the trust and reliability is increasing for online purchasing and customers prefer e-purchasing and e- transactions. It is important to fulfil the demands of the customers by providing them products online and make them aware about online brands (Joy & McMunigal, 2013).

Interactive trade processing includes credit card payments, online payments, and net banking, visa or MasterCard payments in it. The security is the main consideration for this type of order processing.

Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment 2

Process of Ordering is as follows such as: -

  • Searching: First of all customer make search over the website related to their required product. They review various products in their segment and compare them effectively on the basis of its features and other specifications such as size, price, etc. Once they get satisfied with the product they finalise it in order to purchase it (Mathews, et. al., 2016).
  • Ordering: The finalised product get ordered and under this head customer fulfil the requirements such as shipping address, contact number and most important discount voucher (if any), etc.
  • Payment Option: Once customer is finished with all other basic information, then it move towards the payment option where he need to select from various options such as payment through debit cards, credit cards, net banking or cash on delivery. Customer chose the adequate payment mode in order to pay the amount against the purchase of the product (Mathews, et. al., 2016).
  • Check-out: Once payment is made against the purchase of product the product is check-out from the manufacturer or seller depot. From the depot it gets reach out to the local distribution depot in order to deliver it to the respective customer.
  • Delivery: Once it reaches out to the distribution depot the product is rendered to the delivery boy who makes delivery well on time to their respective customers. Organisation makes delivery well on time in order to provide effective facility to their respective customers (Mathews, et. al., 2016).
  • Feedback: Once the product gets delivered to the customer they make evaluation of the product as comparing their expectation and the real product quality. By comparing they make evaluation of the product and render feedback for others so that they get adequate level of information through their comments (Mathews, et. al., 2016).

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Task 2

P 2.1 Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing.

In this changing  business environment  with the introduction of globalization it becomes necessary to change according to the environment. If these changes are not adopted then it becomes very tough to maintain the productivity and customer retention for the company. To make an identity of the company worldwide it is necessary to reach all over the globe.  Today the world is digitalized and everything is available online so it is essential to make the company or business available online. Search engine marketing is a help desk for the customers to collect knowledge about everything and a platform for companies to make their product in the reach of customers and to aware the customers about the company’s product (Guo, 2014).

Search engine marketing is a paid form to advertise company’s products and services on the search engines. There are different types of search engine marketing like pay per click and text based advertisements. Search engine marketing is based on the keywords. Keywords are the hints, as the user type those keywords search engine surprisingly shows the results. A keyword strategy management should be done before choosing the keywords. Being the e-marketing manager of this company we should adopt search engine marketing to increase the awareness or the customers. This will help the reach of the business and also help to increase the productivity of company. And useful and relevant content should be provided on the search engine. These expenses of online marketing will ultimately increase the productivity of the company (Munjiza, et. al., 2012).

P 2.2 Write the copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter.

Unit 30 Internet Marketing Assignment 3

P2.3 Follow guidelines for best practice in online public relations

Today business is not just about manufacturing and selling. It is essential to make an interaction between customers and customers and to make goodwill of the company in the market. It is a communication technique by which the companies can analyze the perception of the related parties and customers for company. Good public relation shows the effective management and efficient customer satisfaction policies of the company. PR campaigns are executed time to time by the companies to achieve positive image of company and ultimately increase the productivity (Telò, et. al., 2016).

Being the e-marketing manager we will follow the best practices in online public relations which are as follows.

  • Identify the target public- First we have to identify our target public which will be included in the process of public relations management. These are the peoples whom we want to think positive about the company and make an impact on the company’s growth. And then we will categorize them like employees, customers, prospects and investors etc (Telò, et. al., 2016).
  • Collecting information- We will decide the sources from which we will collect the information and review the information and analyze the content.
  • Appropriate PR tool- There are several tools for the maintaining public relations and appropriate tool should be collected by comparing the effective tool by using the strategic decision making. This decision should be inspired from the mission and vision of the company and make an impact on the direction to achieving them (Waters, et. al., 2010).
  • Monitoring the implications- Effective monitoring and control should be there on the websites and blogs which are using for the process of maintaining public relations. This controlling helps to avoid any unethical and illegal activity in respect of the company’s website.
  • Performance evaluation-It is crucial to evaluate the results by taking feedbacks and review of the related party. It will help to calculate the effectiveness of the policies and strategies and also help to make any changes in the policy if required (Waters, et. al., 2010).

