Unit 3 Employability Professional Development Pass Copy

Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy


You are a new employee in the company and you have been provided with an induction and on-boarding training. After a period of six months and after working on different projects your line manager asked you to write a report addressing the tasks below:

LO1: Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development

  1. Prepare a Curriculum Vitae in an appropriate format including your current skills and competencies. Reflecton your own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organisational objectives such as the BCS or ACM professional standards using management tools (SWOT). You should show some of your skills in your CV.  [P1.1, M1]
  2. Evaluateyour own developmental needs and the outline the activities required to fulfil them. You need to consider the SWOT analysis of sub task 1.1 in your evaluation [P1.2]
  3. Considering your answer in task 1.2 devise a personal and professional development plan (PPDP) for raising your competencies in these skills where your current standard is low. Decide on the best way to develop those skills and a time frame for each development [P1.3]
  4. Using the personal and professional developmental plan devised in task 1.3, reflecton your own development against the set aims and objectives. (You may like to compare your own development against the organisational aims and objectives of any IT company.) [P1.4, D1]

LO2: Be able to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills

Your company has undertaken a project to develop and implement a Data Management System (DMS) for the local hospital. You are appointed as the Project Manager.

  1. Prepare a communication policy document explaining how you would communicatewith the different parties involved regarding?? the progress of the project (i.e. the Director of your company, the Director of the hospital, the manager at the hospital, your project team, main users of the DMS and suppliers) [P2.1, M3]
  2. The project has to? be completed within 06 months. The team members including you are working part time on the project (i.e. 15 hours a week). Draw a time  management plan to demonstratehow for the next 06 months you would manage your work and list some of the effective time management strategies you will use. [P2.2, D2]

LO3: Understand the dynamics of working with others

  1. Discuss and analysedifferent roles people play in the project team and how they manage to work together to achieve shared goals. Explain what kind of personalities you would choose for each task / designation using a suitable metrics system (e.g. : Myres Briggs’ Personality types and Belbin roles). [P3.1, M2]
  2. Discussthe techniques you would use to guide your project team to achieve the project goal. [P3.2]

LO4: Be able to develop strategies for problem solving

You have reached the end of the 3rd month of the project (refer Task 2). Throughout this time, the IT manager at the hospital had been requesting for many changes and additions in the system. This has triggered lots of adverse effects on the project and the project  team.

  • Due to the constant requests for changes and additions, the project’s scope has  increased to a level that could not be handled by your team.
  • You? and the team spend more time on the project which has affected negatively to  the day today office work. Your company director has warned you about this.
  • The cost of the project has reached its maximum level and the Managing Director is demanding you to decide whether? to continue the project or not.
  • Your project team is highly demotivated and exhausted about the current work situation.
  1. Reviewmodels for problem solving and select a suitable model to adopt in solving the above problems. You must justify your selection. [P4.1]
  2. Developa strategy to solve the above-mentioned issues for a win?win situation. Clearly explain the 3rd parties, tools, documentation you are going to use. [P4.2, M1]
  3. Critically evaluatethe impact your suggested solution will have on :
  • the business (your company)
  • the client (the hospital)
  • the project team (P4.4, M3, D3)

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