Unit 4  Project Design Implementation Assignemt

Unit 4 Project Design Implementation Assignment

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Purpose of this assignment

To enable learners to apply the business skills needed to design an e-Commerce solution for an  organisation


A community centre is going to have few projects for their renovation purposes:

You are elected to be project manager of a group of 3-5 people and select one of the projects. Each member of the team must be clear about their responsibilities at the start of the project and supervisors must ensure that everyone is accountable for each aspect of the work and makes a contribution to the end result. So you need to form a team and send your chosen topic to your lecturer.

The list of the projects are as follows:

All teams have to consider the fact that “The centre wants to renovate the main computer lab for members to use  it.” On top of that there are certain in-house software for each team, including data bases and Game. Also the whole Lab needs to be renovated and two employees need training.

Now chose which of the following software you and your team can design with the abilities and skills your team has.

  • Database of members at community centre that deals with the billing
  • A computer room booking database that allowed members/Employees to book rooms for different days and see other allocated timetables graphically
  • A stock control database for a the canteen shop that handles re-orders and sales (or similar system)
  • A web-based application or a running website relevant to the community
  • A helicopter flying game or

Task 1 : (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)

Prepare a detailed project proposal document which incorporates the considerations of design that you have made in the following areas:

Brief project proposal: including a title, a brief introduction, the intended output and target completion date. Also Cover; who will benefit and how, how will the progress be monitored and what resource are needed. [AC1.1]

Project selection:your rationale for project selection (Business or personal reason), including how you reviewed areas of interest, expertise and critically analysed an outline specification, estimated resource implications and feasibility(Including knowledge, skill, tools, Time and money), set initial goals and determined responsibilities and ethics considerations for your research and proposed output or its impact. To answer this, consider your team abilities and your deadline. [AC1.2]

Project specifications: your proposed specification for completed project output including a sketch (story board) of the interface of your intended project using an appropriate drawing tool and list of some functional requirements. Learner are required to provide and effective approach to study and research on project specification. [AC1.3 ]

Project plan:your plan for completion of the project, including timescale, progress and quality assurance monitoring procedures and methods and risk analysis. Evidence of appropriate examples Gantt charts, PERT diagrams or Work breakdown structure (WBS) is required. [AC1.4 ]

Implement and evaluate a project – You might prepared some of the materials in your group but your essay should prepared individually.

Task 2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3 )

You are required to demonstrate implementation process having been followed for your project and to evaluate its progress and outcomes in a report format.

Explain how you obtained and utilised the resources required for your project by providing a list of resources with a brief description of each explain how you did ensure they were available. How you use them and what was the necessary arrangement to use the resources such as training, software monitoring, and assistance in any activities. [AC2.1]

For the software part of the assignment only, compare the outcomes of your project to those specified in your project proposal documentation in the following areas. To answer this Consider the proposed time scale, what went wrong in practice! How did you monitor the progress against the agreed proposal? You are required to indicate problems or barriers and what techniques you used to recognise them (threats or opportunities). [AC2.2]

Referring to the differences between your plan and the practice explain how you organised, analysed and interpreted relevant outcomes at stages of your project in maintaining and adapting the project plan such as resource implications or problems uncounted etc. What the impact of them on the progress in case of changing the plan or the methodology was. [AC2.3]

Task 3 (3.1, 3.2, 3.3)

In this task you are going to be able to evaluate the project outcomes by carrying out the following task:

Use appropriate project evaluation techniques to provide:

  • Detailed analysis of results based on 1.4 of task 1

  • Critical analysis against the project specification and planned procedures. [AC3.1]

Based on the initial system/user requirements of the project specifications, test your project and explain if you are able to achieve all specification, if not explain your constraint and make recommendation. Provide evidence of self-evaluation if have achieved all specification if not self-evaluation on recommendations. [AC3.2]

Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration. Summarize all the recommendation on application of the project or its limitation, including the one in 3.2 (if you have any). Learner should make sure that the validity of results has been evaluated, using defined Criteria, based on the application test, realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success using the test result. [AC3.3 ]

Task 4 (4.1, 4.2)

In this task you are requiredto present the project outcomes by doing the following:

Produce a final record of all procedure of the project. All the task must be adequately identified in the documentation, where appropriate, show diagrams and any necessary graphics. The documentation you produce needs to be structured. [AC4.1]

Present the outcome of the project in the form of presentation to the class and lecturer. The content is vary and up to the learner. It can include the relevant annotated screenshots or information on your project. [AC4.2]

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