Unit 14 SimGen Web Site Design Assignment

Unit 14 SimGen Web Site Design Assignment


You are a freelance web site design specialist who recently won a contract to create a web site for SimGen, a start-up company in the area of serious games/simulations. The company has no web presence as it was established in May 2013. SimGen’s main strength is the agreement with the University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies to promote their training tools in the UK market. USC develops training tools that simulate real-life scenarios using cutting-edge technologies (e.g., cinematic computer graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, etc.). At this stage the SimGen is interested to promote in the UK market the following fiveproducts:

  1. Coach Mike (http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/coach-mike/) designed to engage young visitors in museums
  2. Ada & Grace (http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/museum-guides/) designed with the same goal in mind
  3. SimCoach to support veterans of war (http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/simcoach/)
  4. Sergent Star to promote the UK military web site (http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/sgt-star/)
  5. Virtual Patient (http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/topss/)

USC provides analytical information (images, videos and full text description) for each product through the relevant links (see above). SimGen has authorized you to fully use the content to design the web site with no copyright restrictions. You have been allocated a budget of £2000.

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Task 1

Learning Outcome

  • You list and discuss 10 essential heuristics that should help you design a good web site for, SimGen that achieves its objectives (i.e., promote the products in the UK market)
  • There is Several Design Concepts that have to be considered when designing an E- Business website, but it depends on what the purpose of the business is and the market is going to  be targeting.
  • The site has to be clear and simple for consumers to navigate in the site easy allot of people don’t like complicated sites to shop from, so you have to make your design concept to inform consumer where they are in your site at all times by making consistent navigational menu on all pages.
  • The third thing is to Allow the consumer a shortcut in every which way possible in the  design concept, this again depends on what type of  E-Commerce website business you are creating and which consumer you want to attract to your e-commerce business.
  • Then you have to label all your product in your new e-commerce business website by the standard of your prices from High to Low then by the most popular product on your site e.g.: best-selling products, after that make sure you feature a tool for consumers to be able rate your site or if don’t have user rating products function in then put the Editor rating, and finally add a button for new and latest products updates.
  • Then make sure the consumer market that you’re aiming for can view all yourwebsite  products on one formal page with good fonts and clear contents and pricing all products in easy manner and display pictures of all your products next to their names. So the consumer can pick their chosen item simply and for them to navigate to the shopping cart without too much barriers in order for you to generate sales more faster for your business online, plus  to get good feedback from your consumers is all about the  customer satisfaction  with your e-commerce as it is online business you wouldn’t get to meet your customers in the old fashion {face to face to satisfy all the needs with human smile} so you have to make sure your e-commerce business welcomes them with simplicity.
  • Inform the consumers how much all your products costs in your e-commerce business in clear and professional manner with all their question that they may have answer e.g. what’s the actual size of the product and the original color plus cost of the purchasing products and the current available discount on each products on the your site.
  • Keep the search bar easy for the consumers of your website in order for them to navigate thought your site easily and convertfor you to generate frequent revenues to support and maintained yourbusiness online in order for it to keep paying for itself for all the hosting and advertisement fees that comes with an E-commerce website.
  • After this stage give your search navigation bar a Refinement option in order to make it consumer friendly in your website, to drive forward your business it is all down to a good E-commerce website, that is simple to shop from and easy to navigate around. all the users often rate {Search bars} as the most frustrating part of many E-commerce sites so it is crucial that any new E-commerce website business from the initial build up to consider simplicity for the purposed consumers.
  • The last phase in considering when designing a e-business website is the images of all your products in one page since the consumer doesn’t get the chance to see the items in real life, it is very important for your E-commerce business to have good photos and videos of all your products in the site to make the customer feel at valuable in purchasing your goods in your site.

Extra Final Tip: If you want to go the extra mile for your consumers with your design then you can add 3d interfaces to give your site that extra edge online and to generate more sales.

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