Organisations and Behaviour Assignment Brief - McDonald

Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour Assignment Brief - McDonald


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 Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour Assignment Brief - McDonalds


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Case Study

Choose a Fortune 500 organisation operating in the UK which you will use as a basis for all your answers for this assignment. It may be a company which you work for or one you would like to work for or an organisation behaviouryou are familiar with.  Name your chosen organisation. Briefly describe the organisation.
You should choose an organisation for which you can easily find out information either on the internet or by some other means. It must be a different organisation from the one you choose for Business Environment.

Description of corporation 

McDonalds or TheMcDonald's Corporation is the largest chain of the world which predominantly serves hamburger as well as other fast food. The company is currently present in as much as 119 countries in the world and serves a huge 68 million customers on a daily basis. The company was initiated in the year 1940 in the United States by Richard and Maurice McDonald. As of year 2012, the annual revenue of the company is 27.5 billion US Dollars, and had a profit of 5.5 billion US Dollars (

LO1:Process of Strategic Planning

Q 1.1 Define the terms and state the mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competencies of your chosen organisation.

  • Define each of the terms , mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competences;
  • Provide evidence of your chosen corporation’s mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competencies

Q.1.2 For your chosen organisation, describe the key issues encountered in strategic planning.

  • Define strategic planning
  • Describe at least three strategic planning problems
  • Provide examples of problems within internal analysis, external analysis or business level strategy.

Q.1.3 Compare and contrast two different planning techniques which you could apply to your chosen organisation.

  • Define and describe two different planning techniques, for example, the BCG matrix, SPACE, PIMS or stakeholder mapping.

LO2: Be able to formulate a new strategy

Q 2.1  Conduct an organisational audit on your chosen organisation by carrying out a SWOT analysis.

  •  Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your chosen  organisation
  •  Complete the table below.

Q 2.2 Evaluate the business environment for your chosen organisation by doing a PESTEL analysis.

  • Describe the factors ofPESTEL – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal
  • Provide an example of each for your chosen organisation
  • Present the answers in a table as below

Q2.3 Define and explain the significance of stakeholder analysis.

  • Define the term stakeholder
  • Explain stakeholder analysis
  • Describe the importance of stakeholder analysis

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LO3: Understand Approaches to Strategy, Evaluation & Selection

Q 3.1 Define four strategic options available and explain how they may be implemented within your chosen organisation.

  • Discuss a market entry strategy, for example, organic growth, growth by merger, acquisition or strategic alliances.
  • Discuss substantive growth strategies which can include related and unrelated diversification.
  • Discuss limited growth strategies which can include strategies such as market penetration and market development.
  • Discuss retrenchment which can include turnaround strategies, divestment, and liquidation.

Q3.2 Using your analysis from Q3, recommend an appropriate future strategy for your chosen organisation

  • Present your answer as a report
  • Include an introduction, background, advantages and disadvantages of various options with evidence from your chosen organisation and final recommendations.
  • For example, if you suggest organic growth, you will need to justify your answer.

LO4: Understand how to implement a chosen strategy

Q 4.1 Focusing on your recommendation in Q3.2, compare the roles and responsibilities needed to implement the suggested future strategic plan.

  • A discussion about the activities needed to implement the  plan
  • A discussion about the roles and responsibilities you require  to implement the  plan
  • Compare the different roles and the responsibilities needed to implement the plan.

Q 4.2 Identify and evaluate resource requirements you will need to implement a new strategy within your chosen organisation.

  • Evaluate and identify human resources needed to implement the strategic plan 
  • Evaluate and identify financial resources needed to implement the strategic plan 
  • Evaluate and identify time and materials needed to implement the strategic plan.

Q4.3 From your responses in Q4.1 & Q4.2, create a Gantt Chart that shows the activities required and timescales for the implementation of your recommended strategy. Discuss the activities and targets to monitor your strategy.

  • Propose  targets and timescales which you would use to monitor the implementation plan
  • Formulate a Project plan and present it in a Gantt