Unit 13 Managing Human Resource

This managing human resource assignment is given in St. Patrick's College for the course of HND and HNC.

Task 1

LO 1.1 Factors to be considered while planning the recruitment

Recruitment is the process in which we try to find out the suitable people to join our organization and engage them with us. Recruitment process also includes the selection process and in selection we choose the best available candidates among the employees who have applied for the job and then the candidates are given joining letters to appoint them.

To recruit employees in an organization we need to consider some factors and plan for the recruitment process (Foot & Hook, 1999). St-Patrick’s Nursing should consider some of the following important factors while recruiting employees for its organization:

  • Defining requirements
  • Recruitment cost and finance required to complete the process
  • Advertising
  • Government policies

The most important factor which should be considered by St-Patrick’s Nursing Home is defining all the requirements clearly. It needs to find out the area where it needs new resources and the type of skills required for that job. In the recruitment notice all the required skillsets and experienced needed should be clearly written by all the organization social and health care sector.

The recruitment department of St-Patrick’s Nursing Home should find out the recruitment cost and all the other financial implications related to the process. Company has to pay to advertisement agencies. Travel cost should also be included.

First organization needs to see if the vacancies can be filled through internal recruitment and if not then advertisement will play an important role in recruiting people from outside and that can happen in colleges and also off campus recruitment can also be done to reduce the cost (Armstrong 2006).

Government policies are different in different countries and knowing all these policies is very important. There can be policies related to the wage system, employee harassment, girl’s safety etc.

L O 1.2 Legal issues effecting recruitment process of St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

Recruitment and selection process of St-Patrick’s Nursing Home need to be changed according to the government regulations and acts. There are some of the following acts which need to be considered while recruiting and selecting the employees in the organization (Torrington et al, 2008).

  • Employment policy & legislation employment act 2002
  • Employment policy & legislation employment relations act 2004
  • Sex discrimination act 1975
  • The race relation act 1976

According to the first act i.e. employability skills, policy and legislation employment act 2000, all the employees at the same level should be given same salary and there should not be ant discrimination on the basis of age, race etc. It also helps in solving disputes between the employees.

There are very strong acts and laws against the discrimination. There should not be any discrimination in selecting the employees for St-Patrick’s Nursing Home. The recruitment process should be fair and same to everyone irrespective of the sex, age, race, marital status etc. According to the sex discrimination act there are three different types of discrimination which usually happens in organizations (Foot & Hook, 1999).

  • Direct Discrimination
  • Indirect Discrimination

In the advertisement also organization needs to be very careful while showing something. For e.g. in our skill set requirements we put some conditions like “a beautiful girl is required for air hostess job”. This statement can also against the organization so before putting the recruitment everything should be verified meticulously.

In UK all the above acts have been made mandatory and every organization has to comply according to these acts. Not following can lead to major consequences and penalties for the organization. Selection, recruitment and employment of employees is very much influenced by these policy makers in UK.

LO 1.3 Approaches to ensure the selection of the best individuals

Steps which should be followed by St-Patrick’s Nursing Home to ensure the selection of best individuals are as follows (Foot & Hook, 1999):

  • Taking Interview
  • Assessing candidates
  • Assessment Centre
  • Testing
  • Taking References

As we have seen in the case that recruitment process in the organization is not good and it is responsible for huge turnover in this organization. Improvement in the selection process is very important to improve the condition of organization.

The first and the very important stage is the interview of the candidate. The panel should be very fair and it should have very good knowledge about the field for which we are searching employees. This stage helps in finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and on the basis of that we give some score to the candidates and the end on the basis of that score, the best candidate is selected. It also helps in knowing the communication and relationship building skills of the employees.

In the next step St-Patrick’s should take assessment and written tests of the candidates and these tests should be related to health and social care sector. Doctors and nurses should have knowledge of medical procedures and medicines (Armstrong, 2006). Taking any wrong candidate can be very dangerous for patient’s health and the entire organization.

St-Patrick’s HR department should also organize for some role plays in the selection process. It can divide all the candidates into some teams and each team should be given some scenario and which should be related to the social and health and social care sector. It will let us know the actions and reactions of individuals in different situations and we can also know about the team player and team leading skills of these candidates.

All the above given steps will surely help in selecting people who will make the organization better and there will be less turnover. It will also help in more co-ordination and well communication between the employees.