P 2.4 Demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, e.g. file-sharing sites.

Digital media communities are emerged as an effective tool or utility for making the easy the activities of the companies. Digital media communities help the companies to effective marketing strategies and also increases reach of the company around the world. There are two types of digital media communities, broad based and vertical social media. Digital media communities help to advertise about the company and aware the customers about the company, and maintain public relations, and also helps to customer relationship management and market research (Ohler, 2010). The following digital media communities can help the company to grow.

  • Blogging: - Blogging helps the company to create content about the information of the company and create a communication channels for the customers. It helps to expand reach of the company. It is also an opportunity to create job for an individual and a group. And can be a source to create money out of it. Blogging is a tool to make a brand image. Companies can use blogging to increase the sale of services and products (Ohler, 2010).
  • Face-book: -Face-book is a social utility which helps to connect people with each other and also create a channel for communication. In today’s business environment it is necessary to interact with people about information of company. It helps to make customers aware about the company and increase the popularity of the company among the public (Ohler, 2010).
  • Twitter: -Twitter is used to take competitive advantage by the companies. It is a mix of social media and blogging site. Companies take advantage to highlight advertisements and taking review of customers.
  • You Tube: -You tube is the second most popular social media site which provides a platform to make own channel and share videos.  Companies use this source to increase the popularity and effective marketing strategies (Caruso, 2014).

Task 3

3.1 Conduct secondary market research

Secondary data collected in order to evaluate the effect of implementing internet marketing by the Nike such as: -


Status before implementing internet marketing (2009)

Status after implementing internet marketing (2010)


£257.78 million

£301.22 Million

Market share



Distribution channel

89 stores

160 stores

Consumer base

1.37 million

2.58 million

Profit share

57.66 million

112.22 million

Interpretation: - As per the above table it is analysed that with the implementation of the internet marketing there is effective changes noted down (Louise, 2016). These changes are favourable enough as it increases the ratio of sales, market share, etc. With the implementation of the internet marketing “Nike” is able to target large market share or huge population in order to make sales. Larger share of population get aware about the products rendered by the Nike and render their interest by purchasing their products. With the help of internet marketing they get adequate response from the market which results into increase in the total number of their outlets at different locations in order to fulfil the demand of their customers. Once they get adequate response from their customers there is effective increase in their sales revenues and their profit ratio. After a one year it is analysed that there is effective increase is their number of stores (in order to meet out the demand of the customers by supplying the orders product well on time) with the help of the outlets they make sales online as well as offline. They target all age groups in footwear’s and get adequate response from them. With the use of their website they make display of all their products or wide range as it is not possible to show cases all the products at every store (Louise, 2016).

With the increase in the number of stores and the customer base there is adequate increase is noted down in their overall sales which results into increase in their overall profits. They make effective use of their website by providing all products so that desired product get ordered by their respective customers and get it through by making online purchasing (Mathews, et. al., 2016).

3.2 Design an online survey

In order to conduct online survey adequate questionnaire is prepared below such as:

S. No


Most likely



Most dislike


Online purchasing is much easier task.






Online purchasing is attractive due to high discounts and different offers






There is no such difference between the online purchasing and offline purchasing.






Different modes of payment options make it beneficial for the users.






Online purchasing renders adequate level of benefits to the users.






Users get wide range of products in online purchasing as compare to offline purchasing






The quality of product is poor which is sold over internet.






There is huge risk is associated with the online purchasing.






With the option of cash on delivery online purchasing renders adequate level of benefits to the users.






Users become able to save money as well as time by making shopping online as compare to the offline shopping.






There is no quality difference between the products rendered over online as well as offline shopping.






The after sales services of online shopping are much effective as compare to the offline shopping.






Users become flexible with the availability of the online shopping option as compare to offline shopping.






Term bargaining get removed from the shopping as users get the effective offers over their online shopping.






The return policy rendered in online shopping put a competitive advantage over offline shopping.





Analysis of above questionnaireThe above questionnaire is utilised for the purpose of conducting online survey and as per the responses made by the target customers adequate information is gathered in context to the impact of online purchasing. As per the responses made by the respondents it is observed that they are effectively influenced with the facility and benefits rendered by the online purchasing. Customers share their views over online purchasing that they get different and variety of options in their desired products at effective prices. They also agreed that they get effective prices (discounts & offers) which attract them most and online purchasing help them out in getting low price products, with variety of options, save time and adequate level of flexibility (Molenaar, 2013).

