Driving Improvement in Healthcare Workplace Assignment

Unit 3 Driving Improvement in Healthcare Workplace Assignment


Unit number and title

Health and Social Care

Driving Improvement in the Healthcare Workplace

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Level 4

15 credits

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Aim of this assessment

This assessment should demonstrate your analysis and understanding of the working practices and potential for improvements in your placement. The focus will be on evaluating the ways in which service can be changed and developed to meet current demands from customers/clients.

Assignment Task

In consultation and agreement with your placement supervisor and academic lecturer, agree a topic that will address the following requirements.

  • Undertake a situational analysis of an aspect of the service in your placement.
  • Evaluate your analysis against the organisation’s standards and expectations for the service delivery to their customers/clients. Produce 3 options for improving the service.  
  • Make a recommendation from these options to the management of your placement, for improvements to the standard of service being delivered & include an implementation plan for your proposals.

    Assignment Guidance

    • The word limit for your assignment is 6000 words.
    • Your answer is expected to contain the following information, student information, placement information including details of size, service area, your job description/role, Improvement identified, analysis, minimum of 3 options/proposals, recommendation and implementation plan.
    • Report/feedback from your placement supervisor/manager.

    It is expected that you will use a wide range of relevant theories and research to support the points, arguments and recommendations you make for this assessment.

    Assignments must be submitted via ‘Turnitin’. Individual feedback will be automatically generated by Turnitin once the marking and quality assurance process has been completed. 

    This assignment requires you to demonstrate your ability and understanding of the demands and issues involved when working in the Health sector and meeting client’s requirements.

    The analysis must be supported by academic theories and concepts and the paper must be a and comply with the Harvard referencing guidelines.  The reflection must not be descriptive in nature; it should provide clear evidence of understanding of the issues under consideration.

    There is no correct number of academic references to be utilised as the student must draw on as many references as required to provide a high quality answer.  However, a good range of  academic sources are expected, and a majority of these should be current, internationally peer reviewed articles/journals or accredited textbook references.  Sources such as Wikipedia and the like are not accepted.  Sources available only online should be avoided.

    You must be mindful of how marks are allocated based on your ability to define, analyse and apply the key concepts. 

    Specific Module Guidance

    To achieve a pass level mark you must ensure that you demonstrate your analysis and understanding of the range and scope of the current health sector. The focus will be on evaluating the ways in which the health sector is altering and developing to meet current demands from customers/clients.

    This will require primary research. Your work will be referenced according to the Harvard Referencing System and will be essay format.

    To achieve higher marks, in addition to the requirements to achieve a pass mark, you will need to make informed comparisons between the theories and concepts you have studied and provide a reflection on how these apply to your project topic. The analysis will be very well applied and will rely heavily for support on current literature.

    Marking Guide

    • Student identifies key issues and theories relating to service delivery issues in placement using a range of service delivery theories.  Maximum marks 25
    • Student describes and/or explains the key issues relating to service delivery failures in the placement supported with a process map/flowchart and analytical tools e.g. SWOT PESTLE etc.  Maximum marks 20
    • Student analyses the key issues relating to threeoptions for service improvements. Maximum marks 25
    • Make a recommendation with rationale of their preferred option for the Management at the placement to develop their service to address the issues and meet the evolving demands from customers/clients. Maximum marks 20
    • Presentation and referencing. Appropriate format is used and follows Harvard referencing guidelines.  Maximum marks 10

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