Business Law Assignment Brief

Unit 7 Business Law Assignment Brief


Unit number and title

Diploma in Business

Unit 7 Business Law

QFC Level

Credit value

Level 4

15 credits

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Locus Assignment Help

Assignment title

Unit 7 Business Law

Business Law assignment should be submitted as a case study analysis report.  This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and an ideal font of 12. 

You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subjections where appropriate.  All work must be referenced using the Harvard referencing system.

Learning outcomes

LO3 Suggest appropriate legal solutions to business problems

LO4 Recommend appropriate legal solutions based on alternative legal advice provided

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Assignment 2 : Legal Solutions

You are employed in a legal advice centre which focuses on giving advice to businesses in your area.  You have been given three case studies to review which represent various legal problems affecting local businesses.  The areas of law to be considered contain Company Law (including insolvency and liquidation); Contract Law (including termination of contract) and Employment Law (including Alternative Dispute Resolution). For each case presented you need to apply and justify a legal solution to the problem.

You now need to file a report to your manager outlining the advice and assistance given in relation to these legal problems.

Your report should contain the following:

  • Suggest an appropriate legal solution to each of the problems (P4) and provide justification for the advice and solution given (P5)
  • Give an assessment of the positive and negative impact of the solution you are suggesting to the business (M3)
  • Recommend legal solutions based on a different country’s legal system and/or an alternative legal framework (P6). You then need to compare and contrast the effectiveness of these reommendations (M4)
  • Finally, you need to critically review and evaluate the use of the appropriate legal solutions suggested in comparison with alternative legal advice. (D2)