5 Phases of Project Management

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This blog post is about 5 Phases of Project Management, five steps are required to coordinate these phase of a project management. 

There are various aspects which must be focused by the managers while developing a project so that to ensure an effective completion of the same. It has been identified that the stakeholders must keep some of the specific stages in mind while setting the objectives of the project and planning for the desired outcome out of it. A project basically includes five key stages which help in reaching to the desired levels of outcomes. The stages which must be focused by the stakeholders are:

Initiation: The project initiation includes the arrangement of the resources where the team members are assigned with the brief details of the project, detailed stakeholders analysis, development of the documents, etc. with the purpose to start with the project with a specific goal.

Planning: After initiation of the project, it is required to build specific plans to carry out the project in a smooth flow. This stage includes development of communicational plan with the stakeholders, detailed work breakdown structure, identification of the critical path, development of the schedule, etc.

5 Phases of Project Management

Implementation: A strong project plan in this stage is been actually implemented and initiates with the activities to complete the project effectively. This stage would include the activities such as arranging the resources for the IT infrastructure like CCTV, TV, etc. and managing the quality standards in the systems.

Monitoring and control: This is the fourth stage of the project management which helps in measuring the project status in the current time by comparing it to the base line and identifies the other aspect to make sure that the project is on right track.

Project completion: This is the closing stage of the project in which all the activities or tasks are finalized. The project completion includes the documentation of all the information relevant to the project and made it secure for the future use. It even include the evaluation of the outcome so that to identify and assess the project success and satisfy the expectation of the end users.

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