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Aeronautical engineering is also known as astronautical engineering, aerospace engineering. This engineering deals with the development, design, construction, operation and testing of the equipments and vehicles which operate in the atmosphere of the earth or in earth’s outer space. In a general term, this branch of engineering deals with the design, production and maintenance of the air-crafts.

The development and designing of an aircraft involves a lot of engineering aspects such as aerodynamics, structural design, mechanical engineering, material engineering, propulsion system, avionics, computer, electronics, control system etc. The design of the aircraft starts from the planning work on paper that is most usual task under locus course so it becomes complex and require Aeronautical Engineering Assignment Help.

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Aeronautical engineering assignment help from locus assignment to fulfill diploma and certificate requirements . We have team of writers who have experience of years in the field of aeronautics. Aeronautical engineering has the following elements:

  • Fluid mechanics:  It is the study of the flow of fluid around any object.
  • Astrodynamics: This is the study of orbital mechanics which predicts the orbital elements.
  • Statics and dynamics:  This is engineering mechanics. This includes the study of movements, moments and forces in mechanical systems.
  • Mathematics: It includes differential equations, calculus, linear algebra.
  • Electrotechnology: This deals with the study of electronics in engineering.
  • Propulsion: It is the way the energy moves in a vehicle through the air, which is given by the internal combustion engines, or rockets or jet engines.
  • Control Engineering: This engineering deals with the study of mathematical modeling of the system dynamic behavior and their designs, with help of signal feedback.
  • Aircraft Structure: This is all about the designing the physical configuration of the aircrafts and spacecrafts.
  • Material Science: This is the study of materials and their structures.
  • Solid Mechanics:  It is somewhat to material science.
  • Aeroelasticty: It is the study of aerodynamic force interactions and structural flexibility, using the divergence, flutter etc.
  • Avionics: This is the study of design and programs of computer systems on the board of an aircraft and the system stimulation.
  • Aeroacaustics: This is the study of the noises which is generated via turbulent fluid motion or due to the aerodynamic forces which interact with the surface while in operation.

Common Units

  • Analytical Methods for Engineers
  • Engineering Science
  • Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Aircraft System Principles and Application


Operational Units

  •  Health, Safety and Risk Assessment
  •  Business Management Techniques for Engineering
  •  Engineering Design
  •  Aerodynamic Principles and Aircraft Design
  •  Construction and Operations of Aircraft Fluid Systems
  •  Aircraft Gas Turbine Science
  •  Mechanical Principles
  •  Electrical and Electronic Principles
  •  Application of Machine Tools
  •  Materials Engineering
  •  Further Analytical Methods for Engineers
  •  Management of Projects
  •  Microprocessor Systems
  •  Engineering Thermodynamics
  •  Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Testing
  •  Managing the Work of Individuals and Teams
  •  Employability Skills
  •  Personal and Professional Development
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