Ways to Organize Your Thoughts

Ways to Organize Your Thoughts

If you have not been organized in the past, but you want to be, you may be nervous at not knowing where to begin. It’s easy to feel astounded, especially if you have never been particularly well organized. 

Prioritizing helps you narrow your vision and your organization list, and this can be a positive move in your home and work life. An organization may take some time, but it will certainly save you a great deal of time in the long run.  Here are some ways to help you to organize your thoughts.

1. Practical ways to organize your thoughts

1. Draw mind map

A mind map is a great way of connecting different thoughts together. Start by sketch a single thought in the center of a piece of paper. Then, draw a line from that thought, radiating outwards towards the edge of the paper or adding some related thoughts. Continue adding thoughts to your map; ensure items are related to one another.

2.Use sticky notes

Take a stack of sticky notes and stand or sit near a wall. Write down one thought per sticky note, and then stick the note to the wall. Continue until you have a bunch of notes; then start sorting the notes by hand into groups

Ways to Organize Your Thoughts

3. Develop a list

You should capture your thoughts on a list. Keep one thought in a line, and keep going until you have written down all of your thoughts for the moment. Then, you can go back and start arranging your list into smaller lists.

4.  Make a pie chart

The pie chart in the shape of a circle, with different areas, shaded out. You should write down your thoughts, and then give your thoughts different level or percentages of importance.

2. Physical ways to organize your thoughts

1. Exercise

Exercise is a very great way to organize your thoughts. Make a visit to the run outdoors, gym, play games, or walk. The change of pace will give your mind a break and allow you’re your subconscious to work on your puzzle in the background.

2. Talk to a family member or a friend

Sometimes it helps to talk things out. You will feel good getting things out of your head. Your friend can help you find patterns that you may be clarified and reinforce what you are thinking.

3. Spend time in nature

Go out and spend your time with nature. You feel better; you could sit in the park on a bench or gaze at a beautiful green pasture. It will help you to organize your thoughts.

3. Creative ways to organize your thoughts

1. Make a collage

Create a collage of your thoughts using images and pictures cut out of newspapers and magazines. Arrange, and then glue everything on a poster or sheet of paper. You can also do this thing on digitally; you could create such as Pinterest or board of images that catch your eyes.

2. Write a letter

Turn off your computer and mobile, and sit at your desk with a paper and pen. Imaginary you are writing a letter to a friend. How would define your thoughts to them in the latter? Take as much time as you require thinking about and writing the latter. It will help to organize your thoughts.

3. Make a timeline

Seeing your thoughts listed in a calendar or timeline format can help you some much-needed perspectives. You could draw out a calendar of the year, days of the month, week or even each day of the week. The idea is to organize your thoughts by what comes first and which work is more important etc.

4. Thoughtful ways to organize your thoughts

1. Meditate

Benefits of meditation can calm the mind and body. It can help you sort out those thoughts subconsciously. Turn off the lights and sit in the chair or on the floor and do meditate, it will defiantly help you to organize your thoughts.

2. Sleep on it

What seems chaotic and puzzling now will look a whole lot different in the morning. If you can’t seem to make sense of thoughts in your mind, go to sleep for the night.

When you learn something – anything – your brain creates new connections. These new connections eventually change the overall structure of the part of your brain that is being engaged.