Unit 4 Project Design Implementation Evaluation Assignment

Unit 4 Project Design Implementation Evaluation Assignment

Task no.

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to:




Be able to implement the project within agreed

procedures and to specification


Match resources efficiently to the project


Undertake the proposed project in accordance with the agreed specification


Organize, analyses and interpret relevant outcomes






Be able to evaluate the project outcomes


Use appropriate project evaluation techniques


Interpret and analyses the results in terms of the project   original project specification


Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration




Be able to present the project outcomes


Produce a record of all project procedures used


Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the project to an audience

Purpose of Assignment

The Unit 4 Project Design Implementation Evaluation Assignment focuses on implementing the project through proper use of resources, working within agreed timescales, using appropriate techniques for generating solutions and monitoring development against the agreed project plan. In addition, each stage of the project implementation will need to be recorded to ensure that agreed standards have been met.Also, the assignment focuses on the records and documentation that have supported the development of the project through each life cycle stage.

It is expected that learners will utilise a professionally delivered format to present this information. Use of appropriate media that meets the needs and requirements of the intended audience is also expected as part of the project outcome delivery.


Learners have identified a real-life project and produced a specification for the agreed project. They are now required to implement the project.

When the project is implemented the learners should demonstrate that they can use and apply appropriate evaluation techniques, such as PERT, and present their analysis of the project outcomes.

Learners are expected to produce a record that documents all project procedures they have engaged with during its life cycle. In addition, an agreed format should be used to present the outcomes of the project to the intended target audience. The expectation is that appropriate media will be used to ensure professional delivery of these outcomes.

Task 1: (LO2 AC 2.1 )

Learners should match resources efficiently to the project, this could be an extension of either the project plan or the project specification.

After identifying the resources required for the project and for successful implementation, learners should match them specifically to areas of the project or phases of its life cycle.        

Task 2: (LO2 AC 2.2 )

Learners will undertake the proposed project as outlined in the first assignment, in accordance with the agreed specification. A project plan (e.g. Gantt chart) showing detailed tasks, allocated resources and planned milestones should be prepared. Progress of tasks and changes to the plans can be shown by creating baselines of this plan.

Task 3 (LO2 AC 2.3)

Learners will need to organise, analyse and interpret relevant outcomes of the project. As this is part of the project implementation, it is expected that learners will complete this in conjunction with the other tasks within this assignment; the outcomes should be used to guide further activities within the project.

Task 1: (LO3 AC 3.1)

Learners should demonstrate that they can use and apply appropriate evaluation techniques, such as PERT. Learners should provide a detailed analysis of the outcomes and results from their project in a written or presentation style format.               

Task 2: (LO3 AC 3.2 )

Learners should interpret and analyse the results as part of the evidence requirement. This analysis should be measured against the original project specification. They should have evidence of critical analysis against the original project specification and planned procedures.  

Task 3 (LO3 AC 3.3 )

A clear conclusion(s), recommendations and justifications should be provided. These should take into consideration progress made within the project stages, the significance of the project, implications and limitations of the project.               

Task 4 (LO4 AC 4.1)

Learners should produce a record of all the project procedures used. Therefore, all of the documentation covering each of the project stages and development will need to be provided. 

Task 5 (LO4 AC 4.2)

Learners will present the outcomes of their project in a professional format. Although a presentation could be used to communicate some aspects of the project, it is envisaged that learners will have written evidence, to include the specification, project plan, stated outcomes and justifications, and visual evidence as to how these have been met. 

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