Task 2

LO 2.1 Theories of how individuals interact in groups

There are four following theories which can be used to explain the way in which individuals interact with each other in groups and teams in social and healthcare sector (Bruce Tuckman, 1965):

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing

In the forming leader plays a very important role and all the employees are very much dependent on his guidance (Armstrong, 2006). All the team members stay very polite, careful and well organized. All the employees agree with each other and try to find out the solution for the problem.

In storming team members compete with each other and everyone tries to put his ideas forward. Confrontations happen and sometimes these types of teams create a very negative work environment in the organization. Some team members do not like conflicts and they are not able to raise their voice. To be successful in these types of teams everyone needs to be tolerant and patient. All the senior members should be available to give their guidance to the employees working under them.

In norming employees are open to raise their opinions and they are always ready to change their behavior and adjust according to the environment. All the senior members are more active in this stage as compared to the previous model. This theory gives more and better opportunity to know each other in the team.

In this type team members are united and they all are aligned towards the same goal and it improves their performance and they are considered as the best performers in health and social care sector. All the team members are very motivated and they have good knowledge and experience. Team members are allowed to take their own decisions.

All the above types of interactions in the teams can be found in social and health care sector. St-Patrick’s should select the best model and try to implement that model in the company.

LO 2.2 various approaches that might be used in St-Patrick’s Nursing Home to develop effective team working

Effectiveness is team is very much required and there are some of the following approaches which may be used the Nursing Home to make the teams more effective (Berk & Lintern, 2005):

  • It has to give proper chance to each and every team member to introduce themselves.
  • To know each and to understand each other brainstorming will be very helpful.
  • Team members should share all the contact details with each other. Details include names, email address etc.
  • Team members should be friendly with each other and they should join each other on social networking sites also. Compassion and friendly behavior is very important in social and health care sector.
  • While having a meeting all the team members should be given opportunity to speak and to put forward their ideas in front of everyone. Team members should not neglect and criticize anyone’s idea.
  • Team leader plays a very important role in creating a healthy environment in the team. He should be fair to everyone and he should solve any dispute within the team members and tell them to stay like friends and family.
  • Respect towards each other is very important in a team. Nursing Home’s seniors should lead this initiative and they should respect each and everyone in the organization. It will motivate their juniors also and will create a very healthy environment.
  • Communication also plays an important role in making the teams efficient. Clear communication reduces the communication. So there should be a proper communication program to teach each and every employee of the organization about the importance of communication and how we can make the communication clear and effective.
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Task 3

LO 3.1 Ways to monitor performance of individuals in social and health care sector

Monitoring the performance of the employees is very important in any organization. It is not just monitoring but also evaluating and after evaluating employees should be recognized by giving awards and incentives. According to me there are three important which can help in monitoring the performance of individuals in social and healthcare sector:

  • Identify the current performance level
  • Identify the areas of improvement
  • Set the standards for average, above average, good and excellent performance.

The proper way used by all the organizations in health and social care sector to measure and evaluate the performance is called performance appraisal. In performance appraisal process the Human resource management sets the goals and objectives of individuals on the basis of their roles and responsibilities and then at the end of the period on the basis of some criteria, the performance of the employees will be measured. Managers give some rating to the employees working under them. Top performers will get awards, bonus, salary hikes etc. And the non-performers should be given training to improve in the next cycle.

Managers also give constructive criticism to all the employees to improve their performance in the next coming years. Constructive criticism is also called as positive reinforcement in terms of human resource language.

St-Patrick’s Nursing Home can also set up a software system in the organization in which it will capture the days to day tasks done by the individuals and at the end of the month, this software will give the details of the tasks done by the employees and on the basis of that their performance can be monitored and evaluated also.

LO 3.2 How individual training and development needs can be identified at St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

Continuous training and development is very much required in each and every organization because of the continuous change in the competition, technology and customers. Technology is getting changed continuously and Nursing Home need to keep its employees updated to the changing needs of the market. it will result enhancement in customer service.

To know the development and training needs Nursing home should perform some of the following tasks internally (Foot and Hook, 1999):

  • Review the business objectives
  • Identify the critical activities in the organization
  • Measure the performance quality
  • Identify all the areas of problem
  • Measure the weaknesses of the employees.

