What is Hardware and Software Components?


What is Hardware and Software Components?

What is Hardware and Software Components? This blog post is about Components of a computer system, in which we are sharing basic information about hardware and software components. Hardware -Computer hardware is the physical components of the system. Anything that can be touched is known as ‘hardware’ and here are some of the hardware explained. Cabinet A cabinet is nothing but the case, either plastic or metallic enclosure that capsules almost all the other hardware. This is being replaced by ‘all-in-one-eye’ design that puts everything in one case. Motherboard Motherboard is a large IC board that connects the other small hardware with the other peripherals.

  • CPU -Central Processing Unite controls the entire system and it is metaphorically compared to a human brain as it is responsible for the arithmetic and logical functioning.
  • CHIPSET -A chipset is a mediator that communicates with the CPU and the memory and other internal hardware units.
  • RAM -Random Access Memory is a temporary storehouse of data which are written and read almost at the same time by the CPU. If the information is not save the information would be lost
  • ROM -Read Only Memory is another device that stores data and as its name says, the data are only read from the chip but not written. It is a non-volatile memory unit which means that the data will stay in the chip regardless of the power supply.

CMOS battery  -This is a button cell that serves power for the BIOS and the date and time memory. Expansion cards Fire wire, IDE, ESATA, USB, Ethernet adapter, SCSI etc. are examples of expansion cards. These cards are useful when the computer is to be connected to any other peripheral devices or another computer through a network. Data Storage Devices-Hard Disks are magnetic discs that store data in the digital format. This is a secondary storage device and fundamental component of a computer. Peripheral Devices Any device that is connected to the computer and does not serve the primary purpose is called a peripheral device. Few examples of peripheral devices are

  • Keyboard – It is the main input which aids in inputting letters and symbols
  • Mouse – Hardware to control the cursor in a monitor by hovering over a flat surface and performs selection and moving tasks.
  • Printers and Scanners – Devices that help in printing and scanning. The uses and types change with every environment.
  • Webcams – Video cameras that stream live video during video chat or record video.
  • CD drives – Drives that read and write information from a compact disk.
  • Graphic cards – Components that help in controlling and enhancing graphics.

Computer: hardware and software SOFTWARE Hardware is usually operated with a platform and this platform is called software. It has a collection of information and instructions and it branches out into two categories; System Software[bios] checks all peripherals i.e. printer, mouse keyboard monitor and hard drive dvd drive before the user gets to use operating system i.e. windows XP Operating System software is the one that connects the, hardware and the user through graphical interfaces. This has a set of functions that are non-task specific and helps the user to control, manage and integrate individual hardware. Application software is programs that help in accomplishing specific tasks. It may have a single program or a package of programs. Operating systemslike WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX and OS X are examples of system software and image viewers, text and spread sheet editor, video/audio players etc. are examples of application software. CSD, Technology, Technical, Assignment help Application Software: Software that enables the user to meet their requirements i.e. Word: Building CV’s PowerPoint: Presentations Excel: budgeting and forcaste Access: database Components of a Computer System is provided by the industry's top most qualified writers with the guaranteed good marks, We are posting free units solutions so scholars can explore the our assignment help and get review the quality of our work.