Latest Trends in Marketing Planning 2017

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This blog post is about Latest Trends in Marketing Planning 2017, in which we are sharing changing perspectives in marketing planning. There are 8 Latest Trends in Marketing Planning 2017 which we discuss one by one.

The changing perspectives in Latest Trends in marketing planning 2017 include the following.

Relationship Marketing: The marketing department of today aims at not just merely advertising their product or service but is now focusing on moving from the non-interactive communication to effective customer service. Focus is being provided on integrated marketing tools to interact with the customer, interact about the journey of the buyer, establish the loyalty levels that the customer exhibits, etc. Customer engagement even after sales is one thing that will be laid a lot of significance in the time to come. relationship marketing is the Latest trends in marketing planning 2017

Ad-Blockers: Irrelevant advertising can be at the face and annoying. Any commercial or piece of promotion that is not relevant can be repulsive for the customer. Here lies the argument as to how the prevalence of ad blockers can change the entire browsing scenario. Emphasis will be laid on relevant advertising and one of the most primary things that should be done include wide prevalence of ad blockers with regards to online marketing Advertisement and promotion.

Social Media-‘The Channel’: One thing has been understood by marketers today. Social media is not a strategy that aids marketing by its own. It is a platform through which marketers can tactfully promote and market the products and services by targeting a huge group of customers in the most cost effective way possible. It is a platform that is attracting a lot of traffic and people joining social media just keeps increasing. Thus it is a channel and not a strategy.

Big Data: Big data can be referred to as the data that social and unstructured in nature and marketers consider it as valuable as anything. In recent times, due to the insufficiency of the required skill level and comparatively lower budget resources, the big data could not be transferred into anything substantial and meaningful. However marketing tools are now being implemented that has ensured that managing data has become easier indicating the inclusion of effective analytics into the phenomenon of marketing.

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Mobile: The introduction of smart mobile technology has led to the advent of marketing and promotional activities. The world population surfing and browsing the internet on the phone just keeps increasing and this means that marketers over the world understand the significance of a mobile optimized website which is responsive while surfing from the mobile. The trend of developing apps for businesses is a good way of disseminating information and interacting with the customer base.

Content: ‘Content is King’ is an outdate saying but holds relevance even today. Due to the prevalence of interruptive promotion, the essence of content has multiplied itself. Organisations focus on content campaigns in order to ensure that awareness can be disseminated. Content directed through the right channels and used at the right context will always play a huge role in ensuring that customers are attracted and are kept engaged. There is no alternative to proper and competent content.

Customer Segmentation: Attending to individual customer needs and preferences is an aspect that all marketers aspire to do while designing the marketing plan. Proper segmentation helps in establishing the various requirements that each segment needs and this helps in understanding whether an organisation and its marketer have the capability of attending to the needs of a particular set of customers or not. Customer Segmentation is one of the best Latest Trends in Marketing Planning 2017.

Digital Marketing: Technological advent over the last decade has seen the internet grow from strength to strength. This has given rise to a new medium known as online medium popularly known as digital marketing. Digital Marketing allows organisations and businesses to cater to a large section of people in a very cost effective way. Not only can a large population be tapped online, but individual and preferential needs can also be fulfilled of the target customers.