Unit 17 Toy Planet Database Design Concepts Assignment

Unit 17 Toy Planet Database Design Concepts Assignment

Purpose of this assignment

The toy planet database design concepts consider the skills required to perform effectively as a Database design and development employee. To give learners opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts and issues relating to databases and database design as well as the practical skills to translate that understanding into the database design and creation of complex databases.

Case Scenario

An online toy store ToyPlanet needs to have a database designed for it to be able to cater to its customers. It has approached  DataSol Ltd to develop a database for the same. Davalos did requirements gathering phase and identified the following key requirements:

  • The system should be able to register and save details of all customers like customer name and address. Each customer is identified by a unique customer number. 
  • Details of each toy/product will be stored in the system with a unique product number, product description and unit price in GBP.
  • The system should be able to take orders from the customers where each order can be tracked with a unique order number. Using that unique order number the authorized person can fetch other details of a particular order stored in the Order table like order date, order total(total amount paid in that particular order) and the customer placed that order.
  • Single or multiple toys can be ordered in a single order as a single or multiple order lines.  Each order line can be identified using the corresponding order number and corresponding  product number  of the product ordered in that line The other details need to be stored in a particular order line are, order quantity and line total ( order qty/number of a particular product/toy * unit price of the product/toy ordered in that line) .
  • A customer can order multiple times. The same product/toy can be there in multiple orders. The unit price of a product will always be the same in all orders. Order total of the order will be the sum of all line totals in that order.
  • Data Sol Ltd needs to build a  database for ToyPlanet based on the requirements given above.

You as an employee of  DataSol Ltd are required to provide the design and implement the same design to produce a fully functional database system to help ToyPlanet carry out its tasks efficiently.


Learning outcome


In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to:

LO1-Understand databases and data management   systems  




Analyse the key issues and application of databases within organizational environments


Critically evaluate the features and advantages of database management systems.

LO2- Understand database design  techniques


Analyse a database developmental methodology


Discuss entity-relationship modeling and normalization

LO3 -Be able to design, create and  document databases


Apply the database developmental cycle to a given data set


Design a fully functional database (containing at least four inter-relational tables) including user interface


Evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution and suggest methods of improvement



Provide supporting user and technical documentation


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