Hospitality Management Assignment

HND-hospitality-management-assignment-helpIn the hospitality management, Food is premium thing that is main concern for the manager, it should be presented well and delicious in food, so in the hospitality management. This post is an recommendation for the food and beverage menu and service with respect of pinte  hospitality and food industry standards.

Food Menu when prepared has to take care of the quality, presentation, standards of food and the costing. It is important that all the parameters are taken care of while  menu planning. The various recommendations that could be given are:

  • It is important that the place where the food is presented is clean and hygienic place. This gives an image of the restaurant or the hotel where the event or the program is hosted.
  • The bartenders, service people are wearing the clean uniform and are dressed properly. This also helps the people bearing faith that the food served is of high quality and approach.
  • The food is demarcated with the tent cards placed adjacent to each food item. This helps the people in easily identifying the food item and the way it has to be taken.
  • There is availability of service person with each food item that is displayed on the table. This helps in giving a great serving process.
  • The tables on which the food is displayed are properly presented with a specific theme decoration of the party or the event. This helps in giving a new approach and pleasant environment to the event.
  • The food should pass the test of taste, quality and the kind of food that the customer has demanded for. This would help in easily presenting the food without the fear that customers or the clients will not like or admire it.
  • It should be meeting the specific standards of the procedures and policies made by the restaurants and the hotels. These standards are made as per the food and beverage authority in the country and related legislations.
  • The costs should be benchmarked with that of the competition and the industry standards. The restaurant has to keep in mind that it has been providing food that is of high quality with the lower costing so that customer likes the idea and concept.

There is a strong control and monitoring that has to be done on the kind and quality of food and beverage that has been produced, displayed and presented in the event or the program.

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