Training is very important when the organization hires new people and especially when the new joiners are fresher. Fresher do not know anything about the practical things so Nursing home needs to have proper 3-4 months training programs for these employees.

The second case when it is important is during the time of promotions i.e. when an employee goes to higher level. Higher level comes with some higher responsibilities. Employees should be trained by the seniors about the roles, responsibilities and skills required.

Organization needs to find out the gap between the current skills and the skills required to go to the new job level or while shifting from one department to another. On the basis of that it has to plan its development programs.

Other way to find out the needs is the performance appraisal process which we discussed above. It helps to find out the reason behind the performance of non-performers.

LO 3.3 Different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in the health and social care workplace

Continuous development has become mandatory these as I have already discussed also. Employees need to be motivated by their seniors to develop their skills and knowledge continuously. It will be helpful for the growth of both the individuals and the organization also.

The most important thing which is required to motivate the employee for continuous improvement is the incentives and recognition in the organization (Torrington et al, 2008). Proper salary hikes is also one of the motivators. Employees should know that their continuous development is directly proportional to the monetary benefits they will get from the organization and it will increase the motivation and employee satisfaction.

Performance feedback from the senior managers after regular intervals of time will surely help the employees in knowing about the areas where they lack and what training programs they need to join to be better. After the end of performance appraisal cycle St-Patrick’s Nursing Home should organize some training programs on the basis of performance feedback of all the employees.

Incentives motivate employees and increase their confidence. It encourages them to learn more and develop themselves to get more and more incentives. Nursing Home should include this thing in its organization to motivate and develop employees. It will also help in reducing the problem of high turnover in the organization.

Task 4

LO 4.1 Theories of leadership that can be applied in health and social care workplace

Below are some of the following leadership styles which can be used in any social and health care sector:

  • Directive Leadership style :The other name is coercive leadership style. Leaders are very commanding and they just want their task to be done without any care or concern towards the employees. Employees are controlled very closely by their managers.There is no freedom for the employees (Peterson, 1997). Threating is the way used by the leaders to motivate employees.
  • Authoritative Leadership Style: In this style the main focus of the leaders is long term gain. Leaders want all the employees to be aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. Managers believe in motivation employees by encouraging and also by giving correct feedback.
  • Affiliative Leadership Style: This leadership style helps in improving the relationship between the employees and his managers. Leader always wants his employees to stay satisfied and happy and he looks after the concerns and issues of the employees.
  • Participative Leadership style: This is one of the best styles and it is also called as democratic style of leadership. Employees are given full freedom of raising their issues and concerns. Employees are also part of decision making (Sosik, 2000). Employees are also given power and chance to develop their skills.
  • Coaching Leadership Style: In this style managers or leaders are always ready to coach their team members and they believe in creating long term professional employees for the company. To get better and correct coaching from the leader, employees should be self-motivated.

LO 4.2 How working relationships may be managed at St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

Relationships between the employees can be managed by themselves only but the human resource department can teach them and help them in maintaining relationship in social and healthcare sector. In managing the relationship between employees the team leader can also play an important role by allocating the tasks appropriately (Tomey, n.d.). Every member should be aware of his roles and responsibilities and if they do not interfere in the works of each other there won’t be any issues in the organization.

Trust also plays an important role in building relationship in social and health care sector. If one nurse is absent there should be another trustworthy nurse to take up her job. Mindful employees are always good in relationship building because they are open to new ideas.

Other most important think is respecting each other’s work. No work is big or small. Even the sweeper in hospital should be given the same respect as given to the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital.

The other important thing which helps in making good relationships is the effective communication between the employees.

LO 4.3 Evaluating own development that has been influenced by management approaches

There were many management approaches in my organization which helped me a lot in developing my skills.

Training programs: In social and healthcare sector service providing is the most important thing and it includes the direct interaction with the patient. So there is very less scope of mistakes. Training programs gave me some practical experience also in making me confidant while dealing with the real patients in my hospital.

Leadership Style: The leadership style under which I have worked is very helpful in developing my skills. My leader always helped me in difficult situations and taught me to be confidant and active while dealing with the patients.

Interacting with the team members continuously and learning all the positive things from them always help anyone and I also learned a lot from my colleagues. Hence I can say that management in any social and health care sector is very important in developing the skills of the employees.


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