Safeguarding in HSC Organisation

Unit 10 Safeguarding in HSC Organisation Assignment Brief


You are a new graduate of health and social care from ICON College in East London who will work with vulnerable individuals and groups. You are confident that you have developed an understanding of the factors of abuse, and that you have studied the working practices and strategies to reduce and prevent its occurrence. Your new manager would like you to attend the health and social care conference in October 2014 to share your knowledge and to also network with other health and social care professionals.
There are 4 formal assessment opportunities for this unit:

Task 1A and 1B: Academic essay using a case scenario

Task 1A 1.1/1.2/

You are a care worker in health and social care setting. Having worked at Stafford Hospital (please research the Stafford Hospital scandalto become familiar with the case) where service users were abused, you have been invited at the yearly health and social care conference as a guest speaker. This year’s theme is “Recognizing abuse and Self Harm in service users”.
You are to write a report for the conference participants to help them understand abuse that occurs in service users. Research a current case of abuse that was presented in the media (a form of media for example is newspaper, television, internet etc.) In your report for the conference participants give a summary of the type of abuse and or self – harm that exist in your case scenario and also could exist in the community.

Task 1B:  LO1

Your report must also address the following:
1) explainwhy particular individuals and groups may be vulnerable to abuse and relate it to your current case of abuse that you have researched.
2) Reviewrisks factors that may lead to incidence of abuse and or harm in your case scenario and also in the community.
At the same Health and Social care conference you take part in a panel discussion that consists of families from a range of diverse communities in East London. During the panel discussion analysis of the impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse and or harm to self and others are key points that are discussed.
The next day you are asked by your line manger to submit a report of from the panel discussion to the staff at your organizations next meeting. In your report you must analyse the impact of social(i.e. health; housing, education; poverty, social exclusion and disadvantage, networks of support); and cultural factors(i.e. ethnicity; discrimination and religion) in general.
Choose at least 2 factors (social + cultural) to discuss in your report and link both factors (social + cultural) with the different types of abuse and the different types of self – harm.

Task 2: Academic essay using a case scenario

Research another current case of abuse of vulnerable groups that has been highlighted in the media. For example, the Victoria Climbie case highlighted a series of issues that went or remained undetected when multidisciplinary agencies failed to effectively communicate with each other.
As a social care worker with a background and also now having expert knowledge in Safeguarding in health and social care, you must understand current legislations, policy and personal involvement in the protection of individuals and groups vulnerable to abuse. You will write a report for a journal article.
Research and discuss another more recent case of abuse that occurred in vulnerable groups. In this report analysethe strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policy surrounding the type of abuse found in your case research. Finally in your report, explainthe role of different professionals in protecting vulnerable service users to abuse.

Task 3: Academic essay using a case scenario

You now are employed as a social worker for 5 years. You want to update your own knowledge (continuing professional development) as you will soon be discussing and providing an information pack report to the East London community on safeguarding issues in health and social care.
Your information pack report must explainexisting practices and strategies designed to minimize abuse; secondly you want to evaluatethe effectiveness of working practices and strategies used to minimise abuse in in health and social care setting. Finally you must also discussin your report what possible improvements to working practices and what strategies exist to minimize abuse in health and social care.

Task 4: Self Evaluation of Report

Write a 1 page up to 500 words (A4) self-evaluation of your entire assignment.