Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society

 Our society is completely dependent on technology due to increase in the trend of digitalization. Now, the technology and human life cannot get separated. The regular and wide use of technology has also impacted the needs and demands of the people. Technology can be used to perform different and routine tasks in an individual’s life including traveling, communication, learning, business or comfort ability.

However, people are getting more concern due to increase in use of technology even after its wide benefits. The poor application of technology resulted in the creation of more pollution to the environment, which is a serious threat to the lives and property of the people of the society. It requires the proper and significant use of the technology. People are facing the biggest challenge of determining the future by creating relevant technologies for the simplification of our tasks.

It has become very difficult to analyze the impact created on our lives through certain advanced introduced technologies. People, environment and the society has also impacted through the increase in use of technologies. The methods of using technology determine whether it will create  positive or negative effects.

Why people consider the use of technology harmful? Technology is not harmful to the individual or to the society, it is the people itself who are creating misuse of the technology and named it harmful for their own benefits. For the processing of the products in factories, running cars, light homes or to run technological machines, humans make use of the energy. To avoid this, we can shift the energy sources to the renewable sources including wind and solar energy. Technology has impacted the society and the individual in many ways.

A. Positive Impacts

1. It has Mechanized Agriculture – Technology has largely mechanized the agriculture. There are various technologies of modern agriculture that allows people to grow large amount of food quantities by putting less input and generating high yields or the ROI (Return on investment) within a shorter period of time.

By using the government subsidies, the small and medium-sized farmers make the proper management for acquiring the sowing, plowing, watering and harvesting machines. The increase in use of technologies in the field of agriculture results in the manufacturing of genetic crops which usually grows at a high pace. They are also resistant to most of the diseases and pets.

Farmers have large scale accessibility in the artificial fertilizers that helps in adding a great value to the soil and boost the growth of the crops by allowing the productivity of the high quality yields. The dry area farmers have the capability to grow healthy crops by using advanced water pumps and sprinklers that could drive water to the rivers from the farms. This entire process is automated that can help in saving time.

Technology has Mechanized Agriculture2. Improvement in Transportation – The basic technological activity includes transportation. Both the business and the society are getting benefit from the new methods generated from the technology. With transportation facility, people can travel from one place to the other along with the goods and the services. It is viewed as a system that provides the series of interrelated parts. All of them work together to achieve certain goals.

Transportations consider some aspects that are very helpful in relocating both goods and the people. Among all the types of transport, road transport is used widely as it provides the facility of moving goods and people. It has also improved the movement of the humans. Also, there are various leading and developing countries that are gathering funds from the wealthy countries for the improvement of road transportation that results in the development of rural remote areas.

3. Improvement in Communication –Everybody make use of the communication for various purposes. Both the organization and the society are dependent on communication for the purpose of transferring information. People make use of the technology with an aim to create communication with each other.

Electronic media has made the improvement in the method of exchanging ideas for the development of the society. In most of the countries, television and radios are used to create the voice for the society and mobile phones are used to organize the live community forums for the better contribution. Small businesses have used the mobile communication and the internet for the growth and improvement of customer service.

4. Improvement in Education and Learning Process –Education is considered as the backbone of the country’s economy. For the better interpretation of the information, educational infrastructures were organized well. Most of the educational institutions have started integrating technologies so that the learning process of the students could be improved.

Classroom technologies include computers, iPads, smart whiteboards, projectors or internet that could boost the learning morale of the students. Also, the visual education has become the widely used and popular technology. It is considered as the best learning methods that includes all basic subjects. Lot of money is invested in the business community in certain educational technologies that can be used by both the students and the teachers.

Improvement in Education and Learning Process due to TechnologyNegative Impacts

1. Resource Depletion –Due to increase in demand of the latest and the new technologies, more pressure on the earth and its natural resources have been created. There are various numbers of computers and mobile phones that are manufacturing on the regular basis.

Our population is increasing which further increase the demand of mobile phones and computers. With the increasing demand, manufactures like Samsung or Apple are getting benefits but the sustainability of these demands requires the exploitation of our natural resources including aluminum. If these ages continue, there will be time when our future generation has to go through with several problems.

2. Increased Population – With the wide use of technology, various health facilities have been improved by providing the solutions of the health which could directly or indirectly impacted the lives of the humans. Developed countries are positively affected by this and developing countries considered it as negative, as they are not able to access the health care benefits generated for the technology.

In developed countries, the growth of population is controlled by various birth control advanced methods that allows the balance in population in terms of natural resources and various other opportunities that offers planned population. But developing countries follows entirely different concept. The birth rate and the mortality rate is very high, but the food is scarce and health is poor.