Unit 16 Sales Development and Merchandising Sample Assignment

Unit 16 Sales Development and Merchandising Sample Assignment

Unit 16 Sales Development and Merchandising Sample Assignment

2.3 evaluate the role of external merchandising in maximizing customer volumes, making recommendations for improvement.

External Merchandising and Its effectiveness to maximize customer volumes
By External Merchandising, we mean the procedure in which the product is promoted for the purpose of attracting majority of the customers with the help of the product presentation in the retail outlets. With the help of merchandising, the sales of the brand increases. External merchandising plays a very important role in attracting a large no of customers and in increasing the sale of the product. (Roger, 2010)
The recommendations for improvement in External merchandising can be:

  • The design of the product should be attractive which helps in increasing the demand and sales of the product by attracting the customer to consume the product.
  • The brand should increase its presence in various public areas so attract the attention of the public.
  • The Hotel Hilton can distribute pamphlets or can give the information about its services in public so that the public might think to try the service once.
  • Also, in external merchandising, Hotel Hilton can make use of certain design aspects like:
  1. Location: the location of the hotel should be near to the markets and other important establishments like airport or tourist places. It helps in increasing the demand of the hotel because the guests prefer the hotel near to these places.
  2. Display at surrounding stores and areas: The hotel can make the display of its services and advertisements at the surrounding stores in the area which will inform the customers about the hotel and will also create an urge to know about the hotel.
  3. The height and view of building from exteriors: If the exteriors of the building of hotel are attractive and eye catching because of its height and views, it will attract the attention of the customers because the beautiful exteriors, grand building and unique entrance catch the attention of the customer.
  4. Facilities such as parking: The facilities provided by the hotel like proper parking facilities will provide help to the customers because they will find no problem in parking their vehicles and it will create the first impression on them. This facility will increase the no of customers for the hotel. Other facilities like this can be the support provided at reception and entrance to the customer which will impress him/her to use the facilities at hotel.

Using these factors, Hotel can increase its demand within the customers.

Entrance of hotel Hilton

The entrance of the hotel should be made attractive so that it catches the interest of the visitor and thus it helps in increasing the volume of the customers.
Merchandising promotes the product and makes it more attractive which results in the increase in customer base and sales. (Sadler, 2003)

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