Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Free Solution

This is a solution of HND College Personal and Professional Development Assignment free Solution given for HND Business Course, in includes  what are the skills giant org looking for.

Assignment 1

Approaches to self-managed learning:

The different types of approaches to self-managed learning are:

  • Deep approach
  • Surface approach
  • Strategic approach

Deep approach is one in which a person goes in depth of the topic and evaluates all the theories around it. This is a time taking activity but it creates a better understanding of the topic in hand.

The surface approach is one in which a person studies the topic superficially without going through in depth study. This approach is useful when the time in hand is less.

The business strategic approach is a mixture of the above two approaches in which a person evaluates what he needs to study in depth and what superficially and then studies accordingly.

Comparative evaluation of approaches to self-managed learning:

The three different approaches discussed above have their own good effects in helping the learning process but out of the three types of self-managed learning strategic approach is the best as it helps to study things according to their comparative importance in day to day life and work.

Way in which lifelong learning could be encouraged:

Learning is a continuous process and should continue throughout life. There are so many things to learn and no one could ever say that he or she has nothing more to learn. The best way to encourage lifelong learning is to understand how the new learning is helping in overcoming previous shortcomings in life. If we could make out that learning new things is helping in how we work or how we spend our daily life then this itself becomes a big factor in continuing the learning process.

Benefits of self-managed learning:

Self-managed learning is helpful in the long term in both professional and personal life. The reason why self-managed learning is more effective is that it is not done to get through any examination or under some supervision. It’s motivated by the person himself and thus the learnings done in this manner tend to be more helpful than the earnings done under some pressure or to pass any examination. The understanding of subjects is more in the case of self-managed learning.

Standard skills required to meet organizational goals and objectives:

The standard skills required to meet organizational goals and objectives are:

  • Solution based approach towards problems
  • Managerial skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Innovative thinking

Evaluation of my skills against the standard skill requirements:

I think that since I have good interpersonal skills, I have an advantage in the work I do. The only skill which I lack is managerial skills. I am not that good in people management. However, my skills to experiment with new things help my approach towards problems and also help me to innovate at work.

My Professional and Personal development needs and activities required to meet them:

The personal and professional development needs required by me are developing my managerial skills. This skill is not only related to my professional life but also personal life. I need to develop skills to manage my personal life as well. One way in which I could meet my development requirements is by developing my managerial skills. This could be accomplished by taking a constant feedback from the juniors as well as the seniors about how my managerial skills are and then asking them ways I could improve the same. Trying to implement the suggestions and feedbacks in daily life could help me achieve my goal of improving the managerial skills.

Development opportunities:

The development opportunity to develop my managerial skills in near future is within the work environment I am currently working in. I need to concentrate more on developing skills of my people management by managing the subordinates under me in the organization, taking feedback from the seniors and trying to implement the same in day to day life.

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Personal Development Plan:

The personal development plan which I have devised for myself has both short term plan and long term plan. In short term plan, I have planned to start managing my day to day activities. This will help me to develop my managerial skill related to my personal life. In long term plan, I have planned to develop my managerial skills related to my professional life. Since this is a long process, it is part of the long-term plan.

Process and activities required to implement the PDP:

The most important thing required to achieve my personal development plan is to keep a track of the activities and progress on daily basis. This would help me to evaluate the methods and would help me to do any required updates in the development plan.

The next thing is to get a proper feedback from the seniors in the organizations on the improvements they see in my skills. This will help to highlight certain requirements which I could miss during self-evaluation.

Learning during PDP:

During the personal development plan, I have learned that both professional and personal life management requires the same set of skills. For both types of management one needs to be patient and an effective planner. One also needs to be quick in thinking solutions for problems which arise on day to day basis. The basic learning I had during this period is that a person who has good management skills manages both his personal and professional life equally well.

PDP Update:

I have planned to update my personal development plan from the observations I had during the observation period. I have planned to take both professional and personal management development together as both of this complement each other. This will help me to develop my managerial skills in a better way.

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Assignment 2

Learning Styles

I being a marketing student want to pursue my career in the field of marketing and sales. The basic requirement for this kind of job is excellent communication skills. Excellent communication not only includes the transfer of information from one person to another but it also involves the understanding of emotions behind the communication. Effective communication plays a very significant role in the job profiles of a marketing and sales person. The success of sale role completely depends on the quality of communication. I am interested in this kind of profile and hence wants to improve my communications skills from every aspect.

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To improve the communication skills it is very important to adopt the correct learning style. There are various learning techniques and styles; one must choose the technique as per their requirement. Some people use single learning style for the improvement whereas some prefer to use a mix of various learning styles. Learning style plays a very significant role, one must be very specific while choosing the learning techniques, the best technique can be chosen only when the individual is clear about the kind of requirement he is looking for. It is believed that different learning techniques use different parts of the brain. The techniques in which more part of the brain is used, it is easy to remember more things in that technique.

