Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in your Writing

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in your Writing

The scholastic career throughout your lifetime of a student allows the consideration of possible measures that ensure the submission of work which is not yours. When a college or university asks you for an assignment, you need to submit them a unique work which is completely prepared by you. This means that you cannot submit other’s essay as your own by crediting different sources during your research and even does not include any citation. Self-plagiarism is the biggest thing to consider while writing your assignments. Everyone should learn to decrease the chances of intentional and unintentional plagiarism.


Did you ever wonder, what exactly is plagiarism?It is an act of knowingly and unknowingly makes other’s work your own. There are various educational institutions that offer anti-plagiarism policy all around the world. If this is not followed by the students of that particular institution, it will result in failing grades and even expulsion. Plagiarism arises in some cases like:

1. Making other’s work your own knowingly

2. Making other’s work your own unknowingly

3. Improper citation of your source material

4. Improper authorization or copyright when you are using others work

5. Improper citation of your own work while using it in a different context

tips to avoid plagiarism in your writingMaking plagiarism intentionally and unintentionally creates a lasting effect and impact on the ability of a student in order to graduate with a chosen degree. When the students are being accused of the plagiarism, the post-secondary institutions started believing in second chances. There are various consequences of plagiarism that includes:

1. Academic probation

2. A failing mark

3. A mark on a permanent record

4. Expulsion

In an academic career, if a student found guilty of making any kind of plagiarism in their writing, the post-secondary institution could share information and expel a student in attempting to register and transfer at a different school. It is considered as the complex method where a student comes up with the information you wanted to include in your writing or report. A student is required to follow various other rules while writing. It is not easy to gather information from different source and include them in your work in most of the cases. Most of the institutions considered plagiarism as a serious offense when they ask for some project or assignment. With this, your paper might get rejected and further created serious effects on your grades.


You could face disastrous results; if you will copy other’s work and makes it your own without giving any credit to them. There are different ways to avoid some situations and issues, one of them is to hire academic sample service providers to help from Locus Assignments and complete your assignments according to their policies. If you will understand the necessity of avoiding plagiarism, there is a better choice to implement some steps and get out of the trouble. There are some tips to avoid plagiarism like:


1. Start early –While writing a paper, the easiest way to avoid plagiarism is to give enough time to you. There are more chances to miss something if you will do the same work in less time or with a rush. It is important for every student to give sufficient time to do your research and pay attention to your content. When an individual is running their life under pressure, there are more chances of making unnecessary mistakes.


2. Cite correctly –While writing your research paper, citation plays an important role and required to be done correctly. Every student must aware of the fact that the research or dissertation paper given by the college or institution has some standards which should be used and applied accurately. There are chances of doing the right thing and get it wrong.


3. Proofread –Proofreading is also considered as one of the essential element which could help you with the plagiarism. You could find the best article rewriter but proofreading works in that case also. The scanning of your paper does not require much time but the proper citation used in your paper should be correct. It is the easiest method to apply that gives best results.


4. Quote –In order to give credit to the person, you can use quotations so can you can directly quote someone. It does not require lots of time as you wanted to do it as soon as you write down your paper. There is no chance to get accused of the plagiarism if you will properly quote your references.


5. Paraphrase –If your copying other’s work, there are solutions but you still have to give credits to the same. A student can paraphrase their work when he/she will reword their sentences without losing its original meaning. You have to write the whole paper in your own words but avoid replacing words with another. The whole content must be unique.

Paraphrase6. Add Value –You could find lots of information in your sources, but never use all of them in your paper. You should try to add some value to the topic by including your own insights into it. With this, you can score good marks in your projects and assignments and allows you to understand what you are talking about. This can be achieved through extensive research until you got to the point where all the information gets clicked.

7. Plagiarism Checker –There is various online plagiarism checker tool available. If you are looking for the online article rewriter, you can easily find it. Similar is the case to avoid plagiarism. In order to increase the assurance, you can easily put your work through a checker.


8. Reference Page –At the end of your paper, you can include a reference page in order to avoid the plagiarism. Do your research properly and know what you wanted to includes and add them in your list. After completing your paper, do not try to do it, as you could miss something important with this.


9. Ask your Teacher –It is important to spend some time with your teacher to know the guidelines of the paper you are working on. In such cases, you can save so much time. Ask if the in-text citations and reference page is required. With this, you can go into the task prepared.


10. The Internetis a Source –If you found any information in the books and not on the internet, you have to mention the citations. You must be careful of this as it is the original work. In order to avoid the plagiarism, you can reference and cite the online sources. There are cases when you find useful information on someone blog, but you should avoid using it.


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