Unit 27 Network Operating Systems Assignment

Unit 27 Network Operating Systems Assignment

Assignment Scenario

You are network manager in a medium sized company, The Company directors decided to open a new branch in Manchester, the Manchester offices located in a modern building, spanning in two floors. The company director briefs you with the requirement  of the offices as   follows:

  1. There will be a number of mobile salesmen for which they need to access the network resources remotely.
  2. The office computers requirement is as  follows:
    1. 30 computer on the first floor, with 2 network  printers
    2. 40 on the second floor with 3 network printers.
  3. There need to be a fileserver for the accounts department and other for the general human resources, both of which are needed to store a document that can be shared among the staff of the same department.
  4. As a network manager you need to allocate the minimal amount of support, and so the need of remote desktop support is essential.

The IT director emphasized on the security, scalability, and availability, adding to the fact that the data stored on the servers are as critical in availability as on security.

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Task -1: Understand network operating systems principles

P1.1 When choosing a network operating system, you are open with many options and types of operating systems some of which are open-source and/or free of charge, you will need to evaluate the business needs and choose one operating system that you think appropriate for the above scenario?
P1.2 Network availability is one of IT Director concern. What do you understand by the terms disaster recovery, availability and security; discuss and evaluate the procedure and plan you will adopt  in case of disaster recovery?
P1.3 According to the IT directors emphasis on security, scalability and availability, Justify your choice of NOS critically evaluating different types of network operating system in relation to the above  criteria

Task-2: Be able to plan the implementation of network operating systems

P2.1 In according to the Scenario above, prepare a detail plan of implementation including the following:

  1. Hardware requirement including devices and types of storage etc.
  2. The backup methods you propose to use.
  3. IP  address allocation for all the computers and servers including network   printers.
  4. Describe the security policy including (password management, patch management, access rights and permissions on network resources etc.)
  5. In your  opinion what types of services the above server will provide,  explain?
  6. Explain the services to be provided  by the servers for the above   company.

P2.2 Prepare and evaluate a disaster recovery plan for your proposed solution, your disaster recovery plan should ensure business continuity even after human intervention  and/or natural  disasters.

Task -3: Be able to implement network operating systems

P3.1 Now that you have selected the network operating system, prepare and install the selected NOS including the services, patches and updates. (Include in the report step by step process document).
P3.2 Configure the NOS to meet the requirement of the above scenario including security policy, users and groups access right and permission. (Show your  documentation and screen shots)
P3.3 Now that you have implemented your proposed solution, Evaluate and analyse the test result against expected result?
P3.3 Evaluate your disaster recovery plan using different test methods such as checklist testing, simulation testing,  parallel  testing or full  interruption  testing.

Task -4: Be able to manage network operating systems

P4.1 Create a performance baseline  for the Manchester  branch.
P4.2 Produce performance monitoring report for your  proposed solution. 
P4.3 Produce a report showing the effective way to manage and monitor the performance of the network including the new updates, services and patches. 

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