Unit 51 International Marketing Assignment

Unit 51 International Marketing Assignment


This unit 51 international marketing assignment Focused current marketing senario of the world. Dassault Aviation is an international French aircraft manufacturer. Based in France, it produces military, regional and business jets. The business is sound but competition is fierce, particularly from manufacturers located in emerging economies such as Brazil and China. These nations already their own plane manufacturers but with a domestic market thirsty for new economic and efficient planes, the markets must respond to demand. With a mature market in Europe and United States, Dassault Aviation is developing its sales activities in the Middle East, China, India and Latin America, where the challenges in terms of language, culture and ethics are enormous. With its innovative and flexible offering, Dassault Aviation is confident that itwill continue to win significant deals and increase its sales in these regions.

In your position as  International Marketing  Assistant Manager, you are required to develop an effective international marketing plan to help improve sales in the emerging markets such as Middle East, China, India and Latin America. The Falcon 8X is a brand new aircraft which Dassault wish to bring to the aviation market, the airliner is fast and extremely spacious, perfect for commercial international flights. Dassault have plans for this new product to go global and be a key addition to their international strategy.

LO1: Understandthe conceptofinternational marketing for potential foreign markets.

1.1 In your memo to the International Marketing Director, provide an explanation of why Dassault Aviation should develop international marketing.
1.2 Include an analysis of at least one emerging market in which Dassault Aviation wishes to operate in terms of PEST (Political – Economic – Social – Technology).
1.3 Evaluate international marketing research techniques for Dassault Aviation’s new product launch of the new Falcon 8X.
1.4 Evaluate how Brazil as a foreign target market will be attractive for Dassault’s new product

LO2:  Understandhow to makeexportchannel and distribution decisions.

2.1 Explain how channels evolve in distributing the Falcon 8X to an export market.
2.2 Describe reliable export channels
2.3 Include an evaluationof the export distribution channels for Falcon 8X.
2.4 Analyse how foreign manufacturing and investment decisions are made; in your analysis make specific reference to Dassault Aviationmanufacturing and investing in Brazil.

LO3: Be able to present a marketingplan for a foreignmarket

3.1 Produce a set of international marketing objectives for the Falcon 8X.
3.2 Createand outline how you plan to enter into the Brazilian market.
3.3 Identifyand include the international marketing mixin planning fortheBrazilian market.
3.4 Review relevantethical andenvironmental issues ininternational marketing within Brazil

LO4:  Understandcontrol methodsfor international marketing

4.1 Explainwhyinternational marketingplanning should be monitored. 
4.2 Analyse ways ofcontrolling exportchannels
4.3 Describe barriers to international marketing
4.4 Evaluate methods ofcommunication with key international marketing personnel.

Learning outcomes

On successfulcompletion of this unita learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

 The learnercan:

LO1 Understand the concept of international marketing for potential foreign markets.

 1.1  Explainwhyfirms develop international marketing.
 1.2  Analysea foreign marketin termsof PEST
 1.3  Evaluate international marketing research  techniquesaspartofaproductlaunch.
 1.4 Evaluatea foreigntargetmarketforidentified products

 LO2 Understandhow to  makeexportchannel and distribution  decisions.

 2.1     Explainhow channelsevolveindistributing identified products to  an exportmarket.
 2.2  Describe reliable exportchannels for products.
 2.3  Evaluateexportdistribution channels
 2.4     Analysehow foreign manufacturing and investment decisions  are made.

 LO3 Be able to present a  marketingplan for a foreignmarket.

 3.1 Produce international marketing objectives
 3.2 Createplansto enteridentified foreign markets
 3.3 Identifythe international marketing mixin planning  fortheinternational market
 3.4 Review relevantethical andenvironmental issues ininternational  marketing.

 LO4 Understandcontrol methodsfor  international marketing.

 4.1 Explainwhyinternational marketingplanning should be monitored
 4.2 Analyse ways ofcontrolling exportchannels
 4.3 Describe barriers to international marketing
 4.4 Evaluatemethodsofcommunicationwithkey international marketing  personnel.


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