Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help

Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help

Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help


In this hospitality in travel and tourismthe first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the word hospitality is being served with care and generosity. Since hospitality is a broad concept it’s hard to explain it in a paragraph or two. Hospitality industry is generally known as pleasure industry. The hospitality and travel tourism industry is divided into four segments – lodging, catering, tourism and recreation. As a second largest generator of the employment in the global market, it wraps a broad variety of jobs, activities and locations. By creating employment it permits the economies to grow and helping people to scrutinize the world for self contentment or establishing business. The hospitality industry is that industry which aims at providing satisfaction to customers and in return they generate income. The foundation of this industry is constructed on providing luxury and leisure. The hotels, airlines, resorts, restaurants and other several types of tourism and travel come under the dimension of the hospitality tourism industry. The businesses that the hospitality industry assemble is fugitive and occasional but all together it collects a great revenue for itself. For example when people go for a vacation they book a hotel, visit theme parks, and feast out at local restaurants. These services are provided by different hospitality sectors and not only single tourism operator. As a whole the main ambition of this sector is to provide consumer satisfaction. In this assignment, we will be dealing with different aspects of hospitality and tourism sector and their scope of operation. The organization we have chosen to understand this sector is Premier Inn Hotels group which is based in London.

Task 1

Introduction to the chosen organization

UK’s largest chained hotel, Premier Inn hotels was originally founded by Whitbread as Travel Inn in 1987. It was established to match strengths with Travelodge. Headquartered in Dunstable UK, Premier Inn is operates in various locations such as suburbs, countryside, airports and city centres. The hotels consist of 700 hotels along with 50000 rooms. Whitbread acquired under the name of Premier Lodge and later pooled it with Travel Inn in year 2004 and all together named it ‘Premier Travel Inn’ which was then abbreviated to ‘Premier Inn’. It is reported that Whitbread scores 70 percent of total profit from Premier Inn. Apart from United Kingdom, their other areas of operations are Ireland, India and United Arab Emirates. Premier Inn hotels were the first branded hotels that invested in prime time advertising in television. The organization is technologically advanced concerning its promotion such as online booking and mobile apps from its main website. Other than this, all Premier Inns have on site restaurants that offer breakfasts to other hotels nearby. In terms of hospitality, the hotel has excelled itself in offering accommodations and dinning along with world class facilities. (Premier Inn, 2016)

1.1 Explain the role of hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector. Discuss the interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses.

Increase in globalization the hospitality industry has outgrown itself when compared to other emerging sectors as it incredibly constitute to one third of the global economy. According to the survey, there has been a constant growth of 4.3 percent in hospitality and tourism industry from 1995 to 2008. The hospitality and tourism and travel industry are closely related as one cannot proper without the development of other sector. It embraces the progress of motels, guesthouses, resorts, hotels, theme parks, guesthouses and leisure parks. On the other hand the businessmen, working people, industrialists, professionals and indeed tourists are the prominent patrons. As a matter of fact, the countries which have numerous places as centre of attraction, tourism and hospitality are the main source of income for such countries. The hospitality industry like Premier Inn has excelled itself within a little span of time. The growth and advancement of hospitality industry is directly proportional to the change in standard of living of the folks. With the change in affluence and desires of the customers, the services offered by this sector have also transformed. The hotels are now treated as a part of hospitality industry and are somehow encircled around tourism and travel industry. It wraps around that field of business where hosts offer services to the guests.

The premier inn hotels have two main salient parts:

Lodging: the first and foremost division is related to providing accommodation to guests, who are away from home.

Catering: The second division includes the service of quality food and beverages to those guests. Hospitality industry has a major part in offering services to the tourism and travel sector. Large amount of disposable money is spent on hotels for vacationing or business purposes management. The expectations of standards of people rises with the rise in bucks spent. Providing outstanding services to the customers is very important for hospitality and tourism sector. Customer integrity is generally followed by the customer satisfaction, which assist the surety of the fortune of the hospitality industry. For illustration, if a person chose Premier Inn for his stay and has positive experience, he or she will probably stay again in future. In contrast to that if he is not received or serviced appropriately, the person will not like to prefer the hotel if he gets another opportunity. (Wise geek, 2016) As a manager of a premium hotel industry it is my prime duty to inspect and supervise the tasks related to reception, catering, lodgings and above all the keeping the guests happy and operating the hotel efficiently.

Interrelationship between Tourism and Hospitality Industry
The activity of being friendly is known as hospitality. In general words deed of receiving someone with affection is hospitality.  It is a term that can be evaluated in several aspects of tourism industry for example from the initial landing and freight preparations to catering services and lodgings. It is also necessary to give a good impact on customers when they leave. There are various factors related to tourism industry that are related to hospitality industry as well such as tourist places, food and drinks, accommodations etc.

