Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC

This is solution of Icon college Understanding Specific Needs assignment. It is based on the dementia disease, in the assignment all analysis would be done keeping in the case study example of Mr. Holland Park.

TASK 1: Understand perceptions of health, disability, illness and behaviour

1.1 Concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour in relation to users of health and social care services

Health and social care is an important aspect in the lives of people. However, in recent times the perspective has changed a lot for the users of health and social careservices. Earlier, any individual used to approach the health and social care services in case of urgent needs. But now, people are more aware about the routine check-up and importance of being fit. Similarly it is very important for Mr. Holland Park and his family to be very aware towards the importance and health and social care. It can play a huge role in improvement in his condition and take care of him. Mr. Holland Park is suffering from Dementia, and he tends to forget a lot of things which he used to do daily. The main area of concern is that apart from Dementia his is visually challenged and is hearing has also become poor. All the members in his family are so busy with their daily chores that nobody is able to give proper attention towards him. The misery he has to face daily due the visual impairment and hearing problem could be taken care at the health and social care centre. Thus, admitting him to health and social care centre would be really helpful, as all his needs can be fulfilled and somebody would already be present to take care of his demand and needs all the time (Helman, 2001).

1.2 Change in people’s perceptions of specific needs

Definitely there has been a change in the way people look at the individuals with specific needs. We can deduce the same with the help of the example of Mr. Holland Park. Generally, on an average, more than 30% people above the age of 90 are suffering from Dementia. SO, the earlier impression was very casual about the condition of Dementia in the minds of people. But now, with increases awareness and education, it has become very clear to the society that, the people suffering from Dementia need to be taken care properly and should be heard. Besides this, there is one more complexity to this. As with the case of Mr Holland Park, he is suffering from visual impairment and hearing problem, several other old aged people suffer with heart complexities, digestion problems and breathing problems etc. This, apart from Dementia, they already have a lot of things to care about. Thus, it is very important to take care of those. Fortunately the families of such people have become very vigilant regarding this and have been taking health of the health and social care centres for this.

People’s perception towards Dementia Patients improvedPeople’s perception towards Dementia Patients improved

Moreover, with Mr. Holland Park has also reportedly involved in a couple of violent behaviours, which happens when a person wants to convey something and it goes unheard, then he starts searching some way or the other to convey his point. Thus, it is very important to understand his condition and in general the viewpoint of the society has been changing in regard to this (Fishbein, 2001).

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1.2 Impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture on Health and Social care services

Legislative policies and social policies are very important for governing any sector in the country. Health and social care sector has also been facilitated by the legislative policies in many ways. Below are a couple of such examples.

Health and Social Care Act, 2012:It gives various rules and regulations that need to be followed for the service providers and the users of health and social care sector. It not only provides various guidelines to be followed by the sector so the proceedings are fair and smooth for the users of health and social care services, but also perform better facilities operations management and provides reforms related to the workers involved in the health and social care centres (Glasby, 2012).

National Health Service Act, 2006: It talks about the fund allocation to various sector places from the National Health Service under the supervision of Government. It ensures the smooth functioning of the health care services as far as the monetary stuff is concerned (Pollock, 2006).

Society and culture also has played an important role in the flourishing of the health and social care sector. The increase in awareness of people has impact the growth positively. Also, citing the example of Mr. Holland Park, we can deduce that the family has been very vigilant in this case and that by some extent reflects the overall changed attitude of the society.

TASK 2: Understand how health and social care services and systems support individuals with specific needs

2.1 Care needs of individuals with specific needs

It is very important to analyse the care needs of the individuals to manage the safeguarding operations. In this section, we would report about the understanding on the condition of Mr. Holland Park and how we can take care of him in an effective manner. Mr. Holland Park primarily has the problem of Dementia. At old age, the brain cells and cranial cells of human body start dying and people suffering with this tend to forget lot of things. So, proper care must be taken and the support staff at the care centre would be able to assist him with the important things like eating in time, taking bath and taking medicines at right time. Moreover, he is suffering from the problem of vision impairment. Especially during night times, when the individual would want certain things like water or something else, there is a case of accidental injury, this also needs to be taken care of. Apart from that, the hearing problem is also one critical issue. Mr. Holland Park has also showing challenging behaviour at some instances. It is very important to understand the mentality of the old man, where he is ignored most of the times by his family members due to their busy schedules. Thus, he is bound to try some tactics so that his actions would be noticeable. Also, sometimes, out of frustration the individual might attack or hurt somebody. Thus, we can sincerely analyse the specific care needs for Mr. Holland and can work out for a solution in the health and social care centre (Kitwood, 1992).

