Unit 9 System Analysis and Design Assignment

Unit 9 System Analysis and Design Assignment

Case Scenario:

Adroit Ads is a London-based Advertisement agency. They have a number of clients and are very popular in coming up with creative commercials, video and press adverts. In the last 5 years they have ventured into the mobile technology market as well by creating search adverts on apps alongside other adverts that they make for the internet. They have branches all over the world to capture the local markets.The company was founded by Mr. Phillip Brown who still functions as the CEO. The organisational structure of the company, as can be found here, has five major departments all reporting to the CEO. 

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When clients approach the company to produce a commercial advert to launch or promote a product their details are noted down. Each client is allotted with an Accounts Manager who employs his team to gather the expectations of the client such as the budget, nature of advert and promotion plans for their service or product and so on. They continue to communicate and support the client throughout. This team effectively functions as a connecting point to all the other teams as well. They also communicate with the client generally on behalf of the creative team.

The creative team which is led by the Creative Director, come up with creative strategies for the ad campaigns and aim to satisfy the needs of the clients. The writers conceive the advert with the support of the Art Director and the crew. In the case of movies, Ad Film Directors are involved along with the actors, models and camera crew. Once adverts are made, the accounts managers show it to the client who approves or suggests improvements. Invoices will be raised by the company for all adverts approved by the client. If an advert is rejected, a minimum amount will be charged by the company for the service offered. Adroit Ads, have already been using standalone applications to automate their HR & Payroll systems. They also have a number of local systems used in different ways by all these teams across its branches. These systems are not necessarily consistent with each other. They also use the services of a legal firm as and when required.

Mr. Brown recently lost a closely fought battle as his company did not win the ‘Best Advert Company Award’ chiefly because they did not have a solid application to support the operations of their creative team.  Details about clients, deadlines, copywriter/artist specialisation, adverts, campaigns, ad films, budget allocation, responses to ads etc. should be automated and managed. In some cases the creative team will have to work together with the Accounts department and other departments when it needs inputs on payments, media availability, actor recruitment etc. You have been recruited by Adroit Ads to help them develop an application for supporting and effectively managing the operations of their Creative Team. Your role as a System Analyst is to provide support to the IT Team in analysing the system. You would be required to observe their operations and collect system & user requirements. You could also observe similar systems/companies to strengthen your analysis. You should record all business assumptions that you made in the process. Mr. Brown wants to win this award in 2017 and so he would expect a thorough job. This means you would evaluate different system life cycles, conduct a feasibility study, conduct systems investigation and submit a report to him and the IT team.


To provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a systems analysis investigation by following a recognised methodology.   

LO1 Understand different systems life cycles

1.1 Evaluate different systems lifecycle models
1.2 Discuss the importance of following a procedural/staged lifecycle in a systems investigation

LO2 Understand the importance of a feasibility study

2.1 Discuss the components of a feasibility report
2.2 Assess the impact of different feasibility criteria on a system analysis  investigation

LO3 Be able to perform a systems investigation

3.1 Undertake a systems investigation to meet a business need
3.2 Use appropriate systems analysis tools and techniques to carry out a systems investigation
3.3 Create documentation to support a systems investigation
3.4 Evaluate how user and systems requirements have been addressed.

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