Business related travel: It is often seen that the people who travel for business purposes generally look out for the hotels which includes conference and meeting halls as well. This type of environment can be found in Premier Inn. The hotel has advanced its innovation by launching ‘Premier Inn’ which a place for official meetings cum hotel. It offers free Wi-Fi services in addition to comprehensive parking space. They also facilitate note pad, pen, and filtered water with every meeting. The needs of business people are different from tourists. They do need quality services but without any interruptions.

Holiday packages: One of the important services offered by hospitality industry to its customers is holiday package. Different types of holiday packages are availed by the customers from different types of hotels. The reviews given by the people and the rates of the hotels influences customer takes the packages. The most visited tourist places provides variation in package deals ranging from lowest to highest rates. For example, at Premier Inn luxuries are offered at affordable prices which include free Wi-Fi services, room services like breakfast at bed, best multi cuisine food and guarantees free breakfast and stays for kids. As an assistant HR it’s my job to get update about the customer’s grievances. If there is any problem; I get it sorted as soon as possible.

Restaurants and cafes: Apart from famous places of the destination another thing that fascinates the tourists is the food that place serves. Tourists look out for the restaurants where they can find the delightful food. And their joy gets double if they get the quality food in hotel itself. The chefs at Premier Inn serve standard food with different types of beverages which makes the customers happy and increases the hotel’s sale.

Few  people believe that hospitality industry should not only cover the catering and hotel services but should also consider in dealing operations with tourism whereas some people were of opinion that hospitality industry and tourism operators should merge into one for the sake of the customers. The hospitality industry tends to provide an exotic experience to the tourist as most hotels have spas, pools and clubs which release the stress of the customers. Travel and tourism industry have links with these hospitality industries. Tourism operators directly deal with the hotels for the customers according to the packages adopted by customers. The hospitality industry and tourism together tries to improve their services and raise the expectations of the customers every time by providing them authentic experiences. (Cheu, 2013)

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Task 3

This task is related to the development of a plan which is based on hospitality industry. We have already learnt in the previous task about the concepts, development, objectives, general idea, market research, funding, scale, location, size, nature, investments, licensing, products and services, ambiance, culture, brand, pricing etc. All these factors make a hospitality industries bloom. Hence, before starting a new hospitality project these things should be kept in mind in order to accomplish success. Future planning is very necessary for every hospitality industry so that all the strengths and weaknesses are known in advance.

3.1 Develop a rationale for your chosen project, clearly justifying decisions linked to target market.

One thing we are sure in the world of business is the rapidly changing dynamic environment. In order to cope up with the pace of these changing trends, companies have to ensure that along with sustaining the market policies they should also be capable of adapting these changes in trends. There is a simple concept of every business organization that is to offer standardized services to its customers. To attract maximum number of customers hospitality industries have to ensure that they introduce variety in their products to keep the interests of the customers in their brand. The hospitality industry is the most advanced sector and it has always more to offer to customers with their increasing demands. Understanding the difference between wants and needs will help the company to organize a targeted plan. With the increase in globalization, people are becoming more and more demanding with companies that run the industry of hospitality. The target market that we have selected is concerned with middle class people who have bounded earnings. Such customers are not facilitated with expensive products as they do not have sufficient amount to afford expensive restaurants and hotels. But the company will establish the fact that there is no settlement regarding quality and quantity of products and services. Business strategy and planning are made concerning the demand and desire of the medium class people. As they do not have sufficient money to spend, our target is to offer them services at an economical price. According to the study, the graph of average class families is subsequently higher than that of high class families in terms of population. The expensive hospitality industries have to make sure of facts that the needs middle class  customers varies from the customers they usually deal with that is high class people in order to attain desirable profits. The company should aim to provide world class services in such manner that the customers are contended as well as the hotels to obtain adequate profits so that both the objectives are achieved. The hospitality industry envisions targeting average class people as they constitute the largest of crowd.

To make this perception more bright and clear we will take an example of the organization we have chosen that is Premier Inn hotels based in UK. One of the major hotel brands in UK, Premier Inn provides best hotel facilities to its customers at a reasonable price. The brand is deeply rooted to the grounds of culture and arts that our world offers. Keeping in mind the needs of the people of all the classes, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi services, charge less vacation for kids, quality food at economic rate and an affordable hotel rooms with best holiday deals. It facilitates quality and luxurious services at the cheapest offers. It also makes customers’ stay unforgettable and provides alluring experiences. Thus, we can conclude that middle class holds an important place in hospitality sector for the company to grow and keep its position stable in the market. (Meyer, 2008)

3.2 Develop a plan for a hospitality business which includes the operational requirements of the business’ organizational structure in relation to human resource allocation.