Image showing anti-dementia drugs usage in EnglandImage showing anti-dementia drugs usage in England

2.2 Current systems for supporting individuals with specific needs

For Mr. Holland Park, some psychological boosting would also do well, as he has been exhibiting challenging behaviour. There is facility proper interaction of the patients with others like staff or fellow patients, as long as it is comfortable for an individual. Several mechanisms are there which can be used to improve the condition of Mr. Holland Park. However, for typical cases and emergencies, the staff could use relaxing injections to keep the patient in check and keep him calm. These are the generic systems that can be used to take care of Mr. Holland Park (Sachs, 2004).

2.3 Services available in a chosen locality for individuals with specific needs

It is an obvious fact that any health and social care can be opted out for an individual keeping in view the facilities and utilities it can provide to the individual and family. So, services which are close to the locality are pretty handy for any service user. Proper medical facilities should be present in the health and social care centre, and quick assists on at least the existing disorders or ailments of the individual should be properly taken care at the centre itself. The social care centre should be approachable from bigger medical institutions, so that the patient could be quickly moved to there, in case of emergencies. The transportation facilities should be very good and there should enough ambulances dedicatedly working for that centre. The food should be healthy and hygienic. Manipulation on food items should be available based on the needs of the patient. All these conditions are rightly fulfilled at our health and social care centre. Thus, it is very good and safe for Mr. Holland Park to move to the centre for his own betterment (Cameron, 2010).

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TASK 3: Understand approaches and intervention strategies which support individuals in specific needs

3.1 Approaches and interventions available to support individuals with specific needs

There are pre-defined approaches and strategies to take care of individuals with specific needs. First of all, Mr. Holland Park is suffering from multiple disorders, thus needs much attention. Problematic vision and hearing have an effect on him from time to time. Approaches may vary from light approaches to strict approaches based on the condition of the individual. Compared to the problem of Dementia and challenging behaviour by Mr. Holland Park, problems like vision and hearing impairment are moderate. There should be proper attention towards the problem of challenging behaviour, as he has reportedly attached a couple of times. So, it is important to calm him down and make him grow in self-confidence before strategizing interventions for him. Thus, we had focus upon the challenging behaviour initially and using different intervention strategies available to cure and control the dementia.

Cognitive therapy was an important intervention strategy that was for Mr Holland Park. Various means of stimulating senses were used in an attempt to activate his body neurons. Use of music and sounds was done in order to activate the sensory and motor neurons of Mr. Holland Park. This can simulate the hearing nerve which connects to the brain. Similarly olfactory nerves are also simulated by smell-therapy, in which different smells are given to the individual with specific needs. Along with that, the patient underwent good number of psychiatric sessions. All these intervention strategies and approaches were followed to improve the condition of Mr Holland Park (Beck, 1989).

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3.2 Effectiveness of intervention strategies for an individual with specific needs

Intervention strategies used for the patient eyes upon improving the condition rather than focusing on permanent cure. However, all these seemed to have worked well for Mr. Holland Park. Though the vision impairment could not be cured alone by this therapy, but still involving the individual in activities of treatment gives mental strength to deal with it. Also, time to time diagnosis was done for his eyes and it was revealed that he could undergo various operative techniques available to cure the weakened eye sight. On the other hand we could improve the hearing tendency of Mr Holland Park with the help of hearing therapy. The pain in joints occurring to him due to gouty arthritis was also taken care of and massage was given on daily basis. The basic reason behind the impairment could also be the brain cell count decrease affecting the cerebrum of the patient which minimizes the senses of the body. Everything went as per the plan for Mr Holland Park and surprisingly, he had adhered to the instructions given to him. All this treatment also started to improve, as far as his challenging behaviour was concerned. Thus, these intervention strategies proved to be pretty effective for Mr Holland Park (Beck, 2004).

