Unit 36 Internet Server Management Assignment Brief

Unit 36 Internet Server Management Assignment Brief

Case Study and Introduction

You were recently employed by CCL Computers Limited as their Web Designer. You have successfully designed their brand new interactive website that will showcase the business to employees and prospective clients.
As a progression to your recent work, you have been promoted by CCL Computers Ltd to a new position of Web Server Manager to provide web services planning, installations, configurations and management of their Web Server that will be used to host the website that you designed for them in website design module.
You will be responsible for leading and performing Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server Planning, Installation, Configuration and Administration, as well as to provide Operational Support. You will also be expected to engage in day to day technical support and administration of the technology infrastructure.

LO 1   Understand internet technologies      

1.1 Critically evaluate different internet technologies and communication protocols
1.2 Critically compare different internet services and internetworking servers
1.3 Discuss network management concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance

LO 2 Understand internet server architectures     

2.1 Critically analyse different internet server technologies and their performance
2.2 Explain the hardware and software components of an internet server

LO 3 Be able to implement internet server and services

3.1 Produce a system specification to meet a given requirement
3.2 Evaluate the suitability of internet server components
3.3 Build and configure an internet server including services to meet a given requirement
3.4 Critically review and test an internet server

LO 4 Be able to manage internet server and services      

4.1 Install and manage websites and services to meet a given requirement
4.2 Implement secure network access to meet a given requirement
4.3 Monitor and troubleshoot an internet server and services
4.4 Critically evaluate the performance of an internet server