6 Techniques for Increasing Motivation

6 Techniques for Increasing Motivation

Motivation is a force which incites individuals to perform some activities. It determines the individual’s direction of action and his intensity of action. It is one of the main psychological factors which affect the performances. Motivation is of various types but according to the students the motivation type can be selected and can be given to them, which will make them be motivated in every step of their life. Several motivation techniques are described below.

1. Goal setting

Goal setting is one of the most important techniques of motivation. If you do not the goal, you cannot achieve apex positions in your life. So, students should be encouraged to set a few ambitious but achievable long-term goals. They should set goals according to their capabilities and capacities.To keep them on the track with their long-term goals, students should also set the appropriate medium-term goals as well as short-term goals.

2. Elaborate arrangements of competitions

Elaborate arrangements of competitions play a very significant role in motivation. Students perform better in exams if there are elaborate arrangements of competition. This technique helps students to know about competition present across the country, which helps them to prepare for exams. This is very much clear and most important technique one should know.

6 Techniques for increasing Motivation

3. Knowledge of results

Experimental studies show that a student who has the knowledge of his progress will learn more rapidly than an equally motivated learner of comparable ability, who is working in the dark. It can be said that a student who does not know where is he standing cannot reach his destination. Knowledge of progress or results is must because progress is also a reward in itself. Good progress will definitely motivate the individual. Keeping it in point of view, various competitions are organized. Examinations are conducted.

4. Motivational music

It is particularly a good way to motivate students in training and prior to competition but it should be an inspirational one. It can be performed during training sessions. Slow music at the time of revision can be listening. It increases work output and reduces perceived exertion.

5. Positive attitude

For proper motivation, the teachers should try to encourage positive attitude among students. They should lay emphasis on can be the mindset of students. It means that students must think that they can do it positively. They should keep in their minds that championships feet and hands are not made up of gold; they are made up of bones and flesh. So they can also be the champions. A positive and optimistic attitude can help individuals to improve body image and self-esteem.One should try to have a positive and optimistic attitude in life.

6. Praise or blame

Praise or blame is effective factors of motivation if given at a proper time and in the appropriate amount. Sometimes if blame is given at an improper time, it can be dangerous. The individual may withdraw himself from that activity. Praise is also better but to much praise can destroy the future of the students. It should be according to the requirement. Due to the individual differences, the effect of these factors varies according to the requirement. So the teachers should have the knowledge of the behavior of students.

These are some basic techniques by following these, students can increase their motivation. This will help them to be more confident and successful.