UKCBC unit 22 ACNB

Unit 22 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business

LO1 (AC1.1 AC and AC 1.3)

You are required to 
1.1    Explain to peter Abraham how a contract is formed and the importance of the various elements
Present to form a contract. 
1.2 Discuss the Impect of forming contracts (as it may apply to peter Abraham) by means of Conclusions and recommendations. This assists in the assessment of the learner’s ability to apply to the real world the tools and techniques of analysis which they have learnt. The case serves as a supplement to the theoretical knowledge imparted through the course work.

LO2 (AC2.1, AC2.2 and AC2.3)

2.1 Apply the elements of contract in the given business scenarios below (Cases 1 and 2);

2.2 Apply the business law on terms in the following contracts (Class 3 and 4)

2.3 Evaluate the effect of different terms in the given contracts (Class 5 and 6)

TASK 3- Vocational scenario 

LO3 (AC3.1, AC3.2 and AC3.3)

You are required to:
3.1 Explain the similarities and differences (contrast) of liability in tort with contractual liability using an 
3.2 Explain using suitable example how liability for negligence can arise and the conditions needed to be 
met for a claimant to successfully prove negligence.
3.3 Explain what vicarious liability means and how a business such as your organisation can become vicariously liable giving example.

TASK 4- Case studies 

LO4 (AC4.1 and AC4.2)

You are required to:
4.1 Apply the elements of the tort of negligence and defences in the given business scenario below;
4.2 Apply the elements of vicarious liability in given business situations below (Cases 8 and 9);