Unit 5 : Food and Bevarage Operations Management


It has been observed that all the people are very attracted towards the hospitality sector. The most important aspect in the hospitality sector is the operations management and food and beverages services. This Food and Bevarage Operations Management assignment is divided into 3 Tasks. Task 1 would be discussing on the different food and beverage production and service systems. Task 2 would provide an insight on the various financial controls that are being used in food and beverage operations. Task 3 would help in developing the menus for the functions and providing food and beverage services for a hospitality event. All the tasks would define the food and beverage services in any kind of event or the function.


A) Identify and give a detailed description and explanation of the different methods of food preparation methods that can be used.

The various methods that could be used for the food preparation are:

  • Baking – It is a method that is employed in the oven. It also uses dry heat in the form of convection for cooking of the various food items. This method is being employed for the preparation of cakes, pies, pastries, cookies and crackers etc. It is also utilized for various other foods like: potato baking, bean baking, pasta preparation and even the apple baking items. This method cannot be used for the reheating of the pastries and cakes.
  • Broiling – This is a method that involves dry heat on the food surface to add a flavour. This method is used for the food items like: beef, poultry, fish and pork etc. This method will broil them and make them eatable as a dry snack during the party time. This method will not be able to add the flavour to the already prepared food.
  • Frying – This is a method that has come from Egypt and is basically the cooking by frying in oil or any other fat. This also brings crispness and flavour to the food. This method is usually employed for the frying of the vegetables, meat, and chicken giving a crispy taste to them. Once the food items are fried, they cannot be fried again.
  • Microwaving – This is a method that involved cooking of food and their full preparation in the microwaves. This is done to enable efficient and quick preparation of food. Microwave could be used for the heating of the food and even for the convention purposes for making cakes, muffins, and pastries etc. Microwaving only helps in the warming of the food but not reheating of the uncooked contents in the food items.
  • Roasting – This is also a method that helps in adding the flavours to the food by caramelization and Browning of the food that is exposed to this method. This method is used for the events like barbeque or drink parties.This method can be used to prepare mixtures and various other roasting of the ground nuts and dry fruits that could be served as a snack. Once roasted, the food items cannot be roasted again.
  • Hot Smoking – This is a method that is used to cook, preserve and flavour the food by exposing the food to the smoke. This used for the special parties. This is also basically used to prepare the snack items for the fish, chicken and mutton etc. This smoked food cannot be again given for smoking for flavour in the stale food. S

food-bevarages-managementAll the methods are good and add the flavour and enhance the taste of the food. Health and safety concerns would be there for both the cook who is applying these methods and even on the people who eat. We may take example to explain it like deep fried food may result in fat enhancement in the body. The dry heat that is generated from the oven and the microwave also proves to be not beneficial for certain specific needs patients who have been advised by the doctors not to eat such items baked or prepared in the microwave (Walker, 1996).

B) Describe and explain the different types of services offered in different types of food and beverage outlets.

There are various types of services that are offered at different types of the food and beverage outlets like:

  • Formal Dining – This is a dining where the food is mostly served with the a-la-carte service. This is the selection of the items which are given in the menu as per the requirement of the user.
  • Hotel or Restaurant Buffet Services – These are the services in which on special occasions like family functions, office parties or conference and banqueting events are displayed on a specific menu as agreed by the user and the hotel services. People can take unlimited food with the use of the same plate services. Each plate is taken as one user or a consumer consuming the food.
  • Roving Carts for Refreshments – These are the special types of food services that are provided only to the members and the guests who are available at the golf courses. These may even be placed outside the apartments, cinemas, schools and the university campuses.
  • Take Away – These are the special types of services that are available in restaurants as well as the hotels that are counter based services where the ordered items are packed and given as a take away facility to the consumers (Beuchat, 1987). This service could also be called as the counter services. This is because there are counters that exist outside the main restaurant and those counters could be used to sell food items to the people who take away and eat inside their vehicles or take to their homes.
  • Lounges and Bars – These are the areas that are inside the hotels or specially designed restaurants that offer snacks, hard and soft drinks or beverages and certain meals that are casually designed for the people consuming liquor.
  • Mobile Restaurants – These are the restaurants that are present in the format of mobile vans. They could be utilized for their food services while travelling.
  • Trolley Service – This is the kind of food service that is employed through the use of trolleys to provide the food to the people. This is the most popular method in the trains, luxury buses and even the planes.
  • Room Service – This is the service that is taken by the guests who have been staying in the hotel rooms. They may not like to come for the buffet program at the hotel and avail the food items inside the rooms by ordering over the phone to the kitchen.
  • Self Service – This is the kind of service where the orders have to be given at the counters and when the order is ready, it has to be self taken from the kitchen counters. This method either could be employed by the very small restaurants or very big restaurants for the food providers.
  • Take Away Services – These are the food services that could be given in a take away format.
  • Silver Service – These are the services that are given in the 4 to 5 star hotels.
  • Train Service – These are the food services given when inside the train.
  • Plane Service – These are the food service when inside the plane.
  • Bus Service – These are the food services inside the traveller or any other kind of a bus.

C) Explain the staffing financial implications when operating a food and beverage outlet.

The owners of the food and beverage outlets remain concerned on the various costing that are encountered in the business with respect to menu planning. They want to keep the costing lesser. There are two different views with respect to the staffing financial implications. The big hotels and restaurant chains will surely invest in the staffing and their proper training so that they result in an asset for the company and help in making good quality food and related services. This would in turn attract maximum clientele. They are concerned on the quality, speciality and the trained personnel and pay lesser importance on the cost encountered on their recruitment and selection. On the other hand the other hotels and restaurants which are not so big would have to hire people at lesser costs as if the personnel would be hired at a high cost then that would eat up their margins in food and beverages. So the implications are different for the staffing services at different kinds of hotels and restaurants. The staffing implications are measured by the number of hours the manpower is deployed, number of days the restaurant is operational and the number of full time and part time working employees in the restaurant or the hotel. Based on the number of covers or the sitting capacity of the restaurant, the financials and the targets are set for the staff working at the restaurant. The financial implications are the results of all the above discussed factors. The staffing implications would the timings for the opening and closing of the outlet, days and hours of opening them each day and even on the day of the official holiday.


