Digital Image Creation & Development Assignment

Unit 37 Digital Image Creation & Development Assignment Brief

Purpose of this assignment

Digital Cities needs computer photo imaging advisors for our digital media community centres. In this Digital Image Creation & Development  assignment you will create a photographic portfolio to become an advisor for the local community imaging studio. You will need to become familiar with imaging processes to serve their community members who will be attending digital imaging workshops.
Create the following digital images:
a) Fantastic Illustration, b) Alternative Self Portrait , c) Mechanically-Biologically Enhanced Person
It must be SFW, Safe For Work. This term is used to describe content that could be viewed in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to NSFW, Not Safe For Work).
Use and note the following sources of your images: primary; secondary; recording; sampling.
Use two of the following Input devices: cameras, scanners, external hard-drives, USB devices, mobile phones, video cameras, or other.
Acquire your subject from both analogue and digital media: analogue e.g. continuous tone, transparent, opaque, monochrome, colour, line, halftone; digital e.g. photograph, .jpg, clip art, royalty- free stock photography, internet, creative commons, mobile phone, hand-held device.
Decide and choose your Input fundamentals: resolution e.g. screen, print, dpi, lpi, bits per pixels (bpp), CMOS systems, file size, file formats; cross-platform, e.g. PSD, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF.
Using the word game, or “Random Photo Assignment Generator” demonstrated as a class exercise. Compose, prepare and manage your photo assignment using computers and digital media processing. Following is a reminder of the random photo assignment generator:
Chose 4 digits, (numbers between 0 and 9) and write them down. (student number, phone number, etc.) Create four numbered lists of ten words, based on following four “word classes parts of speech”: Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adverb.
Adjective: A word that modifies a noun, or expresses an attribute of something. Noun: Is a person, place, thing, idea or quantity.
Verb: Is a content word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of existence. Adverb: A word that qualifies verbs, modifies something other than a noun.
One list of ten adjectives, one list of ten nouns, one list of ten verbs, one list of ten adverbs. Using your magic number, select the words that match your numbers.

Task 1 : (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, M1 and D1) interim deadline (26/05/14)

Create a fantasy illustration on your title or theme, based on the class creativity exercise. Must be Safe For Work. Working criteria: Photo illustrates your subject using a 2D bitmap image editor like Photoshop from the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection or other software tools like GIMP. Combine a series of primary and secondary images, and create an original digital image.
Include a title, 25-50 word abstract, key words, Metadata, including the images intellectual property content. The image file must be comparable to a recent digital camera (for example, 4000 x 3000 pixels). See Use a "Paint" program, and not a "3D Drawing" program.

Task 2 (LO2: 2.1, 2.1, M2 and D1) interim deadline 

Create an alternative self portrait of yourself in an impossible environment or situation. Must be Safe For Work. Alternatively, you may edit and improve the task one. Same working criteria as task 1. Produce a A3 Poster file. Include an abstract and 100 word +/- 20% summary of the guidelines below.
Prepare your images for distribution for four of the following devices: e.g. portable, online, archive, screen, proofing, printing, and other. Specify and distinguish your image file formats, demonstrate your awareness of the following: file naming conventions; file management; applications; image size; compression e.g. lossy and lossless. Experiment with and record your Image Processing fundamentals: capture; file format; back-up; import; export; image size; resolution; canvas size; resolution; output; image modes e.g. RGB, CMYK, indexed colour, greyscale, duotone. Employ an electronic transmission system of your images for downloading; stream e.g. File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Task 3 (LO3: 3.1, 3.2, M1, M2, D1 and D2) interim deadline 

Create a Biologically / Mechanically Enhanced Personal Portrait. Something like a part Human and part Machine or Animal. Alternatively, you may edit and improve the task one or two. Must be Safe For Work. Same working criteria as task 1 and 2. Include an abstract and 100 word +/- 20% summary based on the guidelines below, showing characteristics and constraints of digital imaging computer software tools.
Enhanced Personal Portrait
Illustrate and solve your imaging problems by questioning and naming the software Tools, techniques and palettes: Analyse and inspect four of the following software tools e.g. text, exposure, cropping, adjusting, painting, duplicating, levels, curves, colour balance, hue, saturation, layers, history, paths, masks, channels, filters.

Task 4 (LO4: 4.1, 4.2, M3, D2 and D3) ) interim deadline 

Final Project creates a multipage portfolio with comments on your image content and distribution. Same working criteria as task 1, 2 and 3. Include an abstract and 100 word +/- 20% summary based on the guidelines below, showing the features, strengths and limitations of digital imaging for visual communications in the with images.
A multipage portfolio, appraise the work: evaluate two of the following, constraints of the brief; its originality; the aesthetics; the context; its meaning; its emphasis. Relate your work to two examples of: your peers, commercial contexts; design; sources; aesthetics; context; meaning; emphasis.