The Science of Positive Thinking

The science of positive thinking

The Science of Positive Thinking

The emotional and mental attitude of an individual that allows to make focus on the brightest and strongest side by expecting positive results are known as positive thinking. To live a peaceful and effective life, positive thinking is essential. It helps in building success, health and happiness by making believe that a person can overcome all the difficulty and obstacles faced in his/her life.

Most of the people does not follow and believe the basic concept of life, that is, positive thinking. Some of them feel it as a nonsense method to live a smooth life and demotivate others who are following it. But with the change in time, the thinking,  mentality and working of people  has also been changed.

Now, large number of people have accepted positive thinking by making it a fact and started believing that effectiveness it creates in the lives of the people. Also, there are multiple books and lectures that have showed the evidences of popularity of positive thinking. For this, it is important to adopt the positivity in everything you do.

The working of positive thinking

Case study-A person get the new job, but due to lack of self-esteem, he had never thought of getting the job an always consider himself as the failure who cannot get the success in his entire life. He always feels and develops more and more of negative attitude and believes that other applicants or his surrounding people are more qualified and skilled than him. His mind has taken the control over the negative thoughts. He has fear in regards with the job for the entire week.

The working of positive thinkingOn his interview day, he got late and went at the place without proper personality presentation. He was filled with tension, hungry and keeps on worrying about his improper shirt. He was not bale to focus on his interview due to these distractions. The overall behavior created bad impression in front of the recruiter and he lost the job.

Now, another person applied for the same job interview. He approached the situations in the complete different way, as he was pretty much sure that he will get the job. He had made the good impression with confidence and got the job. He was aware of all the things and completed his daily routine work on time and gets the success. What these instances teach us? The power of positive thinking can enable anybody to achieve anything with confidence and self-respect. The simple and the effective working techniques help a person in the replacement of negative thoughts and build more successful, happy and constructive thoughts.

How to build positive attitude and avoid the negativity and related thoughts?

1. Positivity is a way of life– The positive attitude helps in bringing happy and pleasant feelings in a person. You can feel more brightened, energetic and happy with this and spread happiness, goodwill and success. Even, a person will feel healthier, if he/she will implement positivity in their attitude. All of these feelings are reflected in our body language which enables a person to create good impression among others.

2. Both negative and positive thinking are contagious– We met various people in a day and are affected or create some effect on them. It occurs naturally at a hidden level by making use of thoughts, words, and feelings or through the body language of a person. People will always prefer to help and interact, if you are positive and creates positive vibrations in your surroundings. Most of the people avoid even being around of a negative people.

The negative thoughts, attitudes and words create negativity along with the unhappy mood, behavior and feelings of the person. If your mind is negative, then you directly or indirectly create negativity in your blood which will spread all over your personality. With this, you will end up with the frustration, failure or disappointment.

3. The advice and instructions through positivity– The mind transformation of a person towards the positivity requires some inner work, as the thoughts and attitude does not change overnight. Try to influence and convince yourself to try more and more on thinking about the benefits of your actions rather than some mis-happening that might get appeared. The thoughts of a person are considered as the power that helps in shaping their life. Even if the process seems strange, try to make a trial at least once. With this, you will only gain rather than losing something.

Never consider or even listen about the thinking of other person for you. Try to use the imaginations for visualizing the beneficial and favorable situations. Fill your inner dialogues with positive words and always smile a little that could help you in bringing more positive attitude. If the negative thought hits your mind, try to change it with the constructive thought. If it returns, then replace it again with a positive one.

If someone will ask you to choose between negative or positive situations, the natural human behavior will go towards negative one, but try to build and grab the positive one which will make you unique and changed the ways and means of living a life. There were cases when your inner resistance is not ready to replace the negative thoughts. In some situations, only look at the beneficial, happy and good thoughts. Regardless of your situations and circumstances, think positive; expect favorable results and everything will change automatically. Also, try to repeat the affirmations. You can also use this technique with creative visualization.

Process of increasing positivity in your life

To increase the positive emotions in your life, try to build certain steps, some of them are:

1. Meditation — A research has been conducted which shows that a person who meditates daily is more likely to build the positive attitude. Mediation in someone’s life also helps in building valuable, personal and long-term skills. Also, one can develop the purpose in life, social support, mindfulness and decrease illness symptoms.

Meditation2. Writing — Through the surveys conducted, it has been found that the people who wrote about their feelings, actions, thoughts and behavior can build positivity with increased pace and intensity. They can better their mood levels only by writing their thoughts.

3. Play — Try to discover and schedule time to play into your life, similar to the way we schedule our meetings, weekly events, conference calls and various other responsibilities into our daily routine. Try to explore and experiment to the maximum by carving out some time to have fun. Being happy is considered as the most important tasks that will help in the completion of other tasks automatically.