A) Design a table d’ hote menu for a licensed outlet

The table d’ hote menu for the licensed outlet would be:


Soup of the Day, Baked onions and potatoes, wild mushrooms, cocktail shrimps, garlic dressed chicken.


Tomatoes which are over dried, Roasted Monkfish, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and mushrooms, grilled beef and roasted tomatoes.


Room Grill Salad, Asian Salad, and Mediterranean Salad and Plain Fresh vegetable salad

Flat Breads  

Wheat Bread, Flour Bread, Multigrain bread and garlic bread

This menu has all the details comprising of starters, salads, flat breads and the BBQ that is mentioned in it (Robinson et al, 2013).

B) Cost of the menu


Soup of the Day – 2 Euro

Baked onions and potatoes – 1 Euro

Wild mushrooms – 1 Euro

Cocktail shrimps – 3 Euro

Garlic dressed chicken – 4 Euro


Tomatoes which are over dried – 2 Euro

Roasted Monkfish, grilled chicken – 4 Euro

Grilled vegetables and mushrooms – 1 Euro

Grilled beef and roasted tomatoes – 2 Euro


Room Grill Salad – 3 Euro

Asian Salad – 1 Euro

Mediterranean Salad – 2 Euro

Plain Fresh vegetable salad – 2 Euro

Flat Breads  

Wheat Bread – 2 Euro

Flour Bread – 1 Euro

Multigrain bread – 3 Euro

Garlic bread – 2 Euro

Offer of the Day: TOTAL D’HOTE MENU = 15 Euro per Person

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C) Justify the choices for the menu

These choices are including the options for the vegetarians, non-vegetarians as well as the children. Starters are kept with a combination of vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian options. This is not only followed for the starters but also for the BBQ. The menu comprises of all the items that are required for the lunch or the dinner by the people like: Salad of four types, breads of four types and even the BBQ with various options. The starters are kept so that along with the soup of the day, the guest can select either one of the all available options for the starters. The menu has been designed with a special reference to the kind of people that are coming for the event. It could be inferred that the choices of the menu is based on the:

  • Demography of the people attending the event or the function – This means age group, gender and ethnicity of people (Hemmington & King, 2000).
  • Industry Trends – The trends and the styles in the industry.
  • Liking and Preferences of the people – The liking and the choices of people attending the function.
  • Costs and the contract agreement done by the people – It will determine the types and number of items that would be included in food menu.

D) Calculate the costs for a range of beverages on the menu.

The costing for the beverages is calculated as under:


Soft Drinks – 3 Euros (Unlimited)

Mock tail (with 3 fixed drinks of 0.2 % vodka) – 20 Euro each drink

Cocktail (Beer, Bacardi Rum, Whiskey and Vodka) – 12 Euro per person with 3 pegs of choice taken

These costs are benchmarking with the food and hospitality industry standards and the cost that is incurred by the hotel in their handling, servicing and procurement. Beverages that would be provided would be exclusive of the food menu that has been prepared for the services.

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A) Plan and implement a food and beverage menu for a specific event.

In case any specific event has to be planned out and the related food and beverage menu has to be designed then we need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • The kind of people that would be attending the function – It all depends on the demography of the people who would be attending the function. The age group, gender, category has to be defined and demarcated.
  • The category and the liking of the people – The liking with respect to the vegetarian food or the non-vegetarian has to be specified. When the food items would be of the preference and liking of the people then surely, there would be design of the best menu in the entire industry (Davis et al, 2013).
  • Percentage of population in each age group – There should be an option available for each age group.
  • The contract that has been agreed by the client with the hotel – It is important that the menu options should map with the costing that has been agreed by the client and the hotel where the function has been taking place.

Hence while designing and strategy planning an event the population, money, type of people and their preferences are the essential criteria for the considering of the food menu that could be prepared. When all the ages, type and category of the people would be taken care of then the menu would be best meeting the needs, tastes and requirements of all the people.

B) Explain the health, safety and security issues of the working environment.

The various health, safety and security issues that may arise in the working environment are:

  • The equipment, tools and machines used for cooking are operating on high temperature; the people working in these conditions have to keep themselves cautious on their usage.
  • They need to wear those uniforms that are fire repellent and in case there is fire then they are not affected.
  • They need to fulfil all the standard operating procedures of the food and beverage operations in the hotels as well as the restaurants.
  • It is essential that the people should work in a team with the support in handling various equipment and the tools (Siguaw & Enz, 1999).

When the people would be trained on the various health and safety measures and procedures then there would be elimination and avoiding of the various health related hazards and the issues that arise at workplace. The staff as well as the management has to combine together to achieve the health and safety at workplace. Health and safety will ensure hygiene of the entire hotel, its staff and the guests or the visitors who are attending the events or the functions. Click here for Quality management in business assignment.


Hospitality industry has a great significance in the organizing of events, programs and the functions at different occasions. There are various kinds and types of food services and the outlets that provide these services. It is always advisable that the food services and the kind of activities to produce the food should be an important determinant of the cost of the food service that is provided by a restaurant or a hotel. Health, safety and security of the people should be taken at priority for the staff as well as the guests who are attending the event. When the health and safety is taken at a priority, the restaurant and its food and beverage services will be admired by the entire industry.


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