UK PESTEL Analysis 2017

  • Political -  UK Pestel Analysis 2017 has a political stable environment, which attracts the investors to invest in the capital of the country. Tax reliefs are given to the investors on their capital gains, which provide relaxation to the investors to a great extent. When the country has a political stable environment, the chances of change in its policies and regulations are reduced, which is a positive aspect for the visitors to invest in the capital of London.
  • Economic – The GDP of London is very sound, which attracts the people of different countries to expand their business in London. The economic status of London influences the inflow of money in terms of exports. The demands of the investors are fulfilled by providing them adequate returns. Mixed economy is followed by London, which is affected by what to produce, how to produce and by whom to produce.
  • Socio – cultural – London is famous for its culture, tradition and festivals. There are historical buildings in London, which attracts the tourists. It is famous for its notable attractions, museums and galleries, economies, amusement parks, etc. The cultural factors of London is concerned with the arts, music and historical beauty, which plays a crucial role in attracting the investors.

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  • Technological – London is engaged in the technological developments in a frequent manner. Innovative technologies are adopted by the organisations to satisfy the potential users or customers and thereby raising its market share. The technology advancements help in gaining better profits and it provides easy accessible facilities to the users.
  • Environmental – The environment of London is very friendly. There is a collaborative approach among the people of London for achieving their common goals and objectives. The environmental factors also play a significant role in the success of the enterprise. The food sector is highly affected by the change in climatic conditions and it is stable. Hence, it can be said that environment of London is very effective for capital investment.
  • Legal– The legal rules and regulations also play a crucial role in judging the economic status of the country. London’s legislations are very flexible and are focused towards providing safety to the stakeholders of the organisation. Better employment opportunities are provided to the people in UK Assignment Help, which enhances their productivity which in turn helps in the economic growth of the country.