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3.3 Potential impact of emerging developments on support for individuals with specific needs

For Dementia, there are various cases which are practically incurable. But emerging developments in medical research and social care has helped in keeping conditions of the patients in check. Dementia patients require more care in general than other patients in the care centre, as they might be having other disabilities or disorders as well. It is very tough to normalize the Dementia patient, but there are certain emerging technologies which can be continuously experimented upon the patients, keeping in view that it shouldn’t cause any harm to the patient. These kind of treatment can be tried upon, as most of the patients are the victims of ignorance by their families and it can be suited to help them by any possible way. Many doctors in health and social acre sector suggest to involve the patient in social media activities to keep them calm and busy. As it is pretty evident that there is no perfect cure for Dementia. Thus we need to keep the patients in close to normal mind-set (Perry, 1998).

If we face too much difficulty in handling the patients with challenging behaviour, then they can be kept isolated and their interaction with the psychiatrists increase. In more severe cases, shock therapies can be used. Injection for keeping the individual calm can also be given from time to time. These are the impacts that could be caused by the emerging developments available to support individuals with specific needs.

TASK 4: Understand strategies for coping with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs

4.1 Different concepts of challenging behaviour

This report would cover the strategies for coping with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs. Challenging behaviours is one of the typical cases which are pretty common in patients which are referred to health and social care units. Society had never accepted individual showing challenging behaviour .Due to proper education and awareness, the perspective of society has changed toward people showing challenging behaviour. People have long ago started believing that health and social care centres could provide much needed care and cure for the people displaying challenging behaviours. Challenging behaviour is either shown by children born with mental disabilities or by old people who feel isolated and alone in the society. Challenging behaviours can be categorized into various categories like showing aggression, the individual sows violent acts like beating the people and attacking them, throwing stuffs towards them trying hard to get noticed and showing frustration. Another kind of challenging behaviour includes people doing illegitimate sexual acts in public, which results in awkward situation in the society (Emerson, 2001).

There are various reasons for individuals show challenging behaviours due to various reasons. One very common reason is their isolation and lesser time dedicated by the family. People in old age suffering from various physical ailments like pain in joints and mental ailments like Dementia are very much dependent on others to do their daily activities. Sometimes, the family members do not have enough time to offer to them.

Also, being away from work causes these people to be bored and unoccupied. In such times, they started showing challenging behaviours out of frustration which gradually turns into another mental disorder. The brain cells start dying at old age and the sensory neurons become less effective. As discussed, the case with Mr Holland Park was same. He showed a couple of violent behaviours according to his son, and when he was admitted to the health and social care centre, his behaviour was automatically calmed down due to the quality of care and comfort he got. Thus, whatever be the reason behind the challenging behaviour by individuals, it is very important of health and social care centre to analyse it well and go with the conventions.

4.2 Potential impact of challenging behaviour on health and social care organizations

Dealing with individuals with challenging behaviour is very crucial and tough for any health and social care organization. It has mixed impacts on the health and social care organization. If they get a very tough case of challenging behaviour, then there is a danger for the fellow patients too, as it is an important step to socialize the patient to other people. But in case of severe symptoms, this cannot be done. As discussed the violent acts of any individual can be a threat to the fellow patients and the staff working for the care of that individual. It can sometimes lead to some accidents which could make a dent on the reputation of the health and social care unit. Thus, it is very important for the unit to take care of all the individuals displaying challenging behaviours with utter seriousness because any shortcoming might impact on a large scale. On a positive side, the improvements in the condition of individuals is also dedicated to the health and social care organization. We can take the example of Mr. Holland Park, which depicts that intensive care was done to calm him down and to make him believe that he is still important for them and all his needs would be taken care of. Thus, it’s a mix bag for the health and social care organization when it comes to impact of individuals with specific needs on the organization (Jenkins, 1997).

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4.3 Strategies for working with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs

