MC4F12 Introduction to Marketing Assignment

MC4F12 Introduction to Marketing Assignment

This marketing report in which we discuss marketing within the UK women’s clothing industry? can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources.

Assessment 1  Individual Report on Marketing

Individual report evaluating the approach to marketing within the UK women’s clothing industry and the firm’s effectiveness in its competitive situation within the market. You have recently been promoted to the head of a major women’s clothing outlet called Sasha’s. You have been given the project task requiring you to prepare a report for your business covering the following areas:

1. Based on secondary market research data, provide a brief overview of the UK women’s clothing market, identifying specific areas of product/market growth that might provide Sasha’s with a viable marketing opportunity.

Sasha’s is a non-existent company in this assessment. You will need to identify the main factors impacting on the company (e.g. competitors) and provide a detailed analysis. You may find that some factors exert a stronger influence over the company than other factors. You will need to make an evaluation of this through your assessment of the information.

2. Identify those consumer segments who are driving this growth, and using relevant socio-demographic, psychographic, and behavioural variables, develop detailed segment profiles.

Here you will need to identify and examine the key consumer segments. The key will be to identify relevant and valid data which will provide you with a detailed assessment of the market (e.g. target market). You will need to provide detailed analysis of how these elements contribute towards growth.

3. Based on a proposed trial launch in London scheduled for June 2017 develop a detailed marketing mix to target the identified segment covering:

  • Product description
  • Brand image
  • Pricing objectives strategy
  • Retailing and distribution objectives and strategies
  • Integrated marketing communication objectives strategies

Here you will need to apply the marketing data collected to provide a compelling approach to Sasha’s marketing. The key will be to support your arguments with detailed analysis. 

Suggested Assignment Structure: Report

Executive summary: Summarising the main issues facing Sasha’s and briefly identifying the findings and recommendations of your analysis.

Main body: This should include a combination of description and analysis. The former should briefly outline details relating to the market and identify the key issues/challenges faced by the company; while analysis and recommendations should follow from your personal evaluation of the issues.

Summary and conclusion: Reiterating your main findings and concluding with your

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