There are five general functions of management that is planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The principle of these functions is to achieve organizational targets. For the successful functioning in the world of business, these management functions hold a significant importance. Apart from these functions, there are two other aspects that need to be promoted by the company that functions in the various grounds of the market trends. These factors constitute an impressive business plan for the company and the capital investment required for finalizing these operations that will make the plan effective and successful. The organizations appoint human resource team who guides the employees to execute these policies and strategies effectively. Development of business relies on the aspects like what it visions to achieve, what is the idea behind the concept and what objectives it aims at. As discussed earlier, every business organization motives is to provide quality services to its clients a cheap price. In addition to this, the advancement and locality also plays a significant part because the site where funds will be allocated should be well elaborated and people should be aware of that area. Markets should be well assessed which includes the scope of investment, size and structure of the company, funds allocation, target markets etc, providing best services and goods, keeping a check on licensing which constitutes membership etc. All these decisions should be made keeping in mind the requirements of average class people. To activate the rationale company appoints a management team who enforce these plans efficaciously. Modernization in ideas enables organization to launch new goods in the market that will persuade folks to purchase the products which will provide the company to maximize its profits and will help in balancing the pace to cope up with the stimulation of the work environment. It is necessary to pre plan the whole idea of business operation before implementing it to action. The entire paradigm related to business should be investigated such as allocation of funds, assets required etc. They need to evaluate the total earnings and cash flow they will retrieve in the end. In light of the project we proposed in the previous segment of this assignment, the capital required will be less as compared to normal amount as per our assessment. Since we are considering the medium class people, we need to safeguard that they are not provided with luxurious services but there should not be any compromise with quality in relation to arrangements for customers. As we know Premier Inn works on a systematic planning and is an appropriately organized hospitality industry, the funds can be accumulated from the savings that company might have kept for the future projects. The other way of compiling resources can be done from the incentives that will be receive from the customers and the final payments they will give for the package they chose. Every organization has some sponsors who give commission to the organization for advertising their products. Similarly, Premier Inn gets commissions from its sponsors and that’s how they get funds. (Meyer, 2008)

Factors regarding the development of business are as follows:

Stage 1: Development
The concept of business plan is regarding arrangements for the medium class people. Despite they will not be supplied with super luxurious suites but there will not be put in jeopardy regarding offering of quality services. The plan is made context with the needs and desires of the common people. Since it has been targeted for middle class, the hotel introduced two types of packages- diamond package and platinum package. The diamond package has relatively lower prices and fewer services when compared to platinum packages.

Stage 2: Design
The hotel should be designed in such manner that it attracts the maximum number of the customers. The package should be fascinating and should seek the attention of the customers. Since the hotel as maintained a sound reputation in the market we just have to focus on the improvement in order to provide quality services to the people. Design is further subcategorized into different parts:

  • Ambiance: it means the overall atmosphere of the hotel in terms of appearance, climate and scenario that it offers. The fundamental rationale should be that the person should feel comfortable and stress free in such atmosphere.
  • Culture: it refers to the sophistication of the employees with customers, customs and rules applied in hospitality industries that portrays the hotels. It can have positive as well as negative effect on customers.
  • Brand: brand is considered as the treasure of any organization. Without a brand name organization cannot make a good impression on the folks. A good brand image automatically attracts clients towards itself.
  • Interior: the internal part of the hotel should be soft and soothing. It should give good ecstasy to the customers.
  • Exterior: the exterior part of the hotels should be constructed in such way that it attracts maximum number of customers.
  • Functional areas: functional areas of the hospitality industry are lobbies, reception, rooms etc. These areas should be cleaned and maintained as these are the most used areas of the hotels.
  • Customers with individual needs: customers have their own personal requirements. It is necessary for the management at hotels to look after the needs of the individuals.

Stage 3: Operation
In order to put the plan into action, it is important for the management at hospitality industry to develop a pricing policy so that the people think the services are overpriced. As we have designed a plan for the average class people we need to keep in mind that the prices have to keep temperate. As we have set two packages, diamond and platinum, the difference will vary in prices and services. The customers adopting the platinum packages will be given deluxe rooms with entertainment and recreational facilities like television where as the customers adopting diamond packages will be given standard suites with no entertainment facilities. The business of hospitality industry relies on seasonality. Ergo we can see that temporary personnel more than the permanent personnel in this sector. Keeping the huge staff is useless when the customers are few. Customer flow depends on seasons. Simultaneously the management should try to keep the skilled employees stay as long as possible. (Meyer, 2008)

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Tourism is the core of economies in many countries around the world. There has been a significant rise in markets trends in tourism over the past few years. Technological inventions has provided a variety to customers in travel experiences and personalized services. The integration system has made it easier for the clients to explore what the world has to offer. From what we have learnt from this assignment it can be cleared that travel and tourism is one of the most developed and advanced sectors of the economy. It has administered great significance within the little period in most segments of the world. (Barrows, Powers, and Reynolds, 2012)


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