Key Elements of Digital Marketing

11-04-17 Daniel sanchez 0 comment

This blog post is about Key Element of Digital Marketing, in which we are sharing information releated to internet marketing. There are five key elements of digital marketing:-

Search engine marketing: search engine marketing can be defined as a form of internet marketing, whose main focus is to promote any specific website by increasing its visibility in the search results which is displayed by a search engine. In order to achieve this there are lots of optimization and advertising needs to be done

Search engine optimization: SEO is the process through which the focus is on maximization of the number of visitors who visit a particular webpage. This is ensured that website on which the principles of SEO are being applied, appears high on the list of results which is generated by the search engines like Yahoo, Bing and

Paid search engine marketing: SEM is the process of gaining traffic on the internet websites by purchasing ads on the search engine. Thus, for example if a user is searching for a smart phone, and he searches for the term smart phone, then there will be numerous search results displayed for smart phones, but towards the side of the search results there are paid results displayed as well. It might happen that Samsung or Sony might have purchased for the term smart phone, hence every time a user searches about the same term, Google or any other search engine will ensure that products related to Samsung or Sony are displayed at top.

SMO - Key Element of Digital Marketing

Pay per click advertising: In the world of internet PPC based internet advertising model is basically used to direct traffic to a website. However in this case every time a user click the promotional banner, image or any other form of advertisement & promotion, the advertiser has to pay some specific amount of money for each click made. In other words it can be simply defined as the amount which is spent to get an advertisement clicked by a user.

Email marketing: E-mail marketing is a way of direct marketing where target customer base is contacted through e-mails. Hence firstly an email related to some product is sent to a potential customer. If a customer is interested he can go through the details mentioned in the mail and can take appropriate buying decisions. At times companies use email marketing for upselling their products to the existing customer base as well.