How to Avoid Unwanted Thoughts While Studying?

How to Avoid Unwanted Thoughts While Studying?

When a student starts reading a book and after a few minutes, he/she realizes that he/she is thinking about something else. He/she tries tracing his way back and finding out how he/she reached there, but it does not help. He/she just find unable to concentrate on the book.

Does it happen to you too?

Then this post is for you.

Everyone wants to get good grades and studying with full concentration is very important to achieve it. Your parents might put pressure on you or you may promise yourself to perform better on the exam. But distraction can disturb you if you try to find an engrossed mindset, make a study timetable and pick the right study place, you can lessen the distraction you have regulated over and diminish the one you can’t stop totally.

These are some tips which will help you to evade distractions while studying:

1. Finding an absorbed mindset

Whenever you find you are losing your focus, stop and speak yourself to be in the present. You should have to do this a few times but you’ll ultimately tell again yourself that you want to concentrate on the study at hand. If you look after this continuously, you will find that you slowly but surely spend a smaller amount of time being abstracted.

How to Avoid Unwanted Thoughts While Studying?

2. Take a Break

Life is very busy, so you can easily find yourself distracted from studying by thinking about something else. You should take a break of 5 to 10 minutes thinking about what distracts you during the study, but then tell yourself that it is time to concentrate on the study nothing else.

3. Go off the Grid

Social media, texting, gaming, call and other electronic interruptions are some of the biggest obstructions to staying attentive when studying. Fortunately, the cure is easy and completely within your control. Turn off notifications on your electronic devices like mobile, tablet, laptop etc., it is better to turn them off totally.

4. Work with your energy levels

It’s usual to drag your feet and postpone the unpleasant and most tough tasks. When you start your study, your energy level will be at the higher level, so it’s best to start with harder stuff and hold over the easiest things instead.  This will keep you focused when you need it most.

5. Gove your brain ‘free-mode’

The human mind is mixed-up with thoughts all the time. Some therapists suggest that we should let our mind wander freely for about 15 minutes daily. Allow it to think anything and everything with a condition to stop their minds immediately when time gets over. It will help you enhance your focus after practicing a few times.

A wandering mind can be beneficial as well as harmful, depending on circumstances and needs of an individual. There is no better way to stop unwanted thought while studying than stop multitasking and just try to do only one thing at a time. As soon as a thought comes to your mind, write it down and forget about it. You will go back on track what you are doing.