Health Promotion Strategies & Models

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Health promotion in specific socioeconomic groups as well as among general population is one of the priorities of government and they develop different strategies to promote the healthier living. Health promotion can be explained as enabling and empowering general population through various health awareness programs and increasing their overall decision making capacity regarding health. A health promotion model consists of causes, beliefs and measurement and there are attributes like health education, disease prevention and health protection which collectively form the health promotion model. This part of Health Promotion Strategies & Models would be focused on smoking as a social health problem and its cessation.

Health Promotion Strategies & Models - Assignment Help

Government strategies for health care services are very closely integrated with health promotion model because one of the aims of government strategies is to enhance the awareness level of diseases and their prevalence in a population. Government also attempts to identify groups which are at risk and similarly health promotion model identify the target market or audience for its message. In case of smoking they are trying to ban smoking in public place, taxing it heavily and even posting graphical warning on the boxes.

Secondly most of the government strategies are trying to ensure that health care services are available with all members of the society and they should be able to access it when needed easily. Government strategies are also aiming to reduce the cost of the services and bring latest developments in treatment plan while at the same time tackling the chronic shortage of human resources which are trained and qualified as well. If we compare with health promotion model then even health promotion model is aiming to bring equality in health care services which mean all strata of life would have equal access to the health care and it would be more preventive in nature than corrective. This is one of the way through which cost is reduced by the health promotion model.  In case of smoking reduction promotion could be in form of posters, advertisements, jingles and even short films which can replicate what happens with continuous smoking.

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