Unit 27 Managing Quality in HSC Assignment

Unit 27 Managing Quality in HSC Assignment

Case Study

For many people, moving to a care home is a big decision and it can be difficult to know where to start. As an established and trusted care home provider, Anchor one of the best care provider in UK. Anchor care trust planning to expand their service in different part of UK. The board members found that employees are an important aspect of quality improvement of business development and started recruiting qualified staff to monitor quality improvement for all functional areas.

The interviewees felt those who perceived care work as ‘a job’ were much less likely to be interested in training as they were more likely to leave the sector if they could find work elsewhere (in retail, for example, where wages were as much as £2 per hour higher). The existence of a ‘core nucleus’ of staff who were committed to the work and who provided continuity of care was perceived as very important to the well-being of residents, and thus training for this group was a highly important factor in retaining them. Anchor care trust still striving to implement monitoring and auditing processes relevant to the various functional areas. One care assistant had undergone mostly on-the-job training to NVQ level 2, and was aiming to gain further qualifications and eventually to train as a paramedic. Another senior care assistant had worked her way up ‘from scratch’ and was now responsible for supervising other care assistants and liaising with District Nurses and GPs. She has also undergone NVQ level 2 training as well as specialist courses in catheter care, dementia, and care of the dying.

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Task 1

LO 1 Understand differing perspectives of quality in relation to health and social care services

1.1 explain perspectives that stakeholders in  health and social care  have regarding quality.
1.2 analyse the role of external agencies in setting standards
1.3 Assess the impact of poor service quality on health and social care stakeholders.

Task 2

LO2 Understand strategies for achieving quality in health and social care services

2.1 explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality
2.2 evaluate different approaches to implementing quality systems
2.3 analyse potential barriers to delivery of quality health and social care services

Task 3

LO3 Be able to evaluate systems, policies and procedures in health and social care services

3.1 evaluate the effectiveness of systems, policies and procedures used in a health and social care setting in achieving quality in the service(s) offered
3.2 analyse other factors that influence the achievement of quality in the health and social care service
3.3 suggest ways in which the health and social care service could improve its quality.

Task 4

LO4 Understand methodologies for evaluating health and social care service quality.

4.1 evaluate methods for evaluating health and social care service quality with regard to external and internal perspectives
4.2 discuss the impact that involving users of services in the evaluation process has on service quality.

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