3.3 Demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing

Nike ltd. makes use of the customer’s relationship marketing as their  marketing strategy  . With the use of this strategy they become able to build effective base of loyal customers for a long period. They make strong relationship with their customers and for this getting this they adequately fulfil the needs and wants made by their customers (De Bock, et. al., 2016).

There are different elements of customer relationship marketing such as:



Be relevant

Nike ltd, need to provide the adequate information related to the product demanded by their customers so that they easily purchase their products.

Be responsive

It is very important for the Nike respondents to be responsive as they need to respond timely against the doubts or questions asked by the customers.

Be respectful

Representatives of Nike must show respect to their customers when they interact with them or deal with them or while giving some kind of information.

Be Authentic

Representatives of Nike must render the adequate, exact and original information related to the product demanded by the customers. they didn’t need to hide the facts or any information related to product as it hampers their brand image.

There are effective benefits rendered by the customer relationship marketing such as:



Provide consistency in their experience

With the help of this approach or technique Nike get benefited as they become capable in order to enhance the experience of their customers. For enhancing experience they need to resolve the queries, problems and doubts in effective manner within a set time period.

Adequate feedbacks

Nike put their emphasis over getting response from their customers. They welcome the questions, doubts and try to solve them. They also ask for feedback which helps in knowing which service or product need to be improved.


Satisfied customers helps in building strong base of loyal customers that helps in increasing the level of profits.

Customer advocates

Once the customer gets satisfied by consuming their services or products they effectively promote it within their society among their friends and relatives. For promoting products mouth publicity is become most impressive technique.


With the help of the feedbacks and suggestions Nike get the effective ideas in order to innovate their respective product or service.

In e-commerce customer relationship marketing renders adequate level of support. Earlier also this concept is utilised for building adequate level of relation with the customers. The mode utilised at that time phone calls, letter, etc. but with the introduction of the technology this pattern also gets enhanced. With the increase in the use of technology there is adequate changes are made into making communications such as they get emails, on line chats and evaluate their performance with the help of the ratings, feedbacks or comments rendered by the customers (Mogharabi, et. al., 2014). Nike gets the adequate benefits with the use of the e-customer relationship marketing as they make immediate and effective commutation with their respective customers. They become much effective in order to solve the problems or doubt of their respective customers in context to their products. Over website Nike Ltd. provide on line or live chat option so that their customers get the adequate level of information related to their desired products (Mogharabi, et. al., 2014).

They also get benefited with the use of online marketing as they easily show case their different discounts or offered related to their products. With the help of this facility they become much effective in order to attract lots of customers. They also send emails and messages to their respective customers in respect to their offers and discounts. E-customer relationship marketing effectively facilitates the Nike in order to build strong base of their customers and make adequate level of communication with them in an easy manner (Mogharabi, et. al., 2014).

Task 4

4.1 Produce an outline internet marketing plan

Online internet marketing plan is as follows such as: -




Stage 1

Preparation of content

Nike Ltd. design effective content to attract customers and become their preference.

Stage 2

Selection of adequate mode for representation

There are number of modes available such as blogs, video or audio ads, pictorial presentation, etc. which get selected for promotional activities.

Stage 3

Setting keywords

Management work over effective key words such as “shoes”, “footwear”, etc. in order to remain on top when customer make search of their related products. For this purpose the make inclusion of the attractive headlines, posts, etc. under their keywords.

Stage 4

Promotion of posts

Their management select the adequate mode of promoting their posts related to their products and services. For this purpose they utilise different options rendered by the social media such as You-tube, Face-book, etc.

Stage 5

Analysis of the performance

By utilising the evaluation tools such as Google Analytics and Hub Spot management of Nike Ltd. make analysis of their promotional activities. By utilising these techniques they also evaluate the effectiveness or usefulness of website.

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In this study we have gone through the impact of digitalization on the present business environment. Being e-marketing manager of the company we have analyzed the elements of the internet marketing.E- Tools of internet marketing are compared and a study of modern approach of marketing mix is done in this unit 30 internet marketing. We have a detailed study about the role of search engine marketing and importance of online public relation. So now we can conclude that internet marketing and digitalization is beneficial for the growth of online business. And the e-marketing manager plays an important role for making effective and appropriate strategies for efficient running of business online.


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