Maintain Balance Between Personal and Professional Development

Maintain Balance Between Personal and Professional Development

In the large, demanding, complex and global economy, it has become almost impossible to maintain a proper balance between the personal and the professional life of an individual. It is important for every person to keep in their mind that you are working to live not living for work. Therefore, for staying happy and satisfactory it is important to well-maintain the balance between both professional and personal life. Both of the things are completely different from each other and if they will clash at some point in your life, the situation can become more tough and unidentified. For maintaining the balance between the work and the life, it has become important for people especially for families or the people that are finding difficulties in tackling their near and dear ones.

Time management factor plays a significant role in one’s life. If a person adopts the habit of managing their time by considering both family and their work, they will never face any problem. There are exceptional situations in every case. For instance, in some cases, an individual have to stay at the office till late in the evening. You can spend more time with your friends and family, if you will complete your work on time with full effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, he/she can enjoy their life without any stress, obstacle or any kind of inconveniency.

You can share all your information with your team which would influence you to complete your task within the limited period of time. You can learn quick and easy methods of doing your work by the increased interaction and effective communication with your team members and colleagues. An individual can also share their information for saving their time and spending more personal time. It is important for a person to avoid doing official work at their home, as it can increase the frustration for the person itself and their family and further reduce the work productivity and expertise. Or in other words, this practice will completely ruin both of your professional and personal life completely.

 effective communication You can improve the overall feeling of your well-being by maintaining the healthy balance between the professional and the personal life, as this will allow you to monitor your priorities whether it is, friends, family, work, health and spirit. To reduce stress, you can also find a proper role for work and various other areas of life. There are different methods and steps to be followed by an individual for the maintenance of professional and personal work, some of them includes:

1. Setting Boundaries– It is important for each and every person to set certain boundaries between both of their life, whether it is personal or professional. With the continuous and recent development of technologies, everyone and everything has become easy to access. When you are spending time you’re your friends and family, it is tempting for everyone to attend phone calls of your work and reply to the emails. Therefore, it is important to turning off your cell phone at your personal time or put that in silent mode, avoids looking for mails related to your work and enjoy your precious time with your near and dear ones.

2. Saying No– For the maintenance of healthy and effective work-life balance, it is important for each and every individual to say no. There are cases when your co-worker wanted to have their personal discussion with you or your child’s teacher rely on you and have long conversation. In some cases, it is completely worth and looks fine to say them no at such time where you have something very important to do at other place, be it your, work or your family. Also, there are cases where you should learn to say yes. At the beginning, it will be difficult for a person  to deal with different responsibilities or guilt, but you can develop this easily with regular practice or when you know where your priorities lies. If you are losing your grip or feeling overwhelming, never hesitate in asking fro any kind of help from other or the people in your surroundings.

3. Time Management –For the maintenance of healthy boundaries, there is a great need of effective time management skills. For the better management of time, there are two fundamental strategies that contain flexible scheduling allowed by the company along with prioritizing various responsibilities. For this, you can also make a list for your personal priorities along with the list of their work tasks and make the comparison in both. Try to remove items from the list that are not necessarily important or could create conflict with each other along with different pressing responsibilities. Similar to meeting work deadlines, scheduling special time for relaxation and fun is equally important.

Time Management4. Professional Help –In some cases, every person needs some or the other kind of help. Some people could not be able to handle their own responsibilities when they are overwhelmed by it. There are various big or small companies that offer some kind of free services to their employees as achievement or motivational reward and if the company does not offer services like EAP, an employee can directly consult professional that has licence of mental health like clinical social worker.

If you are an information worker, you will complete your work no matter where you are at present time, whether it is, coffee shop or a market place. Most of the people rely on this flexible method to perform and complete their work on time. Doing work in your private time can add to frustration and less productivity and motivation which is harmful for the employer, employees and the company itself.

For the increase in work productivity, a well-defined border is set which could define the work and the life of a person. It will also help in maintaining the stability and peace of mind when the person is at home. But the inclusion of your work in your private time requires the effective and efficient time management. Also, an individual is required to manage their online identity, equipment, data, own space and sanity. There are certain other tips which will help you in understanding the methods and procedures for maintain the balance between the work and the life. These methods are divided into certain categories that include:

aTime and space management

1. For answering your emails, holding meeting and doing some creative work, it is important to set some special time in a day. Different people have different habits as they also focus differs according to their suitable time. Therefore, time should be managed by looking over these aspects.

2. For performing creative work, an individual should identify working hours accordingly where they can get fewer distractions and can perform their work in a better manner. A research has been conducted which shows that it takes around 20 minutes to resume to the same thinking and action level, where a person was while doing that particular task. Therefore, for better productivity the elimination of different distractions can work. It is also essential to turn off the automated alerts while doing creative work that includes twitter, email or instant messages that could pop-up directly at the screen no matter what the person is doing.

3. If you are working some professional tasks outside your office, find a place that is alone from the crowd. Set a special time for doing some kind of exercise. It will allow a person to become more intensive or positive for a longer period of time.

4. Even if a person is not feeling connected; he/she can still do their valuable work. In fact, the contemplative and the thoughtful work is best performed offline. Also, it is important to keep in mind that taking cell phones in your bed room is not correct for both of your personal and professional life. Also, it can cause several diseases like insomnia which further creates problems in your work..

b. Online identity management

1. With your business persona, it is important to determine the importance of association in terms of personal online identity. For instance, Linkedin can be used for business purposes and Facebook can be used for friends and family.

c. Data management

1. The data of your smartphone is important. Therefore, an individual should ensure that the remote wipe technology of your smartphone does not remove any personal or professional data. Keep the back up of your personal data like pictures, videos, contacts and music at a safe place. Separate your smartphone applications based on your professional and personal life.

d. Equipment management

1. For the maintenance of your personal contact, an individual can sign up for a voice over. Forward your number to your mobile device. It is important for special case where a person has to surrender their phone when he/she is leaving their employment place. It will automatically reroute the forwarded number to the new device you are using at a new place.


Every person is struggling for creating the difference in both professional and personal life, as the technology is shrinking regularly with distance and time. You should keep in mind that research is considered as the most important factor for providing the exposure to your personal life and your business contacts as its consequences is long lasting.