The different learning styles are as following:

  • Visual: in this learning technique one make use of different pictures, images etc for the learning process
  • Aural: This technique makes use of sound and music
  • Verbal: This technique uses words for learning; words are used for both in writing and speaking
  • Physical: This technique uses body parts and feelings to make the things understand
  • Logical: In technique reasoning and questioning is done for the learning process
  • Social: Learning process takes place in groups in this method
  • Solitary: Using this technique the individual wants to be alone and do the self -learning

My problem is related to communication skills, so the best mix of learning techniques for me will be of verbal and social. The verbal technique of learning will help me to understand and gain knowledge about the use of words in a proper manner and proper way. Many times it happens that the intention of communication is something else but due to the wrong usage of the words, the information reaches to the concerned person with entirely different meaning. Sales, as we all know, are the game of playing with words and convincing the customer about our product and services, so the proper use of words plays a very important role. With the help of verbal learning style, I am sure to gain knowledge on effective usage of words to achieve my targets and goals.

I am interested in going ahead with social learning technique also because when learning takes place the in the group we learn a lot to deal with different kind of people. In social learning technique, there are different types of people and there are different tasks which are to be performed in groups to complete the learning process. In sales and marketing job profile also one need to deal with a different set of people. Social learning techniques will help me to understand the emotions involved in communication. Through this technique, I will also get a chance to handle different reactions from a different set of people.

In social learning technique, there is involvement of many people, so there is a possibility of conducting role plays which can give an exposure to real time situations. In the role plays, one person act as a customer and I will be the sales person, there will be many other students and the teacher who will monitor our conversation. Once the act is over, they will give the feedbacks on the complete act; this activity helps a lot in understanding one's strength and weaknesses.To properly implement this learning technique it is very important that the requirement of learning should be communicated everyone in an appropriate manner. The best way is to tell the requirement to your supervisor and once he is convinced that there is really a requirement of learning, he himself will make arrangements for the learning process.

Ways of effective Time Management

In an organization time, management plays a very significant role in the success of any individual. It is very important to manage one’s time in order to complete all the tasks in time and achieve the targets and goals given by the managers or the seniors.

There are different time management strategies. In time management strategies an individual actually do not manage time, because it is impossible to manage time, and instead person manages his events and his activities which are to be conducted within the given time. We cannot ignore the fact that time is very valuable and hence it should be used judiciously. It is proved by many of the surveys that the individuals who manage their time proper are more successful and productive in their work. They are less stressed and they are able to make a balance between their personal and professional lives.These individuals are more optimistic and more energetic in comparison to the people who are not able to manage their time. Those who are not able to manage time are filled with tension and are confused, this is the reason why they are not happy and feel irritated.

The three different time management strategies are as following:

Set Priorities: To manage the time properly and effectively it is very important to know that which task is important and which is not so important. To understand this it is vital to know the difference between the important and urgent. There is a very minute difference between important and urgent, and in most of the cases, it is seen that the important tasks are not very urgent. So one must understand that which tasks are important and which are urgent. There are some tasks which are urgent as well as important, while prioritizing those are the tasks which must be kept on priority. Next, should be the urgent tasks and then the important ones. It is seen that important tasks are not too urgent since they are important they need some time to be completed.

Prioritizing of the tasks should be done by making a “to do list”. This list should be made on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. With the help of this kind of characterization, it becomes very easy to sort the activities which are to be done on a priority basis and which can be postponed. While making the list it should be kept in mind that many activities do not fall in one day, otherwise again it will be hectic to perform all the activities. So the list should be made which is achievable and feasible.

Get Organized: The next most important resource management strategy is to get organized. If the things are organized, there is no waste of time in sorting out the things. It is seen that in most of the cases a lot of time is wasted in finding out the relevant information and data among the unimportant information and data. So as soon as individual receive any data or information he must organize them immediately so that there are no confusions regarding the relevant data in future. The best way to organize the data is by dividing the information into three different groups which can be named as “too keep”, “give away” and delegate it to the concerned person.

Delegation:The nest best way of time management is delegation. No one in this world is capable enough to perform all the activities in the given time. So whenever there is any requirement to finish the job, delegation plays a very important role and one must know that what are the types of jobs that can be delegated to others and can be asked to be done by others. While delegating the responsibility it is very important that the tasks should be delegated to the person who is capable of doing that task, if it is been delegated to the wrong person then instead of positive it will be taken as a negative step. One should also keep a check on the person to whom the task is delegated, and review on the progress of the task should be taken from the concerned person.In today’s world delegation is not done only to the people but there is the availability of equipment in the market which helps to save time, so one must make use of such equipment and devices.

In my job profile of marketing and sales, the best time management strategy will be setting up of priorities. In this kind of job, there is a requirement of the meeting up with different clients, so it is very important to decide which client is important and can act as a prospect for the company. On the basis of priority, I will make my list of client and will visit those clients respectively.

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