Higher Education Trends in UK 2017

29-03-17 Daniel sanchez 0 comment

As the time is passing, the scope of every field is expanding. Education is also one of them. Education is the base of a developed country. Globalization has extend the criteria of education and online education system is in trend for achieving higher education goals. To develop the best education system has became the objective of every country. But most of the countries have already developed this one such as France, Canada, Germany, UK.  Higher education trends in UK are now expanding more rapidly. There are various factors that affect the higher education trends that are foreign collaboration in-education and research, Government policy, International student recruitment etc. In present, higher education is appreciated by developing countries for their educational development. From 2004-05 to 2013-14 was very changing period for Higher education in UK. One of the factor that also contributed in this period was undergraduate funding system. That has created the complexity in funding system of universities. The income from public funding has been decreased but income from tuition fees has been increased. Higher education is important for any specific country’s economical development. So higher education is now developing to academic and high-level educational system.

The another change in UK higher education system is change in student body. Earlier the number of part time students was more than the full time students but now the scenario has been changed due to complexity in tuition fees loan and less grant and high education fees. And the number of students engaging in other diploma and certificate course is also declining. And in last few years the number of students coming from India and other countries has been decreased due to competitor countries such as Canada. Scotland is only country in the U.K. that has increased number of entrants. But the best point is the increase the number of the students coming from disadvantaged background.  The great achievement of last decade was the good level of employment.  But still this ratio is lower than the other competitor countries in education system.  The Number of academic staff is also increased with time but not in each area such as this has been increased in medicine more than other areas. The rate of application from 18 years old students for full time undergraduate study has been increased that shows the decline rate in the application of mature students. These are the various changes that not only effect the education system rather whole of the economy of country.

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