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Business is also referred as a firm or an enterprise. It is the process in which the organization is involved in the provision of products and services or sometimes both the customers. This is the way in which any economic system or any organization exchanges the goods and services for money or one another. The organization is engaged and involved in the commercial, professional and industrial activities of doing business. Business can be done to achieve direct profit from business activities, for example the pubic traded corporations, or business can be sometimes non profit entities. Business can be professional, commercial or industrial activity which an individual or a group undertakes. Business can be a small owned shop to multinational organizations, conglomerate for example General Electric. It can be owned privately or can be a state – owned business.

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Online business assignment help someone to save its year, as assignments can cause student a term of extra year. we show you here piece of work regarding definition of business as Every business depends on some investment which can be money and human efforts. It also needs customers for whom it has to produce goods and services so that it can make a profit. Stephenson has defined business as, “the regular production or purchase and sale of goods undertaken with an objective of earning profit or acquiring wealth through the satisfaction of human wants.” Dixie has defined business as, “it refers to a form of activity conducted with an objective of earning profits for the benefit of those on whose behalf the activity is conducted.” As per the definition of Leeis Henry, business is “human activity direct towards producing or acquiring wealth through buying and selling of goods.”

Features of Business:

  • Exchange of goods and services
  • Deals in numerous transactions
  • Profit is the main objective
  • Business skills for economic success
  • Risks and uncertainties
  • Buyer and seller
  • Connected with production
  • Marketing and distribution of goods
  • Deals in goods and services
  • To satisfy human wants
  • Social obligations
  • Course Units Syllabus

The course consists of a core four units

4 Core units

  • The Business Environment
  • Business Resources
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Business Communication

Optional Units

  • Business Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting Systems

General Options

  • Internet Marketing for Business
  • Recruitment and Selection in Business
  • HRM in Business
  • Managing Physical Resources in a Business Environment
  • Aspects of Contract and Business Law
  • Managing Business Information
  • Business Project Management
  • The Impact of Communication Technology in Business
  • Supply Chain and Stock Management
  • Computer Applications for Financial Management
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