It is important for the health and social care centre to put the individuals with challenging behaviour in extreme care. For the, taking care of patients with challenging behaviour is very crucial. As the challenging behaviour shown at the centre by the patients could lead to problems with fellow patients. Challenging behaviour by any individual is shown when the individual wants to convey something strongly which he could be able to convey by any other means. It is very important to check the root cause of such behaviour before going ahead with a step which could seem harsh to the individual. Patient needs to be realized that all his needs and demands will be taken care of, if he can cooperate with the staff and others. However, there are cases of challenging behaviour which are more typical than the one which was exhibited by Mr. Holland Park. These are those patients which are mentally abnormal since their berth or because of some accidents. These are generally discarded by the society and they feel complete ignorance at times. There are certain damage or malfunctioning the important parts of cerebrum which could make the sensory neurons to malfunction. These patients needs complete care. For people which suffer from Dementia, the complexities are somewhat different from the ones discussed above. They are generally old aged people which also suffer from other disabilities and ailments like Mr. Holland Park is suffering from Gouty arthritis which causes pain in his joints apart from sensory impairments. One more challenge is to keep the other patients safe from the violent acts of individuals with challenging behaviours. If a patient exhibits extensive symptoms of challenging behaviour, he can be isolated and can be treated separately until the caretakers anticipate that he would no longer be a threat to other patients. This was an overview of a few strategies that can be used to help people with challenging behaviours by the health and social care units (Hastings, 1996).

TASK 5: Self-Evaluation

This part of the report will be dedicated to self-evaluation of all the tasks reported above.

Self-Evaluation: Task 1

The first task contains a report given by a Health and Social care worker to the family of Mr. Holland Park. The section properly describes the problems faced by the individual. Dementia has been described well both in general and in terms of the severity to an individual. The concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour have been explained exemplifying the case of Mr. Holland Park. Analysis on changed perceptions of people toward using the facilities of health and social care sector is also done. Legislative policies which have an impact on the health and social care sector and the users of the services are also explained in brief.

Self-Evaluation: Task 2

In the second task, the basic aim is to deduce the services which health and social care sector could provide to the needy. This report is written keeping in mind that this should impress the family of Mr Holland Park further and they should confirm using the services of our health and social care centre. This part analyses the specific needs of Mr Holland Park in terms of Dementia and ailments he is suffering from. The current systems that can be beneficial in curing Mr Park are also discussed. Also, evaluation of services available at the locality of centre which is chosen by the family of Mr Holland Park is done.

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Self-Evaluation: Task 3

Third task contains an audit report focussing on the progress of Mr. Holland Park. The key points are the approaches and intervention strategies that are followed by the health and social care centre to take care of the individuals with specific needs. The approaches and intervention strategies used for Mr. Holland Park and similar patients is discussed. Next section include analysis on the effectiveness of these intervention strategies. Lastly the potential impacts of emerging technologies on support for the health care patients is discussed. These impacts include both positive and negative aspects.

Self-Evaluation: Task 4

The final task focusses on the individuals with challenging behaviour. The main aim of the report is to have a write yup which explains the strategies for coping up with the individuals which show challenging behaviour. Firstly, kinds of challenging behaviours are reported. The possible reason behind an individual showing challenging behaviour are also enumerated. The impact of admitting individuals with challenging behaviour to a health and social care centre is also analysed and focus is on the better services to these patients or it might have a negative impact to the organization. The strategies for working with people with challenging behaviours are also discussed in the end. This completes the four reports for fulfilling the requirements of four tasks.


This has been reported with the case study on Mr. Holland Park who is suffering from Dementia and a few other complexities like mild arthritis, vision impairment, hearing problems etc. This has been deduced that how ignorance cause such individual top exhibit challenging behaviours. However, proper care and good quality of medication and facilitation at the health and social care centres could be very helpful for the individuals. At the same time, it is also important to take care of individuals with challenging behaviour because it could impact the environment of the medical care centre. Thus, we can conclude that the problems related to specific needs and challenging behaviour can be wisely tackled by good services provided by the health and social care centres.


Beck, A. T., & Weishaar, M. (1989). Cognitive therapy (pp. 21-36). Springer US. Beck, A. T., Freeman, A., & Davis, D. D. (2004). Cognitive therapy of personality disorders. Cameron, I. D., Murray, G. R., Gillespie, L. D., Robertson, M. C., Hill, K. D., Cumming, R. G., & Kerse, N. (2010). Interventions for preventing falls in older people in nursing care facilities and hospitals. Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 1. Emerson, E., Kiernan, C., Alborz, A., Reeves, D., Mason, H., Swarbrick, R., ... & Hatton, C. (2001). The prevalence of challenging behaviours: a total population study. Research in developmental disabilities, 22(1), 77-93. Fishbein, M., Triandis, H. C., Kanfer, F. H., Becker, M., & Middlestadt, S. E. (2001). Factors influencing behaviour and behaviour change.

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